Finished adding doxygen-style comments to document the app session
[OpenSRF.git] / src /
2009-10-12 dbsChop chopchop out of the default make / install target
2009-09-17 phasefxcorrect the test for modifying the *.xml.example files
2009-09-14 dbsMake building & installing the core components of OpenS...
2009-08-13 sboyetteAdded DISTCLEANFILES to make "make distclean" work...
2009-05-31 dbsUse autotools a bit more to our advantage:
2009-01-19 sboyetteremoving perl special-casing from src/
2008-11-04 dbsReplace in-place modification with built files; enables...
2008-10-27 dbsClean up the source tree a little more:
2008-08-18 sboyettemerging perl CPANification/normalization branch work
2008-08-06 dbsApply patch from Kevin Beswick:
2008-07-28 dbsCommit autotools patch from Kevin Beswick
2008-07-27 erickson* remove the objson API compat layer.
2008-07-17 dbsCheap hack to enable kbeswick's cheap hack to get opensrf-c
2008-07-17 dbsMerge the following patches from Kevin Beswick:
2008-07-01 dbsLinking:
2008-06-30 dbsChange values of default directories in config file...
2008-06-30 dbsPatch from Kevin Beswick ( to...
2008-06-25 dbsPatch from Kevin Beswick to use autotools for OpenSRF...