still working on the perl locale stuff
[OpenSRF.git] / src / perlmods / OpenSRF /
2007-11-20 mikerstill working on the perl locale stuff
2007-11-20 mikerpushing locale through in the perl
2007-08-03 mikerformatting ... they are all tabs! ;)
2007-07-02 mikerPatch from Dan Scott to move JSON to OpenSRF::Utils...
2007-01-25 ericksonAdded support for the opensrf XID, which is a transacti...
2006-09-05 ericksonmoved processing duration up to info
2006-08-17 mikerlogging cleanup
2006-01-30 mikermoving to UNIVERSAL::require to suck in implementation...
2005-12-08 ericksonChanged some log levels from INFO to DEBUG since they...
2005-08-11 mikerminor bug fixes and removal of some extra stringifications
2005-08-11 pinesmoving from XML to JSON in the core messaging
2005-07-25 ericksonadded exception for when trying to send to non-existant...
2005-06-19 ericksonmore tweaking to point to the right header files, etc.
2005-04-20 ericksonjust letting the exceptions stringify
2005-03-15 mikerdisconnect on magic subrequest, and record message...
2005-03-07 mikerlots of debuging to find that the zombie loop was broken
2005-02-16 ericksonnew config settings
2005-02-04 phasefxInitial revision