2006-01-18 mikerconfig adjustment for new JS backend scripts and libs
2006-01-18 mikerbug fixes after testing
2006-01-18 mikerfirst cut of ScriptRunner absorbtion of O::U::SM; reado...
2006-01-17 phasefxcosmetic
2006-01-17 phasefxcreator/editor patron async rendering
2006-01-17 ericksonupdated to call the biblio worm method
2006-01-17 phasefxBill gave me a callnumber retrieve method. The call_nu...
2006-01-17 ericksonsmall cleaning
2006-01-17 ericksondying when no session found to prevent the page from...
2006-01-17 phasefxsome menu sorting, and filter circulation library optio...
2006-01-17 ericksonadded a callnumber fetching method with accompanying...
2006-01-17 phasefxwierd grid bug
2006-01-17 phasefxtoward copy editor
2006-01-17 pinesresizable
2006-01-17 phasefxtoward copy editor
2006-01-17 pines*** empty log message ***
2006-01-17 phasefxtoward copy editor
2006-01-17 phasefxjson
2006-01-17 phasefxoops
2006-01-17 phasefxremove this before I start editing it
2006-01-17 phasefxtoward copy editor
2006-01-17 phasefxdidn't mean to remove these
2006-01-17 phasefxtoward copy/volume edit/add wizards
2006-01-17 phasefxtypo
2006-01-17 phasefxuseful
2006-01-16 phasefxbrain fart
2006-01-16 phasefxfix
2006-01-14 mikerwrapping load_lib() in try {} so these can (potentially...
2006-01-14 mikeradded note about patch
2006-01-14 mikerXML DOM, XPath and XMLHttpRequest support for O::U...
2006-01-13 phasefxtab name for stat cat editor
2006-01-13 ericksonminor tweaks, sanity checks
2006-01-13 ericksonsanity checks and server side sorting when fetching...
2006-01-13 ericksonadded -f's so the makefile won't die on non-existent...
2006-01-13 phasefxwrong param
2006-01-13 phasefxfix
2006-01-13 ericksonadding v1 stat cat editor
2006-01-13 phasefxready for Bill's beauty
2006-01-13 phasefxmore mapping for legacy cat interfaces
2006-01-13 phasefxcopy browser
2006-01-13 phasefxcruft
2006-01-13 phasefxmarc editor
2006-01-12 phasefxweird.. var new_node_id was defined right outside of...
2006-01-12 phasefxdebugging
2006-01-12 ericksonthrowing error when we encounter NaN
2006-01-12 phasefxtoward marc editor
2006-01-12 pinestoward marc editor
2006-01-12 pinesI really need to come up with a good way for xul to...
2006-01-12 ericksonsmall tweaks
2006-01-11 phasefxmarc view in bib details
2006-01-11 ericksonmore bookbag fun
2006-01-11 ericksonsrfsh accepts exit and ExIt
2006-01-11 phasefxtoward bib details. tab naming is slow
2006-01-11 phasefxskeleton files
2006-01-11 pinesgarbage
2006-01-11 phasefxtoward bib details
2006-01-11 phasefxstaff client 2 bib details screen. need to convert
2006-01-11 phasefxsurvey summary cosmetics
2006-01-11 ericksonMuch bookbag integration - more to follow
2006-01-11 phasefxprivilege to fix js2JSON (when I was debugging), and...
2006-01-11 phasefxtoward cat. and a way to let remote xul open chrome...
2006-01-11 mikeradding required surveys to the user editor
2006-01-11 mikerbasic survey taking JS (DHTML)
2006-01-11 mikerprintf thingy for JS
2006-01-11 phasefxdebugging
2006-01-11 phasefxfixing user edit. browser wrapper remote/chrome dichotomy
2006-01-11 phasefxmoving permanent home for menu back to the chrome section
2006-01-11 ericksonearly bookbag code
2006-01-11 ericksonadded biblio container and items for extended fm
2006-01-10 ericksonadvanced search focuses the first wizard field
2006-01-10 ericksonsubmitting search when search class or format drop...
2006-01-10 ericksonhiding logout link when isXUL in the opac
2006-01-10 ericksonit's now possible to insert undefined values into JS...
2006-01-10 ericksonadded an insert_method function for attaching functions...
2006-01-10 pineshooking into the opac
2006-01-10 pinesfix nav buttons
2006-01-09 phasefxwrappedJSObject to the rescue. xulG and nav work
2006-01-09 phasefxtype='content' or type='content-primary' is needed...
2006-01-09 phasefxjust here temporarily. Going to morph them into util...
2006-01-09 phasefxdebugging. If I invoke the catalog the old way, and...
2006-01-09 phasefxtoward nav buttons and xulG pushing
2006-01-09 ericksonadded reference check to permit script
2006-01-09 ericksonmore circ utility code
2006-01-08 phasefxtesting
2006-01-08 phasefxsomething different between util.browser and the old...
2006-01-08 phasefxaccesskey keys for forward/back, and disabled=true...
2006-01-08 phasefxback and forward navigation working. believe it was...
2006-01-07 phasefxstill broken even if chrome
2006-01-07 phasefxsome errors with webNavigation
2006-01-06 ericksonsample permit script for circ and a file of utility...
2006-01-06 ericksonmore circ events
2006-01-06 ericksonadded activity logging
2006-01-06 ericksonmore utility methods
2006-01-06 phasefxstab at browser navigation
2006-01-06 phasefxmove from opac wrapper to browser wrapper
2006-01-06 phasefxdefault util.browser url is opac advanced search
2006-01-06 phasefxprint button for user editor
2006-01-06 mikerfixing logic hole
2006-01-06 phasefxgeneric wrapper for web browsing. goal is page navigat...
2006-01-06 phasefxcheckin backdate