LP#1257264: Use the built-in JSON-y test for bools
[OpenSRF.git] / src / perl / lib / OpenSRF / Utils / JSON.pm
2013-12-04 Mike RylanderLP#1257264: Use the built-in JSON-y test for bools
2010-10-07 ericksonin json encoder, replace 2 sub calls w/ 1 hash lookup...
2009-09-15 sboyettePOD/docs cleanup
2009-09-15 sboyette100% test coverage
2009-09-15 sboyetteWIP
2009-09-15 sboyettemore test
2009-09-15 sboyettestowing WIP
2009-09-15 sboyetteWIP
2009-08-31 ericksonrepaired partial change from 'class' to 'pkg'. added...
2009-08-28 sboyettechanged 'my' globals to 'our' globals for testing purposes
2009-08-28 sboyettemore cleanup and documentation in progress
2009-08-28 sboyetteremoving _json_hint_to_class
2009-08-28 sboyetteshuffling around, adding POD stubs
2009-08-25 sboyetterearranging things a bit, docs. no actual code changes.
2009-02-17 ericksongotta protect the JSONObject2Perl() when decoding array...
2009-02-17 ericksonnot sure why this is an issue now (different perl/json...
2008-08-18 sboyettemerging perl CPANification/normalization branch work