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2006-02-20 phasefxforgot the logging label
2006-02-20 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2006-02-20 phasefxcopy status interface
2006-02-20 mikerfixing COPY create method since fieldmapper only has...
2006-02-19 phasefxtweaks and entry points for tcn/barcode lookup
2006-02-19 phasefxfixes
2006-02-19 phasefxfmall for legacy marc editor
2006-02-19 phasefxz3950 -> marc editor
2006-02-19 phasefxthese are no longer used
2006-02-19 phasefxclean up and more mvr columns
2006-02-19 phasefxfleshing this out
2006-02-19 phasefxuseful functions
2006-02-19 phasefxchanged return value for these methods
2006-02-19 mikerfixups, and starting a paged interface
2006-02-18 phasefxgeneric event dispatch
2006-02-18 phasefxyay! util.widgets.click
2006-02-18 phasefxasync when destroying the session key, so login/passwor...
2006-02-18 mikeradded an "all methods" option -- USE WITH CARE!!!
2006-02-18 mikerAPI documentation generator
2006-02-17 ericksonuser editor V2 first commit
2006-02-17 phasefxz39.50 interface
2006-02-17 phasefxpoint us to z39.50 import interface
2006-02-17 phasefxsome of the last minutes changes before the last circ...
2006-02-17 ericksonmoved warns to logs
2006-02-17 mikeradding open-ils.actor.user.hold_requests.count from...
2006-02-17 mikerupdating reshelving time to match PINES policy
2006-02-17 mikeradding open-ils.actor.user.checked_out.count from the...
2006-02-17 mikeradded some transaction methods for jason
2006-02-17 mikeradding "within_city_limits" bool column
2006-02-17 mikeradding useful indexes
2006-02-17 mikeradding method to complete reshelving of copies
2006-02-17 mikeradding srfsh script to complete reshelving
2006-02-16 ericksonsmall style changes
2006-02-16 ericksonsome more utility methods
2006-02-16 ericksonsmall style tweaks throughout, some wording updates
2006-02-16 phasefxreceipts
2006-02-16 phasefxlist dump for trees
2006-02-16 phasefxutil.print
2006-02-16 phasefxslip printing, cleanup
2006-02-16 phasefxsimple user editor and mock portal
2006-02-16 phasefxlanguage
2006-02-16 mikerfixing the targeter
2006-02-16 phasefxdon't need this anymore
2006-02-16 mikeralerting ilsevents
2006-02-16 mikerusing "barred" instead of "standing", though standing...
2006-02-16 ericksontesting cache timeout resets without removing the item...
2006-02-16 ericksonadded a default success dtd item
2006-02-16 ericksonmore circ tweaks to get the behavior right
2006-02-16 phasefxdon't always want a dialog
2006-02-15 phasefxchanges to checkin logic
2006-02-15 phasefxcheckin logic
2006-02-15 phasefxI see this too much when debugging
2006-02-15 ericksonreturning NO_CHANGE on duplicate scans in the correct...
2006-02-15 ericksonmoving checkin over to new code layout, did some simpli...
2006-02-15 phasefxtoward template previews
2006-02-15 ericksonfirst round of new circ checkin logic. more testing...
2006-02-14 phasefxshow available macros for each print list type
2006-02-14 phasefxfix
2006-02-14 phasefxlayout tweak
2006-02-14 phasefxprint list template editor, in progress
2006-02-14 phasefxprint list template editor
2006-02-14 phasefxprint list template editor
2006-02-14 mikerprettyizing oISBN
2006-02-14 mikercommenting oISBN
2006-02-14 mikerfixing ranged record-copy tree
2006-02-14 phasefxother conditions
2006-02-14 phasefxcirculation not found
2006-02-13 erickson fixed typo
2006-02-13 mikeradding lit_form
2006-02-13 mikeradding lit_form_map
2006-02-13 mikeradding lit_form to rec_descriptor (fixed fields)
2006-02-13 ericksonadded DESC to order by..
2006-02-13 ericksonadded necessary order_by clause to circ retrievel in...
2006-02-13 ericksonadded method to see last X users who checked out a...
2006-02-13 mikeradded limit/offset capability to search_where
2006-02-13 mikeradded a "only target new holds" mode to the copy targeter
2006-02-13 phasefxease debugging
2006-02-13 ericksonchecking hold possibility in chunks for faster tree...
2006-02-13 ericksonMoved some log messages from INFO to DEBUG level becaus...
2006-02-13 ericksonwhen a user places a hold in the OPAC, we ask the serve...
2006-02-13 ericksonbroke the fines display into various parts. more work...
2006-02-13 ericksonremoved some space
2006-02-13 erickson tweaked some utility methods
2006-02-13 ericksonadded 'mb' object for myopac display
2006-02-13 ericksonmoved patron update related code to events framework
2006-02-13 mikerfixing perm lookup bug
2006-02-13 phasefxdebugging
2006-02-13 mikeradding offset/limit to ranged record-copy tree
2006-02-13 phasefxrenew items from patron items out interface
2006-02-13 mikeradded targeted, uncaptured hold_request method
2006-02-13 ericksondecommissioned old renew method
2006-02-13 ericksonmodule now dies with a message if bootstrap_client...
2006-02-13 ericksonadded additional sanity check to index call
2006-02-13 ericksonadded log line
2006-02-13 ericksonmore checkout code
2006-02-13 mikergauntlet supercat + oisbn
2006-02-13 mikerfixup to support SuperCat
2006-02-13 phasefxtesting lxr/cvs
2006-02-13 phasefxI'm really just testing some lxr/cvs stuff
2006-02-11 mikeradded sort order on SELECTs so that selection_depth...