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2012-02-29 Dan ScottUpdate README to match Evergreen's format
2012-02-21 Dan ScottWe're not in Subversion anymore, Dorothy
2011-12-09 Jason StephensonSupport installation for Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin.
2011-11-04 Dan ScottAdd explicit chown command to README
2011-09-10 Dan ScottFix README typo: 'mod_offlinex'
2011-08-22 Dan ScottMake distro targets in README match Makefile.install
2011-08-19 Dan ScottAdd a 0 to max_stanza_size in README instructions
2011-03-11 dbsForward-port AsciiDoc-ized README from 2.0.0-rc2
2011-02-28 dbsRecommend Fedora 14 as F13 goes out of support in a...
2010-12-16 dbsRemove extraneous line for dnsmasq / Python
2010-12-01 dbsApply patch for dnsmasq documentation
2010-11-10 dbsAdd the sanity-saving step of a munged PERL5LIB to...
2010-04-24 dbsRemove Ubuntu Intrepid support - EOL is this month...
2010-04-22 dbsGutsy is way out of support, pull it from the list
2009-01-23 phasefxforgot a noun
2009-01-23 phasefxsrfsh.xml tweaks
2009-01-23 phasefxquote-o
2008-12-22 dbsSync up README with rel_1_0 - cover multidomain configu...
2008-12-19 dbsUpdate README to cover new Makefile.install targets...
2008-12-19 dbsCover the developer case for bootstrapping the source
2008-11-20 dbsAdd notes about CPAN configuration, per wlayton's recom...
2008-10-27 dbsFlesh out README with standalone install instructions
2008-10-19 dbsHey, we need to adjust the system's dynamic library...
2008-10-19 dbsCorrect configure options in install README
2008-10-01 dbsMight as well point to the latest Makefile.install
2008-10-01 dbsPut a more real README in place
2008-06-25 dbsPatch from Kevin Beswick to use autotools for OpenSRF...