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LP#1268619: websockets: initial C libs api_level support
[OpenSRF.git] / src / libopensrf / osrf_message.c
2014-08-19 Bill EricksonLP#1268619: websockets: initial C libs api_level support
2012-03-07 Bill EricksonC libs for OpenSRF ingress tracking
2010-07-29 scottmk1. Make osrfMessageToJSON() available at global scope.
2010-03-22 scottmkApply the const qualifier to the return value from...
2010-03-16 scottmkA small performance tweak.
2009-11-25 scottmkReplacing calls to the old JSON parser with calls to the
2009-11-16 scottmkEliminated two members of the osrfMessage structure:
2009-11-16 scottmk1. Changes to comments and white space.
2009-11-15 scottmkMove the libxml headers out of the header and into the
2009-11-15 scottmkCreate a new function osrfMessageDeserialize(), as a
2009-11-14 scottmkPulled the creation of a single osrfMessage from a...
2009-11-14 scottmkTidied up various things:
2009-10-05 scottmkPerformance tweak to message handling.
2009-01-07 scottmkEliminated the obsolete function osrf_message_free...
2008-12-18 ericksonprotect against "null" locale
2008-01-31 mikerPatch from Scott McKellar:
2007-10-27 mikerPatch from Scott McKellar to provide more const correct...
2007-10-01 mikerPatch that:
2007-09-30 mikerBroad patch from Dan Scott to move towards better memor...
2007-09-30 mikerUse of const-correct osrfObjectGetKeyConst() from Scott...
2007-08-03 mikermore locale cleanup
2007-08-03 mikerun-crazy-fy current_locale
2007-08-02 mikerinitial sender_locale support ... probably going to...
2007-06-21 ericksonMerged libopensrf source directories (libtransport...