LP#1272937 - Quiet warnings from autoreconf -i
[OpenSRF.git] / configure.ac
2020-04-29 Chris SharpLP#1272937 - Quiet warnings from autoreconf -i
2018-09-12 Bill EricksonLP#1777180 Websocketd gateway and test scripts
2017-02-21 Galen CharltonLP#1666706: add --with-websockets-port configure option
2016-10-31 Mike RylanderLP#1631520: configure install location of Perl modules
2014-05-02 Galen CharltonLP#1286248: remove osrf_ctl.sh
2013-02-28 Dan ScottStop using a non-standard default PREFIX for installs
2013-01-28 Dan ScottTest for Apache executable in sbin dirs
2013-01-19 Dan ScottSupport Apache 2.4 client IP address lookups
2012-12-14 Jason StephensonChange OSRF_JAVA_DEPSDIR so building Java just works.
2012-11-19 Dan ScottTypo in configure.ac: 'framweork'
2012-11-15 Bill EricksonChopChop is dead, long live ChopChop.
2012-04-23 Dan Scottautotools - do not explicitly include m4 directory
2011-08-25 Dan ScottDon't define a variable inside a conditional block
2011-05-16 Dan ScottComment on why we're pulling in version.m4
2011-05-16 Dan ScottDefine version number in one place
2011-05-08 dbsAdd a C unit testing framework and tests for OpenSRF
2010-11-09 dbsGive opensrf.py reasonable defaults for options
2010-11-09 dbsAdd a Python and curl example of invoking the Perl...
2010-07-13 dbsTeach opensrf-perl.pl the same PID directory as osrf_ctl.sh
2010-06-15 dbsTeach autoconf about Fedora-ish default locations
2010-04-24 dbsMake it possible to install just OpenSRF Python with...
2010-01-29 dbsForward-port Dan McMahill's portability patches r1907...
2009-12-10 dbsTransition from libmemcache to libmemcached - an active...
2009-11-30 dbsFuther cleanup for autoconf substituted variables
2009-11-27 dbsPartial fix for launchpad bug 489294: OpenSRF seems...
2009-10-12 dbsClean up and clarify configure help and messages a...
2009-10-12 dbsChop chopchop out of the default make / install target
2009-09-14 dbsMake building & installing the core components of OpenS...
2009-08-13 sboyetteAC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR added at the behest of libtoolize
2009-05-31 dbsUse autotools to set the default values in opensrf...
2009-05-31 dbsUse autotools a bit more to our advantage:
2009-01-19 sboyetteadding src/perl to AC_CONFIG_FILES
2008-11-04 dbsReplace in-place modification with built files; enables...
2008-10-25 dbsFix build of OpenSRF Python support:
2008-10-07 dbsMake the option help tell the truth
2008-10-07 dbsDisable Python by default as it is not currently required
2008-09-15 sboyetteinitial steps toward OS X portage
2008-07-28 ericksonThis patch removes the remaining autotools bits for...
2008-07-17 dbsMerge the following patches from Kevin Beswick:
2008-07-01 dbsSet default for TMP to /tmp (autotools creates its...
2008-06-30 dbsPatch from Kevin Beswick (kbeswick00@gmail.com) to...
2008-06-25 dbsPatch from Kevin Beswick to use autotools for OpenSRF...