LP#1729610: extend backlog queue to C apps
[OpenSRF.git] / src / c-apps / Makefile.am
2019-01-04 Galen CharltonLP#1729610: extend backlog queue to C apps
2017-09-20 Jason StephensonLP#1708048: Fix ld problems by renaming libraries.
2010-12-07 dbsApply libtools versioning to OpenSRF c-apps as well
2010-01-29 dbsForward-port Dan McMahill's portability patches r1907...
2009-08-13 sboyetteAdded DISTCLEANFILES to make "make distclean" work...
2008-07-28 dbsCommit autotools patch from Kevin Beswick
2008-07-27 erickson* remove the objson API compat layer.
2008-07-17 dbsMerge the following patches from Kevin Beswick:
2008-07-01 dbsLinking:
2008-07-01 dbsA little more autotools love:
2008-06-25 dbsPatch from Kevin Beswick to use autotools for OpenSRF...