2005-07-01 ericksonadded lines to break up the build
2005-07-01 ericksonbash script for setting up and kicking off the install...
2005-07-01 ericksonadded some license info and comments
2005-07-01 ericksonadded license info and some additional comments
2005-07-01 ericksonadded -g for debugging for now
2005-07-01 ericksonupdated mods parser with new virtual_record fields
2005-07-01 ericksonLet the web grow!
2005-07-01 mikerbetter sorting and nesting
2005-07-01 mikerfixing regex and fts searching
2005-07-01 mikeradding search_fts and search_regex
2005-07-01 mikeradded "online_loc" to the opensearch results
2005-07-01 phasefxpatron search
2005-07-01 phasefxpsuedo-onload. Pass a closure as a param and have...
2005-07-01 phasefxmissing arg for get_widget. A psuedo-onload instead...
2005-07-01 phasefxpatron search. unregister_* is broken
2005-07-01 phasefxfrom the Department of Redundancy Department
2005-07-01 phasefxpatron search form
2005-07-01 phasefxpatron search form test and first startup tab = js...
2005-07-01 phasefxpatron search form and convenience variables for js...
2005-06-30 ericksonadded a note
2005-06-30 ericksonchanged abstract to synopsis
2005-06-30 ericksonchanged 'abstract' to 'synopsis' (js doesn't like abstract)
2005-06-30 ericksonlatest mods xsl
2005-06-30 ericksonadded some new fields
2005-06-30 ericksonadded abstract and location uri's
2005-06-30 phasefxmore clam-shell functions
2005-06-30 phasefxlate night coding can lead to redundancy :)
2005-06-30 phasefxclam_shell
2005-06-30 phasefxavoid duplicate ids
2005-06-30 phasefxallow for more flexible keys in set_decks
2005-06-30 phasefxget_frame_in_tab()
2005-06-30 phasefxsaner iframe replacement. DOM replaceChild
2005-06-30 phasefxPut simple closures on the app_shell window
2005-06-30 phasefxmore thorough registering of windows
2005-06-30 phasefxparameter passing works. Let clam_shell default to...
2005-06-30 phasefxusing arg_dump. js2JSON barfs on things like document...
2005-06-30 phasefxusing arg_dump
2005-06-30 phasefxsmarter arg_dump
2005-06-30 phasefxfilter, map, & find for objects
2005-06-29 phasefxparameter name change. But screen does reference somet...
2005-06-29 phasefxtypo. Made no difference. hrmm
2005-06-29 phasefxkeep a list of windows and documents. Makes thhings...
2005-06-29 phasefxmake spawn_main more similar to other spawns
2005-06-29 phasefxdebug win util functions
2005-06-29 phasefxparameter passing experiment
2005-06-29 phasefxadd clam_shell js
2005-06-29 phasefxchange in onload and onunload handlers
2005-06-29 ericksonholds logic lives here..
2005-06-29 ericksonmore holds stuff
2005-06-29 ericksonmore holds work
2005-06-29 phasefxclam_shell shell
2005-06-29 phasefxspawn_interface api change
2005-06-29 phasefxnew and improved spawn_interface()
2005-06-29 phasefxfirst casualty of widget util api change
2005-06-29 miker"copy" conficts with CDBI, renaming to target_copy
2005-06-29 mikeradding hold notification targets and hold_copy_map
2005-06-29 phasefxOne repercussion of trying to have everything run in...
2005-06-29 mikeradding holdable flag to config.copy_status
2005-06-29 ericksonpermission error response strings
2005-06-29 ericksonadded "ahr" to web fieldmapper
2005-06-29 mikerset up deps for single builds -- add install-prep to...
2005-06-29 phasefxjavascript shell
2005-06-29 phasefxjs shell in tab. From squarefree.com/shell/ GPL...
2005-06-29 phasefxpush mw (and big G) into xuledit results
2005-06-29 phasefxxuledit in a tab. From ted.mielczarek.org/code/mozilla...
2005-06-29 phasefxset the tab labels
2005-06-29 phasefxembedded opac
2005-06-29 phasefxjavascript console in a tab
2005-06-28 ericksonslowly replacing libjson with objson calls..
2005-06-28 ericksonfixed an org tree issue
2005-06-28 ericksonshould have been added before... now it's there
2005-06-28 ericksonobject to model the holds window...
2005-06-28 ericksonadding some of the holds stuff..
2005-06-28 mikerorg_unit proximity function (slow)
2005-06-28 mikerorder records of a metarecord by format,copycount
2005-06-28 mikerget locations with copies, and the counts thereof
2005-06-28 phasefxname change
2005-06-28 ericksonadded actscecm
2005-06-28 phasefxmissing .css strikes again
2005-06-28 phasefxsomething wrong with tab handling. more flexible dump_args
2005-06-28 phasefxopac screen. currently broke
2005-06-28 phasefxooh, i = i. Nice. Also tend to do this a lot: node...
2005-06-28 phasefxdebug .properties
2005-06-28 phasefxdebugging opac now
2005-06-28 phasefxreturn something even on error for string bundle functions
2005-06-28 phasefxtypo
2005-06-28 phasefxtypo
2005-06-28 mikertypo...
2005-06-28 mikeradding virtual field test to Fieldmapper and virtual...
2005-06-28 phasefxfor dokuwiki
2005-06-28 phasefxcorrect chrome URL
2005-06-28 phasefxcosmetic
2005-06-28 phasefxmoving some menus to nested overlays
2005-06-28 phasefxpretend to create/delete tabs by unhiding/hiding them
2005-06-28 phasefxBill found us arguments.callee :D
2005-06-27 erickson*** empty log message ***
2005-06-27 ericksonstyle, style, style!
2005-06-27 ericksonwaging war on sloppy web pages!
2005-06-27 mikerstubber for dokuwiki -- OpenSRF
2005-06-27 mikerupdating GT sources and defaulting to checked