16 hours ago Bill EricksonLP1776736 Record merge marc edit repairs master
20 hours ago Galen CharltonLP#1780639: fix error made when stamping DB update
20 hours ago Galen CharltonLP#1709698: fix error made when stamping DB update
38 hours ago Josh StomproLP1749502 - Holds Pull List Print Order
38 hours ago Jason StephensonLP 1749502: Add Call Number Prefix & Suffix to pull...
38 hours ago Kyle Huckinslp1749502 Prefix patch
38 hours ago Kyle Huckinslp1749502 Holds Pull List Print Order
7 days ago Bill EricksonLP1739293 Record merged edit-in-place avoid wrap
7 days ago Bill EricksonLP1739293 Record merge fits container
7 days ago Bill EricksonLP1739293 Record merge horizontal; optional holdings
7 days ago Jason StephensonLP 1819796: Fix method call on undefined value in gener...
12 days ago Remington SteedLP1793196 Fix console error when none selected
12 days ago Bill EricksonLP1793196 Volume batch editor offers MARC call numbers
12 days ago Jane SandbergLP1665534: Make pickup library in bib record holds...
12 days ago Steven CallenderLP1808006 - Sitemap generator fix to allow shortname...
12 days ago Jason BoyerLP1798628: Copy alert counts in Holdings
12 days ago Chris SharpLP#1780639 - stamping upgrade script
12 days ago Cesar VelezLP#1780639 - add marc tag identifier field 758
12 days ago Remington SteedLP#1778571 Fix logic error converting JS bool to DB...
12 days ago Chris SharpLP#1759238: stamping upgrade script
12 days ago Ben ShumLP#1759238: Add upgrade script to fix typo for Physical...
12 days ago Ben ShumLP#1769238: fix typo in 950.data.seed-values.sql for...
12 days ago Jason StephensonLp 712490: Stamping UPgrade Script
12 days ago Bill EricksonLP#712490 Vandelay replace/merge PGTAP tests
12 days ago Bill EricksonLP#712490 Vandelay merge-based field replacement
12 days ago Chris SharpLP#1709698 - stamping upgrade script
12 days ago Rogan HambyLP#1709698: no longer require descriptions in report...
12 days ago Jason EtheridgeLP1794588 Web client edit single call number changes...
12 days ago Sam Linklp1802662 - Splash Page Icon Links
12 days ago Terran McCannaLP#1818576 Offline Noncataloged Checkout Preview
12 days ago Michele MorganLP1716473 A few tweaks to correct field labels
12 days ago Bill EricksonLP1716473 Release Notes: copy edit hide disabled
12 days ago Bill EricksonLP1716473 Copy editor hide disabled defaults
12 days ago Galen CharltonLP#1812389: make Group Penalty Threshold admin page...
12 days ago Bill EricksonLP1811689 Stamping upgrade - truncate simple rec
12 days ago Bill EricksonLP1811689 TRUNCATE when rebuilding simple record
12 days ago Jason BoyerLP1734775: Show multiple items in Item Status
13 days ago Jane SandbergLP1721109: Update item status when holdings are edited
13 days ago Adam BowlingLP #1705497 Replaces functionality in web client from...
13 days ago Jane SandbergDocs: Fixing broken link
2019-03-05 Remington SteedLP#1800178 Holdings View should also sort by part
2019-03-05 Bill EricksonLP1818153 Stamping DB upgrade - WS user activity
2019-03-05 Bill EricksonLP1818153 Log user activity for websocket login/verify
2019-03-05 Terran McCannaLP#1746360 Add Deleted Column to Record Bucket
2019-03-04 Josh StomproLP#1667497 - Define $params{depth} to avoid uninitializ...
2019-03-01 Bill EricksonLP1806087 Synchronize browse code for staff cat / tpac
2019-03-01 Bill EricksonLP1806087 Ang catalog pending tabs offer manual redirect
2019-02-28 Dan WellsStop asciidoc from squawking about missing list number
2019-02-28 Dan WellsTranslation updates - po files
2019-02-28 Dan WellsTranslation updates - newpot
2019-02-28 Dan WellsForward-port 3.2.4 upgrade script
2019-02-28 Dan WellsForward-port 3.1.10 upgrade script
2019-02-28 Dan WellsFirst pass at 3.3 release notes
2019-02-27 Mike RylanderLP#1813646: For now, direct the Home link to the Angula...
2019-02-22 Jane SandbergDocs: Adding release notes for 3.2.4
2019-02-22 Jane SandbergDocs: adding release notes for 3.1.10
2019-02-22 Remington SteedLP#1801191: Refactor for clarity; bugfix
2019-02-22 Jeff DavisLP#1801191: ensure recall does not extend due date
2019-02-21 Chris SharpLP#1787479: Stamping upgrade script
2019-02-21 Adam BowlingLP#1787479 Final fixes for print label customizations...
2019-02-21 Adam BowlingLP#1787479: Fixes print label template customization...
2019-02-21 Adam BowlingLP#1787479: Adds customization for multipage print...
2019-02-21 Kathy LussierLP#1787479: Relocate t_view.tt2 file
2019-02-21 Kathy LussierLP#1787479: More layout changes
2019-02-21 Kathy LussierLP#1787479: Make the display of some fields conditional...
2019-02-21 Kathy LussierLP#1787479: Make label names more descriptive
2019-02-21 Kathy LussierLP#1787479: Some CSS and other formatting changes
2019-02-21 Kathy LussierLP#1787479: Use help tips for settings descriptions
2019-02-21 Kathy LussierLP#1787479: Restore spacing fixes
2019-02-21 Adam BowlingModified Evergreen custom print label toolbox with...
2019-02-21 Adam BowlingLP#1787479: Custom label printing toolbox
2019-02-21 Bill EricksonLP1806087 Repair SQL upgrade script file name
2019-02-21 McCannaLP#1784893 Reporter - External Documentation Links
2019-02-20 Remington SteedLP1797934: Simplify header labels
2019-02-20 Jane SandbergLP1797934: Add a patron's booking reservations to their...
2019-02-20 Dan WellsLP#1806087 Stamp upgrade script for staff catalog preview
2019-02-20 Kyle Huckinslp1806087 Place Holds Improvements
2019-02-20 Bill EricksonLP1806087 Angular catalog Ang7 & lint repairs
2019-02-20 Bill EricksonLP1806087 Experimental Angular catalog release notes
2019-02-20 Bill EricksonLP1806087 Org setting to enable experimental staff...
2019-02-20 Bill EricksonLP1806087 Angular staff catalog phase II.
2019-02-20 Jason StephensonLp 1813172: Option to Specify Attributes for Reingest...
2019-02-20 Katlyn Becklp1717551 Holdings view action menu clarity adjustment
2019-02-20 Bill EricksonLP1813647 Titles for Angular admin and splash page
2019-02-20 Bill EricksonLP1813647 Angular page title component & sandbox example
2019-02-19 Dan WellsLP#1779158 Stamping upgrade scripts for Angular Vandelay
2019-02-19 Bill EricksonLP1779158 Angular7 and ng-lint updates
2019-02-19 Bill EricksonLP1779158 Import field id/class mismatch fix
2019-02-19 Bill EricksonLP1779158 Always clear import selection
2019-02-19 Bill EricksonLP1779158 Vandelay workstation setting repairs/additions
2019-02-19 Bill EricksonLP1779158 Import non-matching saved template repair
2019-02-19 Bill EricksonLP1779158 Cache new queues / display active queues
2019-02-19 Bill EricksonLP1779158 Angular alert dialog component
2019-02-19 Kyle Huckinslp1779158 Inspect Queue Improvements
2019-02-19 Kyle Huckinslp1779158 Vandelay Authority Import Tweaks
2019-02-19 Bill EricksonLP#1779158 Vandelay UI accessibilty/usability improvements
2019-02-19 Bill EricksonLP#1800481 Vandelay import form templates
2019-02-19 Bill EricksonLP#1779158 Ang6 Vandelay Release Notes
2019-02-19 Bill EricksonLP#1779158 Ang6 Vandelay UI Port
2019-02-19 Jason StephensonLp 1808580: Remove Installation Support for Ubuntu...