2006-04-05 ericksonadded install config info for the penalty scripts
2006-04-05 ericksonadding penalty server - basically works
2006-04-03 phasefxre-request wrapper for permission failures
2006-04-03 phasefxwording
2006-04-03 phasefxnew copy_location retrieve method
2006-04-03 pineshave the menu interface use the stashed session
2006-04-03 phasefxre-login prompt on expired session
2006-04-03 phasefxsimple_auth
2006-04-03 phasefxsimple auth prompt
2006-04-03 phasefxmake login_type configurable
2006-04-03 phasefxmake login_type configurable
2006-04-03 phasefxsimple_auth
2006-04-03 ericksonchanged login type 'override' to 'temp' for clarity
2006-04-03 ericksonadded the XMLEntStripDoctype option which defaults...
2006-04-03 ericksonremoving xmlbuilder from the build process
2006-04-03 ericksonsome cleanup and sanity checks
2006-04-03 phasefxnew location for offline.pl
2006-04-03 phasefxbackdate for claims returned. Need to come back with...
2006-04-03 ericksonadded backdate support for claims_returned
2006-04-03 ericksonnow installing offline cgi and config
2006-04-03 ericksonsetting ws_ou to the home_ou of the user when logging...
2006-04-03 phasefxauto-select a row in the session list. First one,...
2006-04-03 ericksonthese actions have all been consolidated into offline.pl
2006-04-03 phasefxclaims returned
2006-04-03 ericksonupdated to handle event lists
2006-04-03 ericksonpushing events instead of returning them
2006-04-03 ericksonmoved pending dir back to a subdir of the org id for...
2006-04-03 ericksonfixed logic error
2006-04-03 ericksonpatched up set_lost and set_claims_returned to update...
2006-04-03 phasefxmark item Patron Lost
2006-04-03 ericksonchecking permit key earlier so it doesn't need to be...
2006-04-03 phasefxon_select blanks bottom panel and disables buttons...
2006-04-03 phasefxsort sessions, newest first
2006-04-03 phasefxsmarter upload and process buttons
2006-04-03 pinesrandom password for patron registration. Do we want...
2006-04-03 pinesvalidation for patron registration
2006-04-03 pinesa button for entering barcodes, and different wording...
2006-04-03 pineswarn user when required server-generated files have...
2006-04-03 phasefxgenerate offline widgets
2006-04-02 ericksonbug squashing
2006-04-02 phasefxsome fixes
2006-04-02 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2006-04-02 ericksoncommitting jason's fixes
2006-04-02 phasefxsession browse for exceptions, status
2006-04-02 phasefxmislabeled
2006-04-02 phasefxscript list
2006-04-02 phasefxsome url juggling
2006-04-02 phasefxtoward standalone management
2006-04-02 ericksonadded more status info, fully executing and archiving
2006-04-01 ericksongetting closer
2006-04-01 ericksongetting closer..
2006-04-01 ericksongoing back to using the value returned from ->search
2006-04-01 ericksonupdating to work with new offline api
2006-04-01 ericksonadding
2006-04-01 ericksonnow creating sessions and uploading script files
2006-03-31 pinesjust one interface
2006-03-31 phasefxtoward offline management
2006-03-31 ericksonbeginnings of sqlite version
2006-03-31 pinestoward session in the stash instead of URLs
2006-03-31 pines*** empty log message ***
2006-03-31 phasefxthese were renamed to .xhtml
2006-03-31 mikeradding usr_notes
2006-03-31 ericksonif 'precat' is not declared in the checkout call and...
2006-03-31 ericksonadded descriptions to sessions and relying on session...
2006-03-31 pinessome date validation and other stuff
2006-03-31 pinesthinkos
2006-03-31 pinesdate validation and event handling
2006-03-31 pinesput YYYY-MM-DD in the background of the duedate textboxes
2006-03-31 pinessome kludge and polish
2006-03-31 mikernew FM stuff; trimmed search_fts methods
2006-03-31 pinesoffline noncat checkout
2006-03-31 pinesoffline patron registration
2006-03-30 phasefxjust the data this time
2006-03-30 phasefxfixes
2006-03-30 ericksonmaking better use of macros for speed
2006-03-30 ericksonset value to '' explicitly so mozilla won't grab the...
2006-03-30 ericksonadded offline event
2006-03-30 ericksonmaking sure to grab copy id
2006-03-30 ericksonadded comments
2006-03-30 ericksonusing new search methods
2006-03-30 mikeropensearch is now using the multiclass searches! wheee!
2006-03-30 phasefxserialize/de-serialize
2006-03-30 ericksonadded new method to wrap new storage multiclass methods
2006-03-30 mikeradding tons of filtering support; refactoring old metho...
2006-03-30 pinestoward offline patron registration. The whol serialize...
2006-03-30 phasefxoverkill.. trim this down later
2006-03-30 phasefxgenerate data dependent interfaces for offline mode
2006-03-30 phasefxrequired surveys vs all surveys
2006-03-30 pinesws_ou vs home_ou again
2006-03-30 pinesretrieve all surveys
2006-03-30 pinesws_ou or home_ou, in that order
2006-03-30 ericksonallowing clients to create their own session names
2006-03-30 ericksonadded support for session queries
2006-03-30 mikeradding audience map; adding multiple filters (type...
2006-03-30 phasefxstandalone upload thingy
2006-03-30 pinesstandalone upload thingy
2006-03-29 ericksonusing CORE::time
2006-03-29 ericksonsimple perl script to perform batch circs (and eventual...
2006-03-29 ericksonadded a status summary query that just returns count...
2006-03-29 ericksonreplaced regex with CORE::time