2021-06-23 Jason StephensonForward port 3.5.4 to 3.5.5 db upgrade script rel_3_5
2021-06-23 Jason StephensonForward port 3.5.3 to 3.5.4 db upgrade script
2021-06-23 Jason StephensonTranslation updates - newpot
2021-06-23 Jason StephensonDocs: Release Notes cleanup for 3.5.5
2021-06-23 Jane SandbergDocs: Release notes for 3.5.5
2021-06-15 Galen CharltonLP#1930933: fix issue with over-escaping in search...
2021-05-25 Galen CharltonLP#1923225: stamp DB update
2021-05-25 Jeff DavisLP#1923225: clean up some double-escaping of HTML in...
2021-05-25 Galen CharltonLP#1923225: have search highlighting stored procedure...
2021-05-25 Jeff DavisLP#1923225: avoid over-escaping ISBNs and ISSNs
2021-05-18 Dan BriemLP#1918362 Unchanged workstation settings applied on...
2021-05-16 Jeff DavisLP#1924185: use preferred name in patron summary
2021-03-31 Jane SandbergDocs: 3.5.4 release notes
2021-03-31 Jeff DavisLP#1902965: change format type in XML transform to...
2021-03-31 Jeff DavisLP#1902965: HTML filter on OPAC search results and...
2021-03-31 Galen CharltonLP#1896840: (follow-up) update script to include the...
2021-03-19 Jane SandbergLP1873322: Angular Admin Pages default to workstation OU
2021-03-19 Dan BriemLP#1915323 Angular Staff Client Hamburger Menu Clipped...
2021-03-18 Jeff DavisLP#1917804: only show MARC 500 data in the General...
2021-03-16 Jane SandbergStamping upgrade script
2021-03-16 Bill EricksonLP1896840 Publisher display includes 264 tag
2021-03-12 Jason BoyerRevert the effects of both LP1687545 and LP1914116
2021-03-10 Michele MorganLP1899405 - Add Part column to item table in Angular...
2021-03-02 Jason StephensonLp 1703658: Stamp DB Upgrade
2021-03-02 Jason StephensonLp 1703658: Repair DB Upgrade
2021-03-02 Jason BoyerLP1703658: Convert GIST Indexes to GIN
2021-02-18 Jason StephensonForward Port 3.5.2 to 3.5.3 db upgrade
2021-02-18 Jason StephensonTranslation updates - po files
2021-02-18 Jason StephensonTranslation updates - newpot
2021-02-18 Galen CharltonEvergreen 3.5.3 release notes
2021-02-18 Galen CharltonEvergreen 3.4.6 release notes
2021-02-18 Mike RylanderLP#1836254: Handle null authtoken in PCRUD
2021-02-15 Mike RylanderLP#1858114: Fix thinko in template-parameter collection
2021-02-15 Mike RylanderLP#1858114: Record template filter values for aggregate...
2021-02-15 Mike RylanderLP#1858114: Present proper input widget for aggregate...
2021-02-15 Jason BoyerLP#1866406 Followup: Add Release Note
2021-02-15 Mike RylanderLP#1866406: Use carousel item order
2021-02-15 Jason BoyerLP#1772955: Stamp Upgrade Script
2021-02-15 Mike RylanderLP#1772955: Only include xacts with balance in summary
2021-02-15 Zavier BanksLP1670457 Action Menu Grid Selection Change
2021-02-15 Bill EricksonLP1468132 MARC search honors search scope
2021-02-15 Bill EricksonLP1468132 Staff MARC Search API supports copy filtering
2021-02-15 Jason BoyerLP1914116: Apply html filter to mkurl() output
2021-02-12 Jane SandbergLp 1913219: Use window.open for staff catalog edit...
2021-02-12 Jason StephensonLp 1913219: Use window.open for staff catalog edit...
2021-02-09 Chris SharpLP#1901900: Update EDI Webrick installer for Ubuntu...
2021-02-09 Garry CollumLP1906858 Carousels Ignore Deleted Flag
2021-02-04 Jeff DavisLP1913811 progress dialog on Items Out grid
2021-02-04 Bill EricksonLP1913811 Items out notice summary API batching
2021-02-03 Garry CollumLP1868147-Titles in carousel run together in mobile...
2021-02-01 Jeff DavisLP#1896285: progress dialog when marking selected items...
2021-02-01 Bill EricksonLP1896285 Post mark-missing serialized item load
2021-02-01 Bill EricksonLP1896285 Batch mark item missing serialized
2021-02-01 Bill EricksonLP1896285 Add new items avoids looping settings lookup
2021-02-01 Bill EricksonLP1896285 Patron search add to bucket serialize
2021-01-22 Bill EricksonLP1901760 Remove SharedWorker testing cruft
2021-01-22 Bill EricksonLP1901760 Improve SharedWorker non-support handling...
2021-01-22 Bill EricksonLP1901760 Improve SharedWorker non-support handling...
2021-01-21 Jason BoyerLP1687545: Force TT CGI plugin to use ampersands in...
2020-12-07 Chris SharpForward-port 3.5.1-3.5.2 version upgrade script
2020-12-07 Chris SharpForward-port 3.4.4-3.4.5 version upgrade script
2020-12-03 Dan BriemLP#1778522 Precat item creation should be more intentional
2020-11-30 Dan BriemLP#1887852 Pending patron passwords aren't initially...
2020-11-18 Jane SandbergDocs: release notes for 3.5.2
2020-11-18 Jane SandbergDocs: release notes for 3.4.5
2020-11-13 Jason BoyerLP1904220: Fix Booking Service Check
2020-11-09 Dan BriemLP#1900184 Patron password use phone not working
2020-10-30 Jason BoyerLP1835127 Follow-up: Correct Translation Ids
2020-10-30 Jason BoyerRevert "Repair Permission Seed Data"
2020-10-28 Jason EtheridgeLP#1508208: live_t/ test for this branch
2020-10-28 Mike RylanderLP#1508208: Only look at holds that age protection...
2020-10-28 Chris SharpLP#1325704: stamping upgrade script
2020-10-28 Remington SteedLP#1325704: Update Items-Out YAOUS descrip for web...
2020-10-28 Mike RylanderLP#1893463: Protect against null emails
2020-10-23 Bill EricksonLP1855737 Don't send error object across shared worker...
2020-10-14 Jason BoyerLP1882828: (follow-up) Add static parameter to ViewChil...
2020-10-08 Chris SharpLP1893463: Follow-up to address de-duplication and...
2020-10-07 Chris SharpLP1893463: stamp upgrade script
2020-10-07 Jason BoyerLP1893463: Prevent duplicated report outputs
2020-09-25 Bill EricksonLP1851882 Relase Notes (Angular catalog hold types)
2020-09-25 Bill EricksonLP1851882 Angular catalog recall/force/part holds
2020-09-24 Bill EricksonLP1872867 Staff catalog filters use search labels
2020-09-24 Chris SharpLP#1776954 - Add release notes
2020-09-24 Dan ScottLP#1776954 Avoid empty string for tcn_source
2020-09-24 Jane SandbergLP1882828: Fix issues with displaying cataloged resourc...
2020-09-24 Galen CharltonLP#1882825: (follow-up) include update number
2020-09-24 Galen CharltonLP#1835127: (follow-up) fixes to update script
2020-09-24 Jason BoyerRepair Permission Seed Data
2020-09-23 Chris SharpLP1882825 - Stamp upgrade script
2020-09-23 Jane SandbergLP1882825: Add setting for booking pull list grid
2020-09-23 Chris SharpLP#1835127 - Fix conflict with perm IDs vs. commit...
2020-09-23 Chris SharpLP#1835127 - Stamp upgrade script
2020-09-23 Jeff DavisLP#1835127: scoped permissions for reservations
2020-09-23 Dan BriemLP#1361270 Self-registration doesn't retain org unit...
2020-09-23 Bill EricksonLP1883126 Angular accesskey sort repair
2020-09-22 Bill EricksonLP1896083 Staff catalog handles not-found barcodes
2020-09-21 Galen CharltonLP#1788260: stamp schema update
2020-09-21 Chris SharpLP#1788260 - Break out in-house-use non-cat circulations.
2020-09-11 Galen CharltonLP#1851413: stamp schema update
2020-09-11 Mike RylanderLP#1851413: Restore assumed order of full_path