2005-07-21 ericksonnow copies that are available or on holds shelf make...
2005-07-21 ericksonmore more more... see diffs
2005-07-21 mikerrelaxing the fkey on hold_request from hold_transit_copy
2005-07-21 phasefxsmall fix
2005-07-21 phasefxpass patron credit to bill as well
2005-07-21 phasefxbill payment
2005-07-21 mikerview-izing the base payment table and adding the "payme...
2005-07-21 mikerarg! extra field
2005-07-21 phasefxlatest bill interface, and checkin backdating
2005-07-21 ericksonnow showing title for a circ transaction
2005-07-21 ericksonfixed issue where the err message was not getting set...
2005-07-21 ericksonmore holds and transit mangling
2005-07-21 mikeradding "last_billing_note" to transaction summary view
2005-07-21 ericksonnow piping to open shell for unknown commands so that...
2005-07-21 phasefxcheckboxes and little tweaks
2005-07-21 phasefxmagic money distribution
2005-07-21 phasefxtodo, or find a ready-made library
2005-07-21 phasefxMike showed me a number formatter, so I have to make...
2005-07-21 phasefxhandle 1 digit cents correctly, and let someone else...
2005-07-21 phasefxsnapshot, since it's thundering ;)
2005-07-21 phasefxsyntax
2005-07-21 phasefxjust a snapshot
2005-07-20 phasefxduring checkin, copy the copy from hold capture
2005-07-20 mikerjust get the first "nearest" hold
2005-07-20 mikeradding target_copy to action.transit_copy
2005-07-20 ericksonmore holds capturing, transits, etc.
2005-07-20 phasefxwording
2005-07-20 phasefxoops
2005-07-20 phasefxsnapshot of possible bill pay layout before changing...
2005-07-20 mikeradding access to the base "transit copy" table
2005-07-20 mikeradding "nearest_hold" select
2005-07-20 mikerfixing hold transfer bug
2005-07-20 phasefxwhen we have to have accel key conflicts, try to put...
2005-07-20 phasefxfactor out object list_box
2005-07-20 phasefxfix barcode entry labels
2005-07-20 ericksonmore web work
2005-07-20 phasefxfleshed
2005-07-20 phasefxhold capture interface
2005-07-20 ericksonadded EXEC_DEFAULT compile option for srfsh which is...
2005-07-20 ericksonfixed some typos, logic errors
2005-07-20 phasefxhold capture on checkin
2005-07-20 ericksonmore work on holds capturing, adding permissions, etc
2005-07-20 phasefxremoved some debugging
2005-07-20 ericksonadding more build targets and build variables
2005-07-20 phasefxremove alert
2005-07-20 phasefxtweaks
2005-07-20 phasefxuse DOM to remove listbox rows instead of listbox metho...
2005-07-20 ericksonmaking the install script break out opensrf, openils...
2005-07-20 ericksonadded support for script files. when we detect that...
2005-07-20 phasefxsnapshot of listbox before blowing it away with somethi...
2005-07-20 phasefxlittle faster
2005-07-20 phasefxmore billing interface. currently unfinished
2005-07-20 phasefxanother take at PatronBills. Different kludge for...
2005-07-20 phasefxI forgot that handle_error looks for Bill's ex objects...
2005-07-19 phasefxDon't need Bill owing .9000000000000004
2005-07-19 phasefxexample handling of possible hold capture on checkin
2005-07-19 phasefxattention to detail
2005-07-19 phasefxadd everything to list except No Circulation
2005-07-19 phasefxno unmodifiable cancel button
2005-07-19 phasefxwrong args
2005-07-19 phasefxtypo, and checkin handling
2005-07-19 phasefxsome status checking
2005-07-19 mikermoving fine generation into the storage server so that...
2005-07-19 ericksonnever used
2005-07-19 phasefxmore flexible
2005-07-19 mikerremoving "profile"... and there was much rejoicing
2005-07-19 phasefxalert windows
2005-07-19 ericksonadding more permissions and exceptions related to the...
2005-07-19 phasefxlistbox and firefox bug, bill interface incomplete
2005-07-19 mikerbetter layout for library address editing
2005-07-19 mikeradding view for open circs
2005-07-19 phasefxtry/catch
2005-07-19 phasefxuser_request is now optionally async'able. Aggressive...
2005-07-18 ericksonadded status field to hold request
2005-07-18 mikerremoving "profile" stuff, using "groups" instead
2005-07-18 ericksonadded call to retrieve the user groups
2005-07-18 ericksonadded permission checks to calls - untested but i...
2005-07-18 phasefxpatron_bills, currently broken
2005-07-18 phasefxname, not value
2005-07-18 phasefxhome group instead of profile
2005-07-18 mikeradding retrieve.all for perm groups
2005-07-18 ericksonbuilding objson with strict writing enabled (includes...
2005-07-18 ericksonsmall tweaks, see diffs
2005-07-18 ericksoncompletely reverted to original
2005-07-18 ericksonbasically reverted back - left the try catch
2005-07-18 ericksonadded try block for catching un doable things
2005-07-18 ericksonadded some transactions and fines summary methods
2005-07-18 mikeradding user_circulation_summary; adding xact_type to...
2005-07-18 mikeraddress editing for org_units
2005-07-18 mikeradding address editing to lib setup bootstrap cgi
2005-07-18 phasefxwrong call, and typo
2005-07-18 phasefxget patron bills for real
2005-07-18 phasefxbill mockup, grid list tweaks
2005-07-18 phasefxFieldmapper:: + cdbi field was just wrong
2005-07-18 mikeradding some debuging that seems to magically fix the...
2005-07-18 phasefxgrid_list
2005-07-18 phasefxabstract interfaces are no longer standalone
2005-07-18 phasefxdon't need this anymore
2005-07-17 phasefxholds interface
2005-07-17 phasefxauto-gen string bundle properties from selected fields