2008-05-23 dbsAvoid uninitialized variable warning if no locale has...
2008-05-23 mikerStop being Dan's problem
2008-05-22 mikeridentifier is class based
2008-05-22 mikerfurther fix for Identifier support
2008-05-22 mikeruse the configured identifier field
2008-05-22 mikeradding locale param to org unit fetcher
2008-05-22 mikerteach JS about the shortname field on slim org lists
2008-05-22 ericksonputting shortname into the generated org tree
2008-05-21 mikerallow differentiation of orgtree cache keys; use this...
2008-05-21 dbsi18n patch from Craig Ricciuto (Laurentian University):
2008-05-21 dbsi18n patch from Craig Ricciuto:
2008-05-21 dbsPatch from Craig Ricciuto:
2008-05-19 mikerscript to find new perms from permacrud that are not...
2008-05-19 mikersimple xslt (with embeded usage info) for extracting...
2008-05-18 ericksonsimilar to the supercat feeds, we have to both define...
2008-05-18 ericksonfor lack of a more context-specific perm org, checking...
2008-05-16 ericksonPatch from Scott McKellar:
2008-05-16 ericksonPatch from Scott McKellar:
2008-05-15 ericksonadding explicit return undef to prevent return of trail...
2008-05-15 ericksonnew pines lib range
2008-05-14 mikermoving purpose to record instead of queue
2008-05-14 mikermoving purpose to record instead of queue
2008-05-14 mikermoving purpose to record instead of queue
2008-05-14 mikeruse a RECORD for LOOP for postgres 8.1 compat
2008-05-14 mikerspool processing
2008-05-13 mikerpermacrud, field_safe and sequence updates
2008-05-13 mikermod_perl stub for uploading vandelay files
2008-05-13 mikercreate queues and add records to them
2008-05-13 mikerstub of vandelay ML
2008-05-13 dbsMissed a deferrable constraint
2008-05-13 ericksonadded missing }
2008-05-13 mikerstore actual nulls instead of stringified "null"
2008-05-13 mikertell toStoreData to allow nulls in hashes
2008-05-13 mikerallow null properties coming from objects
2008-05-10 ericksonadded explicit hash import
2008-05-09 dbsMake all foreign keys deferrable, so we can DELETE...
2008-05-09 mikerreorder if blocks so getById is possible
2008-05-08 ericksonif optional authcookie is set for the user, the login...
2008-05-08 ericksoncreated a fully synchronous version of the login method
2008-05-08 dbsPatch from Craig Ricciuto to care of XML i18n business...
2008-05-08 ericksondojo-ized CGI parser
2008-05-07 ericksonapplying empty tcn check on marc overlay api call as...
2008-05-07 ericksonadded content handler no longer tries to pull from...
2008-05-07 mikerdo not record emtpy tcn valuesOpen-ILS/src/perlmods...
2008-05-06 dbsAfter 1.2, domains element is no longer used
2008-05-06 ericksonadded some more explicit error handling calls for easie...
2008-05-06 ericksoncan't call .splice on the arguments object, found some...
2008-05-04 mikerbreak up the transactions a bit more, and move DROPs...
2008-05-03 ericksonadded additional needed script path to sip config
2008-05-01 mikertypo in field name
2008-04-30 mikeruse org_unit datatype for easier filtering
2008-04-30 mikerbz#618, stop duplicate authority cross-ref suggestions
2008-04-30 mikerprotect against empty folder names
2008-04-30 mikeradding some more billing report views
2008-04-29 mikerprotecting against existing views
2008-04-29 dbsSilence more trailing comma warnings
2008-04-29 dbsJavaScript strictness cleanup to reduce warning noise...
2008-04-29 dbsRemove duplicate span id
2008-04-29 dbsTry giving our application a default locale
2008-04-28 miker1.2.1 to 1.2.2 upgrade SQL script; will get 1.2 to...
2008-04-28 dbsx.y.z for egg versions seems to satisfy setuptools...
2008-04-28 mikerimproved concurrency detection
2008-04-28 mikerfixing translator for grids
2008-04-28 mikermade translation widget self-contained
2008-04-28 dbsSilence a lot more trailing comma warnings
2008-04-28 dbsSilence a few more trailing comma warnings
2008-04-28 dbsDeclare the globalOrgTypes var to silence another warning
2008-04-28 dbsue.xhtml goes nuts with " if we escape the calenda...
2008-04-28 dbsSilence another trailing comma warning
2008-04-28 dbsSilence some more trailing comma warnings
2008-04-28 dbsAnd silence a few more trailing comma warnings
2008-04-28 dbsSilence a few more trailing comma warnings
2008-04-28 dbsECMA-262 isn't happy when variables are declared withou...
2008-04-28 dbsClean up trailing comma
2008-04-28 dbsKill one JavaScript warning for an apparent typo
2008-04-26 mikerallow deleted records to be visible
2008-04-26 mikerbase materialized simple record on old super_simple_record
2008-04-26 mikeradd reporter.materialized_simple_record to the base...
2008-04-26 mikersql script for upgrading to a materialized version...
2008-04-25 ericksonforward-porting merge_bib_records perm and adding it...
2008-04-24 mikertypo in translate
2008-04-24 mikermoving es-us to es to catch all es-*
2008-04-24 mikeradd translation support to the, um, translation widget...
2008-04-24 mikeradding vandelay IDL section
2008-04-24 mikerinitial vandelay schema
2008-04-24 mikeruse 001 as the authority record number value
2008-04-23 mikeradding translation for description
2008-04-23 ericksonRemoving dead code and their makefile counterparts
2008-04-23 mikeradding helper views for overdue, running and pending...
2008-04-23 ericksonfixed what appears to be some copy paste errors. no...
2008-04-23 mikerback-compat global population
2008-04-23 mikertypo in name
2008-04-23 mikerOO-ify openils.User
2008-04-23 mikermove the translation widget out to openils.widget
2008-04-23 mikermove the translation widget out to openils.widget
2008-04-22 ericksonadded support for taking pivot info from the report def
2008-04-22 ericksonadded support for defining pivot data and label columns
2008-04-22 ericksondefault estimated hit count to 0 to protect against...
2008-04-21 ericksonmaking sure directory is created
2008-04-21 ericksontypo: nowarp -> nowrap