moved sha.c
[OpenSRF.git] / src / router / Makefile
2005-06-06 ericksonmoved sha.c
2005-03-02 ericksonadded an 'install' target to these makefiles that just...
2005-03-01 ericksonadded 'named' configs.
2005-02-24 ericksonOK. This is the first early C version of the OpenSRF...
2005-02-18 ericksonadded DIGEST style authentication to the clients
2005-02-09 ericksonremoved the "libxml.h" dependency which is unnecessary...
2005-02-07 ericksonadded an 'all'
2005-02-04 ericksonaltered makefile, header includes
2005-02-04 phasefxInitial revision