providing option to connect to memcache at general connect time
[OpenSRF.git] / src / perlmods / OpenSRF / Transport /
2007-11-20 mikerstill working on the perl locale stuff
2007-11-20 mikerpushing locale through in the perl
2007-03-26 ericksonforcing int on timeout values in process and timed_read
2007-01-25 ericksonAdded support for the opensrf XID, which is a transacti...
2006-10-11 ericksonadded a comment
2006-10-11 ericksonuncomment some unnecessary code
2006-10-10 ericksonadded a log line that will hopefully give us more info...
2006-09-06 ericksonadded .1 second sleep to inbound processer when it...
2006-08-30 ericksonadded var check to prevent warnings on the numerous...
2006-08-30 mikerchopping up dup messages in Client::process()
2006-08-08 ericksontesting multi-message fix in parser
2006-05-22 ericksonadded error message for cached data on a closed socket
2006-05-16 ericksonadded some error logging
2006-04-21 ericksonadded some more diagnostic logging
2006-04-21 mikermoving debuging to INTERNAL
2006-04-21 ericksonchecking for socket connected-ness on sysread
2006-04-14 ericksonadded a flush_socket method to the jabber client code...
2006-01-30 mikermoving to UNIVERSAL::require to suck in implementation...
2005-12-05 ericksonincorporated ilseents.xml file into opac
2005-08-11 mikertesting reveals bugs, bugs get squashed!
2005-08-11 pinesmoving from XML to JSON in the core messaging
2005-06-17 ericksonrouter-less login mangling
2005-06-17 ericksonif no router, change the connecting resource
2005-06-17 ericksonregex to determine unix-ocity for the socket
2005-06-17 ericksonrouter bypassing code
2005-06-15 mikeradding routerless config support; adding local UNIX...
2005-03-03 ericksonadded router 'unregister' loop to DESTROY
2005-02-24 ericksonChanged some config settings to load all jabber stuff...
2005-02-23 ericksonadded some logging.
2005-02-23 ericksonadded check for settings server, and removed some loggi...
2005-02-23 mikerusing a single jabber connection per process, since...
2005-02-16 ericksonusing new config settings
2005-02-08 ericksonsome sanity checking, syntax error fixups
2005-02-07 ericksonmaking to work in new environment, added 'system_client...
2005-02-07 mikermaking the router optional, and allowing multiple routers
2005-02-07 ericksonupdating to work with the new cvs layout
2005-02-04 phasefxInitial revision