OpenSRF client disconnect robustification (Perl)
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2013-12-16 Bill EricksonOpenSRF client disconnect robustification (Perl)
2012-11-18 Dan ScottWhitespace in OpenSRF/
2012-11-18 Jason StephensonMove setting of OpenSRF::Application::shared_conf to...
2012-11-08 Dan WellsLog redaction for sensitive input values, Perl side
2012-02-20 Bill EricksonPerl pipe reading overhaul : data size header
2012-01-04 Bill EricksonSync parent/child write/read with lock file
2010-10-12 ericksonimplemented an optional per-service stderr log for...
2010-09-13 ericksonremoving vestigial references to, which...
2010-09-01 ericksonReplace Net::Server with local pre-forking server
2009-08-28 sboyetteremoving use of LogServer
2008-09-25 ericksonremoved a bunch of old, unused code. removed code...
2008-08-18 sboyettemerging perl CPANification/normalization branch work