2005-12-21 mikerfixing has_field bug
2005-12-21 phasefxgather credit card/check info. Use stash for getting...
2005-12-21 phasefxNow how come xulrunner didn't complain about a missing...
2005-12-21 phasefxperl syntax is not javascript syntax :)
2005-12-21 mikeradding "has_field"
2005-12-21 phasefxmore fields for credit card payments
2005-12-21 phasefxtip-toeing into middle layer. different payment types...
2005-12-21 phasefxnew controller works.. but still need to fix keysets
2005-12-21 phasefxnew controller code broken :)
2005-12-21 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2005-12-21 phasefxsyntax
2005-12-21 pinesThe reason why the shortcut keys were broken: keys...
2005-12-21 phasefxpolish
2005-12-21 phasefxfix bill_payment_applied observer for real this time
2005-12-21 phasefxsome flex
2005-12-21 phasefxcosmetic
2005-12-21 phasefxcosmetic
2005-12-21 phasefxdefault for date format
2005-12-21 phasefxthinko
2005-12-21 phasefxmisc
2005-12-21 phasefxbill details shows payments and billings
2005-12-21 phasefxon display refresh, cycle through each iframe in the...
2005-12-21 phasefxgive display something to call, and bill a way to callb...
2005-12-21 phasefxone way to refresh an interface
2005-12-21 phasefxnot on ilsevent for true yet
2005-12-21 phasefxrequest, not retrieve
2005-12-20 phasefxtoward refresh after bill wizard and preloading bills...
2005-12-20 phasefxtweaks and fixes
2005-12-20 phasefxwizards don't work with remote xul yet
2005-12-20 phasefxpass in the patron id
2005-12-20 phasefxfleshed patron does not give us fleshed .home_ou()
2005-12-20 phasefxMaybe it's good that I'm starting to think all librarie...
2005-12-20 phasefxsyntax
2005-12-20 phasefxbill wizard
2005-12-20 phasefxfirst cut at porting bill wizard
2005-12-20 pinesbill wizard
2005-12-20 pinesgrocery create
2005-12-20 pinesbilling create
2005-12-20 mikersaving initial user groups, part deux
2005-12-20 mikersaving initial user groups
2005-12-20 mikerpointing added_content.js at Amazon for now
2005-12-20 phasefxalternate patron summary
2005-12-20 phasefxremove Last Lib:
2005-12-20 mikeradding open-ils.actor.user.set_groups and open-ils...
2005-12-20 phasefxutility tweaks
2005-12-20 phasefxcatching errors
2005-12-20 phasefxhrmm.. the chrome console doesn't like being invoked...
2005-12-20 phasefxsimplify. and fix observer in bills_overlay
2005-12-19 phasefxMike's patron edit
2005-12-19 mikerinitial revision of the user editor
2005-12-19 phasefxbill details
2005-12-19 phasefxtoward bills
2005-12-19 ericksonadded method to add a user to one or more groups
2005-12-19 mikerfixing typo in definition of "isdeleted"
2005-12-19 phasefxtweaks. allowevents in listbox
2005-12-19 ericksoncontainer / container item create / retrieve / delete...
2005-12-19 ericksonadded some events, utility code, container handling...
2005-12-19 phasefxsplitter
2005-12-19 phasefxtoward bills
2005-12-19 mikerreadding the old dashboard as an advanced interface
2005-12-19 mikerfixing up auth code to correctly record the session...
2005-12-19 mikermoving to the "bradboard"
2005-12-19 ericksonlogging an error when the events file cannot be found
2005-12-19 ericksonbuilding web symlinks
2005-12-19 phasefxYay! Inserting an empty listitem into a listbox gives...
2005-12-19 ericksonadding advanced search code
2005-12-19 ericksonDTD for the advanced search page
2005-12-19 phasefxpass in the session and some column tweaks
2005-12-19 phasefxlayout
2005-12-19 phasefxbug
2005-12-19 phasefxtoward bill interface
2005-12-17 phasefxsyntax
2005-12-17 phasefxarray not object
2005-12-17 phasefxforgot to add these. bills in progress
2005-12-17 phasefxfix
2005-12-17 phasefxmake util.list work with listboxes, which bill interfac...
2005-12-16 mikergroup tree method and FM support
2005-12-16 ericksonoils_header is just a generic perl header script to...
2005-12-16 ericksonremoved some "warns"
2005-12-16 ericksonlimiting authority searches
2005-12-16 ericksonmore container creation work
2005-12-16 ericksonpatching up some bugs that popped up
2005-12-16 phasefxpass the session to the test URLs
2005-12-16 phasefxpatron holds
2005-12-16 phasefxwrong url
2005-12-16 mikerallowing "limit" (and "offset") to be passed into autho...
2005-12-16 phasefxsome fixes and speedups. still ugly with lots of check...
2005-12-16 phasefxthinko
2005-12-16 phasefxfirst cut at patron items list
2005-12-15 ericksonchanged a log line
2005-12-15 ericksonbreak out the org depth selector to share
2005-12-15 ericksonmore advanced search fun
2005-12-15 pinesadvanced search
2005-12-15 pinesresizable windows in Windows
2005-12-15 phasefxcapture hold interface
2005-12-15 ericksonadded search interface for the advanced search, marc...
2005-12-15 mikerfixing case of only negated words
2005-12-15 mikersrfsh scripts used to generate fines and target copies...
2005-12-15 mikerreinstating the HAVING clause for all AND-joined search...
2005-12-15 mikerallow single MARC field for searching my removing the...