2006-09-10 pinesadded ssh recipient and user vars
2006-09-10 pinesfixed logic error which was causing the script to not...
2006-09-10 pinesmore fixes - date is now in correct timezone
2006-09-10 ericksondeleting transits on canceled or retargeted holds
2006-09-10 ericksonverifying that we have an actual hold before bailing...
2006-09-10 mikerbeing more strict about when to target a specific copy
2006-09-10 ericksonupdated to work with enhanced cstore call - also added...
2006-09-09 mikerfixing NOT IN queries
2006-09-09 pinesslightly re-worked circ query - will update more to...
2006-09-09 mikerfixing function def for searchINPredicate
2006-09-09 mikeradding NOT IN support
2006-09-09 ericksonchanged regular vides to 0 renewals
2006-09-09 mikeradjusting dvd renewal rule
2006-09-09 mikeradjusting dvd-long recuring fine rule
2006-09-09 ericksonfinally implemented opensrf.system.echo[.atomic] -...
2006-09-09 mikerrevert to non-aggregate billing, as backdating wipes...
2006-09-09 mikerfailing on non-existant column instead of silently...
2006-09-08 ericksonif a hold-shelf copy is checked in
2006-09-08 ericksonescaping hash keys
2006-09-08 mikerdisabling fines for Outreach
2006-09-08 ericksonpeople with patron update perms can now update their...
2006-09-08 ericksonnot check for holds on shelf for non-cats
2006-09-08 pinesfixed renewal bug caused by renewing non-existant copies
2006-09-08 ericksonadded lame money hack to handle backdates that are...
2006-09-08 ericksonreturning as much data as possible from uber hold method
2006-09-08 ericksonfixed some typos
2006-09-08 ericksonremoved hold shelf check - that is now handled by the...
2006-09-08 ericksonsetting stop_fines to backdate if backdating
2006-09-08 mikerit seems it is SOFTWRLONG, not SOFTWARELONG
2006-09-08 mikeradding required item types and circ mods
2006-09-08 mikerremoving rounding errors
2006-09-07 mikeradjusting backdate so it does not clear fines for ...
2006-09-07 ericksonon user update/create/delete
2006-09-07 pinesnew and improved classic. Pull lists and hold lists...
2006-09-07 pinesfull org list for circ lib in copy editor
2006-09-07 mikercorrection for the "user" payments in the cashdrawer...
2006-09-07 mikerupdating the reshelving complete query
2006-09-07 ericksonmaking more robust, re-connects after jabber failures...
2006-09-07 ericksonturning apos into space, but retaining for display...
2006-09-07 pinesclassic style pull list for those who miss the old way
2006-09-06 pines*** empty log message ***
2006-09-06 pineskill it
2006-09-06 ericksongoing back to orig loc on home page
2006-09-06 ericksonadded a check for ref on the copy
2006-09-06 pinesadded ITEM_ON_HOLDS_SHELF to checkout, and CIRC_CLAIMS_...
2006-09-06 ericksonreturning overridable copy-on-holds-shelf event on...
2006-09-06 ericksonfinding maxfines items for renew
2006-09-06 pinesCOPY_NEEDED_FOR_HOLD
2006-09-06 ericksonmore refresh testing
2006-09-06 ericksontesting page refresh logic
2006-09-06 ericksonadded some debugging
2006-09-06 ericksonfixed URL param, added some real logging
2006-09-06 ericksonmaking path an array..
2006-09-06 ericksonadded cleanup call to script runner
2006-09-06 mikertypos
2006-09-06 mikertypos
2006-09-06 mikertypos
2006-09-06 mikertypos
2006-09-06 pinesI had the object vs id handling commented out
2006-09-06 mikertypos
2006-09-06 mikertypos
2006-09-06 ericksontypos
2006-09-06 mikertypos
2006-09-06 ericksonmade method return data
2006-09-06 mikertypos
2006-09-06 ericksontypo
2006-09-06 ericksonfixed uppercase bug
2006-09-06 mikermore billing
2006-09-06 pinesdon't use the mobts total call for styling has_bills
2006-09-06 mikerconvert opac fleshing method
2006-09-06 ericksonadded sanity checking to prevent id retrievals using...
2006-09-06 mikertypo
2006-09-06 mikertypo
2006-09-06 mikertypo
2006-09-06 ericksonelevated response log to info because it is crucial...
2006-09-06 ericksonwhen the gateway is not bootstrapped.. it is useless...
2006-09-06 ericksonadded .1 second sleep to inbound processer when it...
2006-09-06 mikerhold targeter updates
2006-09-06 mikerbilling
2006-09-06 pineshandle object or id for mbts
2006-09-06 ericksontypo
2006-09-06 ericksonadded ability to toggle metarecord vs records as defaul...
2006-09-06 pineshave patron summary kludge handle object or id for...
2006-09-06 mikerpref_lang bump for record searches
2006-09-05 pinesBill, would you sanity check this? appears to work...
2006-09-05 pinesbill summary in sidebar. quick ineffecient fix
2006-09-05 ericksonpreventing retrieval on fleshed object
2006-09-05 ericksonelevated recv timeout to INFO cuz it is important
2006-09-05 ericksonunfleshing age_protect on copy before update
2006-09-05 ericksonprotecting ws_ou fetching to prevent errors and unneces...
2006-09-05 pinesvirt fields
2006-09-05 pinesoops
2006-09-05 pinestweaking bill history method
2006-09-05 pinesfixing money
2006-09-05 pinesremoving voids from the picture
2006-09-05 pinesblank column if no patron name (ie. not a hold transit)
2006-09-05 ericksonadded isPreCat earlier in the script building and start...
2006-09-05 mikerupdating view to be more direct/less obtuse
2006-09-05 ericksonrefined the logging some
2006-09-05 mikermake the interlock stricter