OpenSRF client disconnect robustification (Perl)
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2013-12-16 Bill EricksonOpenSRF client disconnect robustification (Perl)
2012-03-16 Bill EricksonPrevent undef warnings on perl socket read nbytes test
2012-03-12 Bill EricksonDetect remote disconnect in Perl XMPP reader
2010-11-29 ericksonavoid calling sysread when select exited from interruption.
2009-07-28 ericksonreduce unnecessary calls to fcntl() while reading from...
2009-06-03 ericksonflush_socket now flushes data through the xml stream...
2009-04-28 ericksondon't set stream state to disconnected on a non-stream...
2009-02-28 ericksondon't try to close the socket if it's not there
2008-08-18 sboyettemerging perl CPANification/normalization branch work