4 days ago blakeLP1735847: Remove patron info from default Hold Transit... rel_3_3
5 days ago Thomas BerezanskyEnsure "Reshelved" copies are still reshelving
13 days ago Jason Etheridgelp1790169 call compileSort after closing showColumnDialog
13 days ago Galen CharltonLP#1790169: ensure that the sort priority actually...
2019-08-26 Bill EricksonLP1834665 Bib summary formats and jacket
2019-08-26 Bill EricksonLP1834665 MARC editor success/fail toasts
2019-08-26 Bill EricksonLP1834665 Flat text editor uses '$' delimiter
2019-08-26 Bill EricksonLP1834665 Angular catalog MARC flat text editor
2019-08-26 Bill EricksonLP1834665 Import marcrecord.js to Angular
2019-08-22 Jane SandbergDocs: adding alt text to MARC Editor chapter images
2019-08-22 Derek C. ZoladzDocs: LP #1803415: Location of MARC Editor 'Delete...
2019-08-22 Dan WellsForward-port 3.3.3 upgrade script
2019-08-22 dluchenbillDocs: add checkin trigger holds and cancel transit
2019-08-22 April DurrenceDocs: add info about merge tracking
2019-08-22 Andrea Buntz... docs: error correction to 3.1.14 release notes
2019-08-22 Dan WellsLP#1796945 Match new path_label/alias standard
2019-08-22 Dan WellsLP#1796945 Reporter cloning and creation fixes
2019-08-22 Dan WellsTranslation updates - po files
2019-08-22 Dan WellsTranslation updates - newpot
2019-08-21 Dan WellsUpdate upgrade instructions
2019-08-21 Andrea Buntz... Docs: Adding 3.3.3 release notes
2019-08-21 Andrea Buntz... Docs: Adding missing entry to 3.2.8 release notes
2019-08-21 Jane SandbergDocs: Adding 3.1.14 release notes
2019-08-21 Andrea Buntz... Docs: Adding 3.1.14 release notes
2019-08-19 Mike Risherlp1739292 merge UI displays record summary
2019-08-14 Bill EricksonLP1839548 Angular catalog holds patron barcode link
2019-08-14 James FournieLP1751800 - fix fields fields reversing
2019-08-14 Galen CharltonLP#1785061: move the filter value munging to the templa...
2019-08-14 Remington SteedLP#1785061: Split filter value on comma for "in list...
2019-08-06 Jane SandbergLP1735768: adding labels to inputs in the public catalog
2019-08-06 Galen CharltonLP#1722827: stamp DB update
2019-08-06 Rogan HambyLP#1722827: trim spaces from 856$9 when parsing locatin...
2019-08-06 Michele MorganLP#1511765 Fix error when checking in with zero-balance...
2019-08-05 Jane SandbergLP1802593: Correct formatting of language code in Angul...
2019-08-05 Kyle Huckinslp1034058 Disable Renewal Due Dates in the Past
2019-08-05 Jeff DavisLP#1787676: sort Z39.50 sources in JS, retaining Local...
2019-08-05 Jane SandbergLP1742523: Allow two strings in the mark damaged popup...
2019-08-03 Bill EricksonLP1803584 Avoid JS errors when clearing copy templates
2019-08-03 Jason BoyerLP1803584: Fix Clear button in template editor
2019-08-03 Jason BoyerLP1800484: Substitute 0 for missing Totals values
2019-08-03 Jane SandbergLP1838136: .editorconfig matches current practices
2019-08-02 Galen CharltonLP#1829567: (follow-up) fix styling regression on a...
2019-08-02 Bill EricksonLP1829567 Angular navbar access key additions
2019-08-02 Bill EricksonLP1829567 Angular access key improvements
2019-08-02 Galen CharltonLP#1329920: (follow-up) set searchFormat as well
2019-08-02 Tiffany LittleLP#1329920 Add fund year to distribution formula fund...
2019-08-02 Rogan HambyLP#1650409: improve authority_control_fields.pl's ...
2019-08-02 Jane Sandbergdocs: LP1778712 (follow-up) new screenshots to reflect...
2019-08-02 Jeanette Lundgrendocs: LP1778712 replace 6 screenshots circ items docume...
2019-08-01 Garry CollumLP1813078 Menus are sometimes grayed out based on brows...
2019-08-01 Andrea Buntz... docs: adding index terms 'copy tags' and 'copy status'
2019-08-01 Andrea Buntz... docs: updating copy tags to item tags
2019-08-01 Andrea Buntz... Docs: Adding and updating alt tags, fixing typos
2019-08-01 Cheyenne JonesDocs: Updating Terminology
2019-08-01 Kristy BaumanDocs: LP1826263: Update batch_importing_MARC.adoc
2019-08-01 Dan BriemLP#1805895 Bucket grid configuration updates do not...
2019-08-01 Jane SandbergLP1796936: Add aria-labels to the checkboxes in web...
2019-08-01 a. bellenirLP1759864: Mark Item Damaged from Holdings View Fails
2019-08-01 Jane SandbergLP1775920: Improve consistency in item status menus
2019-08-01 Geoff SamsLP1681930 fm_IDL.xml billing/paid total column type...
2019-08-01 Jane SandbergLP1832146: Make sure that comboboxes don't get cut off
2019-07-31 Bill EricksonLP1832148 Clear selection for deleted grid rows
2019-07-31 Bill EricksonLP1834969 Indicate failures in Angular login
2019-07-31 Garry CollumLP1766982 - CSV downloads contain the string 'null...
2019-07-30 Josh StomproLP#1798187 - Support CRLF and LF format for item status...
2019-07-30 Bill EricksonLP1683385 AngJS grid avoid dupe auto-fields
2019-07-30 Jane SandbergLP1836962: correcting comments in the Angular client
2019-07-30 Bill EricksonLP1830424 Implement Angular "retrieve last bib record"
2019-07-30 Galen CharltonLP#1796903: (follow-up) disabled the calendar button...
2019-07-30 Jane SandbergLP1796903: Make date picker calendar button more accessible
2019-07-30 Kyle Huckinslp1836229 Disable Edit buttons in Merge Records when...
2019-07-19 Jane SandbergLP1837067: Fixing unsubscribed Observable in Replace...
2019-07-18 Dan WellsLP#1823367 Make search bar area neutral
2019-07-18 Dan WellsLP#1823367 Add place to collect style guidelines
2019-07-18 Dan WellsLP#1823367 De-encapsulate holdings grid styles to fix...
2019-07-18 Dan WellsLP#1823367 Tone down org unit row coloring
2019-07-18 Galen CharltonLP#1777207: teach egGrid how to prepend rows more effic...
2019-07-18 Galen CharltonLP#1777207: have eg-grid generate DOM nodes only for...
2019-07-16 Jane SandbergLP1828840: Option to hide grid save settings button...
2019-07-15 Jane SandbergLP1835990: remove i18n inside i18n element
2019-07-03 Dan WellsForward-port 3.3.2 upgrade script
2019-07-03 Galen CharltonLP#1830394: remove console noise from the holdings...
2019-06-28 Dan WellsDocs: Revise 3.3.2 bugfix release notes
2019-06-25 Kyle Huckinslp1735835 Transfer Bucket Contents to Pending
2019-06-21 Dan WellsLP#1759343 Clean up data seed values
2019-06-21 Dan WellsLP#1759343 Fix annotate payment setting name
2019-06-20 Galen CharltonLP#1833080: have eg-bool recognize IDL bool string...
2019-06-20 Bill EricksonLP1823041 Confirm dialog returns true/false repairs
2019-06-20 Bill EricksonLP1823041 Observable dialogs repairs and cleanup
2019-06-20 Bill EricksonLP1823041 Remove unintentially merged code blocks
2019-06-20 Jane SandbergLP1823041: Converting new dialogs to observables
2019-06-20 Bill EricksonLP1823041 Angular dialogs return observables
2019-06-19 Jane SandbergDocs: 3.3.2 release notes
2019-06-19 Jane SandbergDocs: Release notes for 3.2.7
2019-06-19 Remington SteedDocs: Fix list formatting in 3.2 release notes
2019-06-19 Remington SteedDocs: Fix list formatting in 3.2 release notes
2019-06-19 Remington SteedDocs: Add bugfix release notes for 3.2.6
2019-06-19 Remington SteedDocs: Revise 3.2.5 bugfix release notes
2019-06-19 Jane SandbergDocs: 3.1.13 release notes
2019-06-19 Remington SteedDocs: Fix list formatting in 3.1 release notes