recover osrf_control router start
[OpenSRF.git] / bin /
2014-01-10 Bill Ericksonrecover osrf_control router start
2013-09-05 Bill Ericksonosrf_control --start/stop/restart-services
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP#1204123 osrf_control warn and exit on bad host
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP#1204123 osrf_control --diagnostic improvements
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP#1204123 osrf_control --diagnostic
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 more osrf_ctl/control script cleanup
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 osrf_control improved sample usage
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 improve logging
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 expansion continued
2013-09-04 Bill EricksonLP1204123 expansion / replace osrf_ctl
2012-01-04 Bill EricksonSync parent/child write/read with lock file
2010-11-08 dbsMake handle missing configuration for...
2010-09-01 ericksonReplace Net::Server with local pre-forking server
2010-07-13 dbsTeach the same PID directory as
2010-02-10 phasefxfix usage example
2009-12-02 ericksonPrevent infinite loop (with logging) in child process...
2009-11-27 dbsPartial fix for launchpad bug 489294: OpenSRF seems...
2009-10-11 dbsAdd a '-l' option to treat the hostname as 'localhost...
2009-05-31 dbsUse autotools to set the default values in opensrf...