bump up version numbers for 3.1.0-beta release
[OpenSRF.git] / examples / buildbot.cfg
2012-05-23 Dan ScottRemove Evergreen 2.0 from automated builds
2012-04-23 Dan ScottName the bootstrapping steps in buildbot
2012-04-23 Dan ScottFix buildbot configuration
2012-04-23 Dan ScottSwitch to autoreconf instead of autogen.sh
2012-04-08 Dan ScottUpdated buildbot.cfg for current build environments
2011-07-06 Dan ScottChange "Scheduler" to "SingleBranchScheduler" per 0.8.4
2011-05-25 Dan ScottMove the buildbot workdirs to a non-volatile directory
2011-05-18 Dan ScottTurn on email and IRC notification about build breaks
2011-05-16 Dan ScottSpecify explicit branches for each builder, lazy-style
2011-05-15 Dan ScottRemove 'branches' reference in Buildbot branches test
2011-05-15 Dan ScottAdd a workdir for each GitPoller source repository
2011-05-15 Dan ScottTeach Buildbot to poll the new git repos
2011-03-28 dbsGet more DRY; generate builders from a small list of...
2011-03-04 dbsDefine the builders and give them a slot for username...
2011-03-04 dbsAdd GPLS' buildslaves to the mix (YAY)
2011-03-02 dbsNo mas. dir existence checks were checking buildmaster...
2011-03-02 dbsFix reversed logic in test for Perl tests. Oh the irony.
2011-03-02 dbsRather than specific branches, test for the existence...
2011-03-02 dbsThe syntax fix, it is wafer-thin; just one more!
2011-03-02 dbsSyntax, baby, syntax (for the buildbot)
2011-03-02 dbsAvoid running Perl unit tests when our branches have...
2011-03-02 dbsCoerce the weird test env for MFHD into working inside...
2011-03-01 dbsDistinguish between the projects being built (duh)
2011-02-14 dbsAdd Evergreen to the buildbot configuration
2011-01-31 dbsCreate a function for explicit trunk changes (shouldn...
2011-01-31 dbsTo specify trunk in the ChangeFilter, use branch=None
2011-01-31 dbsWe're not just OpenSRF trunk, we've got other branches
2011-01-28 dbsAdd OpenSRF rel_1_6 and rel_2_0 builds to the OpenSRF...
2011-01-27 dbsTry sending failure notification to the -dev list
2011-01-27 dbsbuildbot configuration: add mail notification, explicit...
2011-01-26 dbsCheck in a sample buildbot configuration file for OpenSRF