1. Add doxygen markup for documentation.
[OpenSRF.git] / src / libopensrf / osrf_json_object.c
2009-09-25 scottmk1. Add doxygen markup for documentation.
2009-08-05 scottmkExtended the JSON_INIT_CLEAR macro to avoid segfaults.
2009-08-05 scottmkPerformance tweak to jsonIterator.
2009-03-31 scottmk1. Create a new osrfListExtract function, which removes...
2009-03-25 ericksonhash keys have to be escaped like regular strings
2009-02-12 scottmk1. Added a missing #include
2008-11-30 dbsMerge patch from Scott McKellar for better Unicode...
2008-11-18 erickson2 Patches from Scott McKellar, with slight modification:
2008-05-16 ericksonexiting early when hash iterator returns null
2008-04-12 mikerPatch from Scott McKellar:
2008-01-05 mikerPatch from Scott McKellar:
2007-12-08 mikerarg ... add tracking in both "new" functions
2007-12-08 mikertracking actual list length based on adds and uses
2007-12-08 mikertrack malloc()-created objects
2007-12-08 mikerPatch from Scott McKellar which adds a free-object...
2007-10-19 mikerPatches from Scott McKellar covering:
2007-09-30 mikerPatch from Scott McKellar which introduces a const...
2007-07-20 ericksonMerging changes from branches/new-json2