bootstrap_client now registers a dummy client server_class
[OpenSRF.git] / src / perlmods / OpenSRF /
2005-03-16 mikerbootstrap_client now registers a dummy client server_class
2005-03-07 ericksonadded some more sleep time
2005-03-07 mikerregistering classes during load and introspection
2005-03-01 ericksonchanged some ps output.
2005-02-28 mikerdunno why that was there.... removed dead code
2005-02-28 mikerusing OO syntax
2005-02-28 ericksonadded named params to bootstrap_client to allow config...
2005-02-24 ericksonadded sanity check for app for loop
2005-02-24 ericksonChanged some config settings to load all jabber stuff...
2005-02-23 ericksonadded some logging.
2005-02-23 ericksonadded check for settings server, and removed some loggi...
2005-02-23 mikerusing a single jabber connection per process, since...
2005-02-16 ericksonfixed up the magic auto-introspection and made sure...
2005-02-16 ericksonmoved to new config settings
2005-02-09 ericksonre-enabled process automation
2005-02-08 ericksonsome sanity checking, syntax error fixups
2005-02-07 ericksonmaking to work in new environment, added 'system_client...
2005-02-07 ericksonupdating to work with the new cvs layout
2005-02-04 phasefxInitial revision