initial steps toward OS X portage
[OpenSRF.git] / examples / opensrf.xml.example
2008-07-17 dbsMerge the following patches from Kevin Beswick:
2008-07-01 dbsopensrf.settings is stateless; having the wrong setting...
2008-06-30 dbsSwitch to 'localhost' and standard port for memcached
2008-06-30 dbsPatch from Kevin Beswick ( to...
2008-03-06 dbsRemove <domains> element - breaks gateway.
2007-10-10 mikeradding -l for localhost support
2007-06-29 mikercleaning up XML indentation via xmllint; removing boots...
2007-03-22 mikeradjusting comment in example config re bug #518
2005-11-01 ericksonadded <language> for docs
2005-07-25 ericksonexample config file