2019-07-31 Bill EricksonLP1822414 Ang date select readOnly & fixes
2019-07-31 Bill EricksonLP1822414 Angular format service formatValue pipe
2019-07-30 Josh StomproLP#1798187 - Support CRLF and LF format for item status...
2019-07-30 Galen CharltonLP#1831780: various improvements to the Angular date...
2019-07-30 Galen CharltonLP#1831783: improvements to the Angular org-select...
2019-07-30 Galen CharltonLP#1831907: bump up ng-bootstrap
2019-07-30 Bill EricksonLP1683385 AngJS grid avoid dupe auto-fields
2019-07-30 Jane SandbergLP1809183: Allow passing template to eg-confirm-dialog
2019-07-30 Jane SandbergLP1836962: correcting comments in the Angular client
2019-07-30 Bill EricksonLP1830424 Implement Angular "retrieve last bib record"
2019-07-30 Bill EricksonLP1831785 Combobox pcrud selector and pkey support
2019-07-30 Jane SandbergLP1831785 (follow-up): simplifying static string bindin...
2019-07-30 Jason EtheridgeLP#1831785: eg-combobox support automatic pcrud-based...
2019-07-30 Galen CharltonLP#1796903: (follow-up) disabled the calendar button...
2019-07-30 Jane SandbergLP1796903: Make date picker calendar button more accessible
2019-07-30 Galen CharltonLP#1795972: stamp DB update
2019-07-30 Chris SharpLP#1795972: Add description for APPLY_WORKSTATION_SETTI...
2019-07-30 Kyle Huckinslp1836229 Disable Edit buttons in Merge Records when...
2019-07-29 Galen CharltonLP#1776003: show codes throughout the Physical Characte...
2019-07-29 a. bellenirLP#1776003: Show MARC Code in 'Category of Material...
2019-07-29 Galen CharltonLP#741788: install the MARC stream importer better
2019-07-23 Ben ShumLP#1835458: Add install support for Debian 10 Buster
2019-07-21 Jason StephensonLP#1834208: Use X-Forwarded-For in example Apache confi...
2019-07-19 Jane SandbergLP1837067: Fixing unsubscribed Observable in Replace...
2019-07-18 Dan WellsLP#1823367 Make search bar area neutral
2019-07-18 Dan WellsLP#1823367 Add place to collect style guidelines
2019-07-18 Dan WellsLP#1823367 De-encapsulate holdings grid styles to fix...
2019-07-18 Dan WellsLP#1823367 Tone down org unit row coloring
2019-07-18 Galen CharltonLP#1777207: teach egGrid how to prepend rows more effic...
2019-07-18 Galen CharltonLP#1777207: have eg-grid generate DOM nodes only for...
2019-07-16 Jane SandbergLP1828840: Option to hide grid save settings button...
2019-07-15 Jane SandbergLP1835990: remove i18n inside i18n element
2019-07-10 Bill EricksonLP1830432 Org family renders checkboxes horizontally
2019-07-10 Jane SandbergLP1830432: Use a stub callback with registerOnTouched
2019-07-10 Bill EricksonLP1830432 Uniqify reported org IDs / sandbox tweaks
2019-07-10 Jane SandbergLP1830432: Make sure that unit tests have an org unit...
2019-07-10 Jane SandbergLP1830432: Make the org-family-select reusable
2019-07-03 Dan WellsForward-port 3.3.2 upgrade script
2019-07-03 Dan WellsForward-port 3.2.7 upgrade script
2019-07-03 Dan WellsForward-port 3.1.13 upgrade script
2019-07-03 Galen CharltonLP#1830394: remove console noise from the holdings...
2019-06-28 Dan WellsDocs: Revise 3.3.2 bugfix release notes
2019-06-28 Galen CharltonLP#1831781: tweaks to eg-help-popover
2019-06-28 Cesar VelezLP#1831781: add eg-help-popover Angular component
2019-06-28 Jason BoyerCorrect False Positive on Offline Test
2019-06-25 Kyle Huckinslp1735835 Transfer Bucket Contents to Pending
2019-06-21 Dan WellsLP#1759343 Clean up data seed values
2019-06-21 Dan WellsLP#1759343 Fix annotate payment setting name
2019-06-20 Galen CharltonLP#1833080: have eg-bool recognize IDL bool string...
2019-06-20 Bill EricksonLP1823041 Confirm dialog returns true/false repairs
2019-06-20 Bill EricksonLP1823041 Observable dialogs repairs and cleanup
2019-06-20 Bill EricksonLP1823041 Remove unintentially merged code blocks
2019-06-20 Jane SandbergLP1823041: Converting new dialogs to observables
2019-06-20 Bill EricksonLP1823041 Angular dialogs return observables
2019-06-19 Jane SandbergDocs: 3.3.2 release notes
2019-06-19 Jane SandbergDocs: Release notes for 3.2.7
2019-06-19 Jane SandbergDocs: 3.1.13 release notes
2019-06-18 Mike Risherlp1770217 Items Out count shouldn't increment on renew
2019-06-17 Jane SandbergLP1803787 (follow-up) removing unnecessary arguments
2019-06-17 Bill EricksonLP1803787 Migrate grid action/button click handlers...
2019-06-17 Bill EricksonLP1803787 Grid actions menu tabindex
2019-06-17 Jane SandbergLP1803787: Add keyboard support (Shift+F10)
2019-06-17 Bill EricksonLP1803787 Grid toolbar actions menu component; cleanup
2019-06-17 Bill EricksonLP1803787 Grid context retains selection; lint
2019-06-17 Bill EricksonLP1803787 Grid actions context menu
2019-06-17 Bill EricksonLP1803787 Grid toolbar action separators
2019-06-13 Jane SandbergLP1759343: Stamping upgrade: annotate payment setting
2019-06-13 Jane SandbergLP1759343 (follow-up): Add bill annotation setting...
2019-06-13 Jason BoyerLP1759343: Bills Annotation Persistance
2019-06-13 Jane SandbergLP#1831786 (follow-up): release note for cross-tab...
2019-06-13 Galen CharltonLP#1831786: add demo of cross-tab communications
2019-06-13 Galen CharltonLP#1812900: fix retention of saved defaults in holdings...
2019-06-13 Sam LinkLP#1796914: Right Navbar Menu Title
2019-05-31 Jason StephensonLP 115706: Avoid Internal Server Errors with Hold Count...
2019-05-31 Kyle HuckinsLP#1789256 Monograph Part Column in Check Out
2019-05-31 Kyle Huckinslp1789257 Items Out Monograph Part Column
2019-05-30 McCannaLP#1816180 Pending Patron - No Address Type
2019-05-29 Galen CharltonLP#1830972: update pin and add comments about keeping...
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1823367 Angular lint repairs
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1821382 Initials Serials menu; button styling
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1820304 Ang catalog copy/volume hold links
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1819745 Ang staff result page link repairs
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1819498 Release Notes - Staff Cat CN Browse
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1819498 Angular staff catalog call number browse
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1819053 Release notes - basket export
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1819053 Angular staff catalog basket export
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1821382 Grid showDeclaredFieldsOnly option; sort...
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1821382 Make items bookable (part 2)
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1821382 Make items bookable (part 1)
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1821382 Conjoined items grid
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1821382 Booking menu entry placeholders
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1821382 Conjoined linking repairs
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1821382 Link as conjoined items menu action
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1821382 Grid scroll menu repairs
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1821382 Add Items to Bucket menu action
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1821382 Angular lint repairs
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1821382 Request items menu action
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1821382 Delete volcopy menu actions
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1821382 Angular holdings maintenance continued.
2019-05-29 Bill EricksonLP1821382 Angular boolean yes/no display component