2006-09-01 mikeradding some indexes for transits
2006-09-01 mikeradding sane default sort to transits by lib
2006-09-01 pinesbilling location
2006-09-01 pinesno longer use this
2006-09-01 ericksonfailing back to default sender if org has no email
2006-09-01 ericksonadded money.grocery retrieval method
2006-09-01 ericksonadded some retrieval methods for plain transits as...
2006-09-01 ericksonstringifying ident val so .length works
2006-08-31 ericksonadded logic which makes the server re-login on auth...
2006-08-31 ericksonfixed the claims-returned count reset button
2006-08-31 mikermore updates ... more diffs
2006-08-31 mikerupdates ... see diff
2006-08-31 pinesrecord -> view holds now shows copy, volume, and title...
2006-08-31 ericksonusing org email as reply-to
2006-08-31 ericksonadded deleted check to copy search
2006-08-31 ericksonusing new constant name for billing type - added todo...
2006-08-31 ericksonignoring all stat cat updates if the copy is deleted
2006-08-31 ericksonadded constanst for collect fee billing type
2006-08-31 ericksonhold notify logic is all plugged in minus the actual...
2006-08-31 ericksonadded method to return all holds that point to a given...
2006-08-31 pinesdeleted column
2006-08-31 ericksonno longer magically copying maps into entries field...
2006-08-31 ericksonadded protection from fleshed stat-cats in entries...
2006-08-31 pinesTypeError
2006-08-31 ericksonlogging full user object before and after update for...
2006-08-31 ericksonadded plain old disconnect method
2006-08-31 pinesre-enable auto-hiding scrollbars
2006-08-31 ericksonchanged format of log line just a little
2006-08-31 ericksonnot voiding non-overdue fines for checkin backdating
2006-08-31 ericksonno longer allowing refunds past the level of the desk...
2006-08-31 ericksonprevent transit abort if transit_copy_status is lost...
2006-08-31 ericksonadded bypass for user checks - good for item checkin...
2006-08-31 ericksonadded some log lines for testing
2006-08-31 ericksondisabled dup ident checks for new patron create
2006-08-31 ericksonadded const for overdue billing type
2006-08-31 ericksonadded some events
2006-08-31 ericksonremoved ident2 info and tightened up display some
2006-08-31 ericksonchanging undef params to null to prevent so much error...
2006-08-30 ericksontried to nail down the alignment some more..
2006-08-30 pinesreplace barcode entry points
2006-08-30 pinestypo
2006-08-30 pineseliminate warnings in js console
2006-08-30 pinesfixed field editing help; compressed ff editor
2006-08-30 pinesnulls
2006-08-30 pinesoops, no xulG with group manipulation interface
2006-08-30 ericksonbasically done, could use some more testing
2006-08-30 pinessince the shrink bindings is chrome, this is what I...
2006-08-30 mikerhiding most of the patron identification
2006-08-30 erickson basic email template
2006-08-30 ericksonmost of the way done with the email part of the overdue...
2006-08-30 pinessome color tweaks courtesy of Darin; though I tweaked...
2006-08-30 ericksonchanged some paths
2006-08-30 ericksonadded var check to prevent warnings on the numerous...
2006-08-30 pinesstyle net_access
2006-08-30 pinesbug
2006-08-30 pineschange the Already checked in alert to a label warning
2006-08-30 pinesuse the .desc for the event
2006-08-30 ericksonadded some more deleted checks
2006-08-30 ericksonadded generic rollback method to roll back and disconnect
2006-08-30 ericksonreseting offset when changing CNs to browse
2006-08-30 ericksonadded caching version of batch call
2006-08-30 mikermoney.desk_payment_view support
2006-08-30 mikerchopping up dup messages in Client::process()
2006-08-29 pinesdon't redisplay alert messages on refresh unless they...
2006-08-29 pinesmove global_util.js to chrome
2006-08-29 pineslet chrome have font_helper(), etc.
2006-08-29 pinesdefault focus being called before dom is finished loading
2006-08-29 pinespatron inactive
2006-08-29 ericksonput free calls back in to free the xml from messages
2006-08-29 pineshandle CIRC_CLAIMS_RETURNED, but not overridable yet
2006-08-29 mikerrefactoring in prep for multi-table filtering and the...
2006-08-29 mikeradding some useful indexes
2006-08-29 mikerfixing the "moving MRs" problem
2006-08-29 pinessort initial column layout
2006-08-29 pinesclipboard and save columns for billings and payments
2006-08-29 mikerremoving dup stripping .... it is a unicorn problem
2006-08-29 pinesconvert Full Details to non-modal window (in order...
2006-08-29 ericksonchecking deleted on copy
2006-08-29 ericksonmaking sure itemid is set when in-house use is made...
2006-08-29 ericksonallowed re-use of deleted barcodes
2006-08-28 mikerrelax unique barcode constraint for deleted items
2006-08-28 pinesCIRC_EXCEEDS_COPY_RANGE for renew
2006-08-28 ericksonadded a log line
2006-08-28 ericksonmore detail logging on login
2006-08-28 mikerreplacing tcn with item barcode
2006-08-28 ericksonbeing yet more careful about the requestor field
2006-08-28 ericksonsetting stop_fines_time to the claim-return backdate...
2006-08-28 ericksonadded custom copy flesh method
2006-08-28 ericksonchecking inactive
2006-08-28 mikerauto-billing fixes and hold processing bug
2006-08-28 ericksondestroying script context when complete
2006-08-28 ericksonfleshing copy location on fetch instead of fetching...
2006-08-28 mikerbetter date range support for surveys
2006-08-28 pinesstanding indicator layout tweak
2006-08-28 ericksoninit-style script for openils - has code for SIP startup
2006-08-28 ericksonmaking cnbrowse link
2006-08-28 ericksonfixed logic error created by log line (no brackets...
2006-08-28 ericksonmade hold possibility check async to prevent browser...