2021-03-11 Galen Charltonlp1863252 toward geosort
2021-03-11 Mike Rylanderlp1863252 toward geosort
2021-03-11 Jason Etheridgelp1863252 toward geosort
2021-03-11 Galen CharltonLP#1815815: stamp schema update
2021-03-11 Galen CharltonLP#1815815: add release notes
2021-03-11 Mike RylanderLP#1815815: Do not use depth when filtering copies...
2021-03-11 Mike RylanderLP#1815815: Library Groups - limit copy table
2021-03-11 Mike RylanderProvide two library groups for testing with Concerto
2021-03-11 Mike RylanderAdd BooPAC support for Library Groups (lassos)
2021-03-11 Mike RylanderLP#1815815: Simplify basic search UI
2021-03-11 Mike RylanderLP#1815815: Library Groups
2021-03-10 Galen CharltonLP#1918511: make the Bootstrap skin the default for...
2021-03-10 Bill EricksonLP1908444 Support browse search record result sorting
2021-03-10 Jane SandbergLP1907977: Display course name and number in course...
2021-03-10 Galen CharltonLP#1891550: stamp schema update and add release notes...
2021-03-10 Bill EricksonLP1891550 Ang print context support; no-print contexts
2021-03-10 Galen CharltonLP#1852321: (follow-up) modernize loadChildren invocation
2021-03-10 Galen CharltonLP#1917826: stamp schema update
2021-03-10 Galen CharltonLP#1917826: add release notes entry
2021-03-10 Galen CharltonLP#1917826: tweaks to data update
2021-03-10 Jane SandbergLP1917826: Add All Videos option to the Search Format...
2021-03-10 Michele MorganLP1899405 - Add Part column to item table in Angular...
2021-03-10 Galen CharltonLP#1885179: add release notes stub
2021-03-10 Bill EricksonLP1885179 Staff catalog add results to basket
2021-03-10 Galen CharltonLP#1861319: stamp schema update
2021-03-10 Jason StephensonLp 1861319: Add Release Notes and Perl Live Tests
2021-03-10 Jason StephensonLp 1861319: Repair expire setting logic
2021-03-10 Kyle Huckinslp1861319 Auto-Renew/OPAC Renewal Compatibility
2021-03-10 Kyle Huckinslp1861319 Expired Patron Item Renewal
2021-03-09 Rogan Hambynew branch using new id names
2021-03-08 Bill EricksonLP1865898 Missing pieces mult-scan work flow improvements
2021-03-08 Bill EricksonLP1865898 Release Notes (Scan Missing Pieces)
2021-03-08 Bill EricksonLP1865898 Scan Item as Missing Pieces Angular Port
2021-03-08 Galen CharltonLP#1852321: add release notes entry
2021-03-08 Mike Risherlp1852321 Angular Shelving Location Groups UI Port
2021-03-08 Galen CharltonLP#1838995: (follow-up) add Hold Groups to Angular...
2021-03-08 Galen CharltonLP#1838995: stamp schema update
2021-03-08 Galen CharltonLP#1838995: (follow-up) adjust ID for new permission
2021-03-08 Mike RylanderLP#1838995: Hold group buckets
2021-03-08 Galen CharltonLP#1913219: (follow-up) clean up ng lint warning
2021-03-08 Galen CharltonLP#1908763: (follow-up) clean up ng lint warnings
2021-03-04 Mike Risherlp 1848579 filtering interval columns
2021-03-04 Galen CharltonLP#1915219: stamp schema update
2021-03-04 Jeff DavisLP#1915219: remove nonexistent setting group from user...
2021-03-04 Jeff DavisLP#1915219: opt-in setting for overdue and predue emails
2021-03-04 Jason BoyerLP1895679: Simplify and genericize the refund policy
2021-03-04 Jason BoyerLP1895679: Add Stripe v3 support to Bootstrap OPAC
2021-03-04 Galen CharltonLP#169625: add a release notes entry
2021-03-04 Jeff DavisLP#169625: Support script for working with OverDrive API
2021-03-03 Galen Charltonupdate the note to include the institution
2021-03-03 Galen Charltonadd an acknowledgment destined for the 3.7 release...
2021-03-03 Jason StephensonLP#1076582: Remove Custom Dojo Build Profile and Add...
2021-03-03 Jeff DavisLP#1076582: remove reference to openils_dojo.js from...
2021-03-03 Chris SharpLP#1617556 - Remove openils_dojo.js references
2021-03-02 Jason StephensonLp 1703658: Stamp DB Upgrade
2021-03-02 Jason StephensonLp 1703658: Repair DB Upgrade
2021-03-02 Jason BoyerLP1703658: Convert GIST Indexes to GIN
2021-02-28 Jason StephensonLp 1901899: Remove Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus
2021-02-28 Jason StephensonLp 1875544: Add Installation Support for Ubuntu 20...
2021-02-27 Jane SandbergLp 1700818: brief release notes for Czech records
2021-02-27 Garry CollumLP1912380 Bottom Pagination for Catalog Search
2021-02-27 Jason StephensonLp 1700818: Add Czech Records
2021-02-26 Mike RisherLP1843969 Composite Attribute Entry Defs
2021-02-26 Jane SandbergLP#1871211: Shibboleth release notes
2021-02-26 Jane SandbergLP#1871211: Stamp shibboleth upgrade script
2021-02-26 Mike RylanderLP#1871211: Shibboleth integration support
2021-02-26 Terran McCannaLP#1916904 Bootstrap OPAC: Call number on Search Result...
2021-02-26 Bill EricksonLP1913458 Bucket Add/Delete Item Operations Batched
2021-02-23 Terran McCannaLP1916085 Bootstrap OPAC - Pagination on copy table
2021-02-19 Mike RisherLP1871510 Update Interface Titles
2021-02-18 Jason StephensonForward port 3.6.1 to 3.6.2 db upgrade script
2021-02-18 Jason StephensonForward Port 3.5.2 to 3.5.3 db upgrade
2021-02-18 Jason StephensonForward port 3.4.5-3.4.6 db upgrade script
2021-02-18 Galen CharltonEvergreen 3.6.2 release notes
2021-02-18 Galen CharltonEvergreen 3.5.3 release notes
2021-02-18 Galen CharltonEvergreen 3.4.6 release notes
2021-02-18 Mike RylanderLP#1836254: Handle null authtoken in PCRUD
2021-02-16 Bill EricksonLP1908743 Hold pickup lib does not require have-users...
2021-02-16 Bill EricksonLP1908743 Staff catalog honors org-not-pickup-lib
2021-02-16 Bill EricksonLP1908743 Org select now supports disabled org unit
2021-02-15 Mike RylanderLP#1858114: Fix thinko in template-parameter collection
2021-02-15 Mike RylanderLP#1858114: Record template filter values for aggregate...
2021-02-15 Mike RylanderLP#1858114: Present proper input widget for aggregate...
2021-02-15 Jason BoyerLP#1866406 Followup: Add Release Note
2021-02-15 Mike RylanderLP#1866406: Use carousel item order
2021-02-15 Jason BoyerLP#1772955: Stamp Upgrade Script
2021-02-15 Mike RylanderLP#1772955: Only include xacts with balance in summary
2021-02-15 Zavier BanksLP1670457 Action Menu Grid Selection Change
2021-02-15 Bill EricksonLP1468132 MARC search honors search scope
2021-02-15 Bill EricksonLP1468132 Staff MARC Search API supports copy filtering
2021-02-15 Jason BoyerLP1914116: Apply html filter to mkurl() output
2021-02-10 Bill EricksonLP1474029 Stamping DB upgrade: expired staff no-login
2021-02-10 Galen CharltonLP#1474029: teach Evergreen how to prevent expired...
2021-02-10 Bill EricksonLP1907115 MARC editor avoid ID collisions
2021-02-10 Bill EricksonLP1907115 MARC editor correctly absorbs breaker changes
2021-02-10 Jane SandbergLp 1913219: Use window.open for staff catalog edit...
2021-02-10 Jason StephensonLp 1913219: Use window.open for staff catalog edit...
2021-02-10 Jason StephensonLP 1827051: Remove Java Code
2021-02-10 Bill EricksonLP1910409 MARC Batch Edit Allows CSV Column 0
2021-02-09 Galen CharltonLP#1881650: add release notes entry