added millisecond to the time output
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2008-05-20 ericksonadded millisecond to the time output
2008-05-18 ericksonadded date/time info when logging to a local file
2008-04-07 ericksonadded support for log transaction IDs
2007-12-27 ericksonrepaired stderr call
2007-12-16 dbsContinue the march towards a pedantic 1.0 python API.
2007-12-16 dbsFurther pedanticize logging method names.
2007-12-16 dbsMove towards Pythonic API style conventions (as informe...
2007-11-26 ericksonremoved debug statement
2007-11-12 ericksonadded ability to log to a file
2007-08-19 ericksonadding thread name to the log output
2007-08-19 ericksonadded support for multi-threaded client interactions...
2007-07-26 ericksonmaking sure error logs are logged to stderr even if...
2007-07-17 ericksonadded config contexts for config files. fixed some...
2007-06-21 ericksonmade the logging module fail gracefully when syslog...
2007-01-05 ericksonadding python libs