LP#1343578: Perl/C syslog "logtag" additions.
[OpenSRF.git] / src / perl / lib / OpenSRF / Utils / Logger.pm
2014-08-20 Bill EricksonLP#1343578: Perl/C syslog "logtag" additions.
2014-08-20 Mike RylanderLP#1343578: Add support for log tagging
2013-03-17 Bill EricksonPerl SIGHUP handling and config reloading
2013-02-06 Bill EricksonLogger.pm whitespace cleanup
2013-02-06 Bill EricksonEnable client logtrace with environment vars
2010-09-28 mikerreturn the trace-augmented message as written to the log
2010-08-13 dbsMake log length in Perl logger a configurable value...
2010-01-19 ericksonPatch from Joe Atzberger:
2008-08-18 sboyettemerging perl CPANification/normalization branch work