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added connect/disconnect support, with onconnect callback
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2008-03-06 ericksonadded connect/disconnect support, with onconnect callback
2008-03-06 ericksonadded support for ses.request(method, param1, param2...
2008-03-06 ericksonadded support for hash-encoded json objects
2008-03-06 ericksonUpdated OpenSRF Javascript client library. Currently...
2007-10-18 dbsDeliberately break applications relying on pre-OpenSRF...
2007-08-03 ericksonadding new JSON parsing JS code, for wrapped class...
2005-07-18 ericksoncompletely reverted to original
2005-07-18 ericksonbasically reverted back - left the try catch
2005-07-18 ericksonadded try block for catching un doable things
2005-07-13 ericksonchanged arg.array to arg.a to match the fieldmapper...
2005-05-06 ericksonmore stuff
2005-05-06 ericksonlogic
2005-05-06 ericksonNULL!
2005-05-06 ericksonchecking for object
2005-05-06 ericksonlogic
2005-05-06 ericksonmore fixin
2005-05-06 phasefxsyntax
2005-05-06 ericksonadding patch code to fix wonky array/objects
2005-05-06 ericksondone with test
2005-05-06 ericksontesting
2005-05-04 ericksonmoved extraneous comma...
2005-04-20 ericksonextra info in debug, added space to casting string
2005-04-14 ericksonaddede space
2005-04-14 ericksondurrhhhh
2005-04-01 ericksonremoved some unused lines
2005-03-31 ericksonremoved some debugging stuff
2005-03-31 ericksonchanged to fit fieldmapper stuff
2005-03-21 phasefxWe had casting removed for the cat demo. We need to...
2005-03-18 phasefxSome bugfixes from Bill
2005-03-15 phasefxNeed to revisit this stuff
2005-03-01 phasefxthe domain object stuff will be going away
2005-02-25 phasefxcomplete is a method
2005-02-24 phasefxcasting
2005-02-24 phasefxWe're not using authentication past Jabber anymore.
2005-02-11 phasefxNeed to set a global myPackageDir before loading the...
2005-02-11 ericksonadded brokenSession
2005-02-10 phasefxoops, perl syntax
2005-02-04 mikerFIRST POST! ... dump numbers correctly in JSON
2005-02-04 phasefxInitial revision