2011-10-18 Galen Charltonadd a couple semicolons
2011-10-18 Bill EricksonCreate events for hold_request.cancel.patron
2011-10-18 Bill EricksonRe-fetch hold for cancel notify to correct timestamp
2011-10-18 Dan ScottCache open-ils.fielder results by locale
2011-10-18 Mike RylanderAdd a view-in-catalog link to bookbags
2011-10-18 Sarah E. ChodrowInitial patch from Sarah Chodrow on LP bug 849447.
2011-10-18 Thomas BerezanskyStamping upgrade script for LP#847973
2011-10-18 Jason EtheridgeLP#847973 ensure JSON values for org settings
2011-10-17 Dan ScottTPac: Describe bookbags mo' semantically
2011-10-17 Lebbeous Fogle... TPac: bookbags - stop trying to show everything at...
2011-10-17 Dan ScottTypo: It's MARC, not Marc. Sheesh.
2011-10-17 Thomas BerezanskySave MARC Default Template per-server
2011-10-17 Thomas BerezanskyRemember MARC Template selection
2011-10-17 Thomas BerezanskyAdd "submit on enter" to all advanced search boxes
2011-10-14 Bill EricksonStamped upgrade scrip fro authorities-indb-with-nfi
2011-10-14 Mike RylanderMove the NACO normalization script to earlier in the...
2011-10-14 Mike RylanderWrapper functions in the baseline schema that were...
2011-10-14 Mike RylanderAddress regression causing main headings to be null...
2011-10-14 Mike RylanderNew in-db search and browse of authorities with non...
2011-10-14 Jason EtheridgeLP873614 print_init error printing bill history
2011-10-14 Dan Scottsettings-tester.pl - add TPac required modules
2011-10-14 Dan ScottAdd MARC::Record 2.0.1 minimum test to settings-tester.pl
2011-10-14 Dan ScottSettings-tester.pl whitespace
2011-10-14 Dan ScottRemove oils_web.xml test from settings-tester.pl
2011-10-14 Dan ScottModernize settings-tester.pl a bit
2011-10-14 Jason StephensonFixes for SIP2 Fee Payment.
2011-10-13 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade for asset.merge_record_assets fix...
2011-10-13 Dan ScottFix located URI merging in action.merge_record_assets()
2011-10-13 Thomas BerezanskyMore self-closing cleanup
2011-10-13 Bill EricksonReplace self-closing divs with open/close divs
2011-10-13 Jason StephensonVerify session before trying any transactions in SIP...
2011-10-13 Lebbeous Fogle... TPac: One prefers to download CSV, not to display it
2011-10-12 Dan ScottGive OrgTree.js a locale, always
2011-10-12 Bill EricksonAuthentication block logging
2011-10-12 Mike RylanderFix cut-paste-o in unapi.sitem, re stream and unit...
2011-10-12 Mike RylanderIncorrect version number in the upgrade script
2011-10-12 Mike Rylandercopy-paste-o from the seed data
2011-10-12 Jason StephensonFix z39.50 import isbn and issn searches on local catalog.
2011-10-12 Jason StephensonAdd Show In Catalog button to Z39.50 Import.
2011-10-12 Dan ScottREADME: For master, focus on PostgreSQL 9.1
2011-10-12 Thomas BerezanskyAdd instructions/targets for Ubuntu/Debian PG9.1
2011-10-12 Thomas BerezanskyFix README for 9.1+ DB creation instructions
2011-10-12 Dan ScottREADME: Minor whitespace cleanup
2011-10-12 Ben ShumChange PostgreSQL 9 source for Ubuntu Lucid users.
2011-10-11 Thomas BerezanskyTPac: Use workstation to determine staff
2011-10-11 Bill EricksonTPac; repairs to advanced search query propagation
2011-10-11 Dan ScottProtect against undefined value as ARRAY reference
2011-10-11 Galen Charltonfix another POD glitch
2011-10-11 Galen Charltonfix up POD
2011-10-11 Galen CharltonMerge remote branch 'working/user/berick/marc-stream...
2011-10-11 Dan ScottGive CentOS / RHEL a chance at installing PostgreSQL 9.0
2011-10-11 Dan ScottFix broken Net::Z3950::SimpleServer 1.14 install
2011-10-10 Dan ScottCorrect varname for PostgreSQL RPMs
2011-10-10 Mike RylanderStamping baseline schema for previous commit
2011-10-10 Mike RylanderFix, as provided by Doug Kyle, for LP#822918
2011-10-10 Mike RylanderStamped upgrade script for Grace Period Closed-Date...
2011-10-10 Thomas BerezanskyGrace period auto extension and backdate awareness
2011-10-07 Galen Charltontrival typo fix
2011-10-07 Jason Etheridgecontrol client dump statements through pref
2011-10-07 Bill EricksonTPac: Jump-to-details on first result page only
2011-10-06 Bill EricksonTPac; start new facet "search" on page 0
2011-10-06 Galen Charltonfix authentication failure
2011-10-06 Thomas BerezanskyFix "0 holds created" message on successful hold
2011-10-06 Bill EricksonTPac: My List add/remove page anchor fix
2011-10-06 Lebbeous Fogle... Really add *entire* selection list to a purchase order...
2011-10-05 Dan ScottFix copy-paste-o: "su - postgres" to become postgres
2011-10-05 Dan ScottREADME: Explicitly identify accounts for commands
2011-10-05 Bill EricksonAvoid collecting facet data for non-facet fields
2011-10-05 Bill EricksonTPac: jump to details page on single hit
2011-10-05 Dan ScottFix typo in lang.dtd: "instantenous"
2011-10-05 Dan Scotti18n: Fix es-ES illegal use of '%' in lang.dtd
2011-10-04 Dan ScottSlightly updated about.html for rel_2_1
2011-10-04 Jason Etheridgepin version for upgrade script
2011-10-04 Thomas BerezanskyUnwrapped upgrade script for security lockdown
2011-10-04 Thomas BerezanskyRequire permission or pref to debug in client
2011-10-04 Thomas BerezanskyClear password from password_prompt post-login
2011-10-04 Dan Scotti18n: Fix ru-RU lang.dtd problem
2011-10-04 Jason Etheridgepin version for upgrade script
2011-10-04 Thomas BerezanskySwitch to Modal printing
2011-10-04 Thomas BerezanskyUnwrapped upgrade script for print.custom_js_file
2011-10-04 Thomas BerezanskyRemove in-template javascript, add script files
2011-10-04 Bill EricksonStamped upgrade script for username limit settings
2011-10-04 Thomas BerezanskyUnwrapped, badly named upgrade script
2011-10-04 Thomas BerezanskyWording change on username error
2011-10-04 Thomas BerezanskyUsername Change Limits
2011-10-04 Thomas BerezanskyUsername Rules
2011-10-04 Thomas BerezanskyRequire password to change email/username
2011-10-04 Thomas BerezanskyTPac: Default Password Strength Rule
2011-10-04 Thomas BerezanskyWhen workstation is invalid request a new seed
2011-10-04 Thomas BerezanskyMake more auth values configurable
2011-10-04 Thomas BerezanskyBrute Force protection for authentication
2011-10-04 Lebbeous Fogle... link asset.copy_template.status to config.copy_status...
2011-10-04 Mike RylanderMake sure baseline schema is up to date
2011-10-04 Dan ScottFix update_db.sh to set eg_version correctly
2011-10-04 Dan ScottTPAC: Fix searchbar typo by closing div
2011-10-04 Dan ScottLP865817: Fix Located URI visibility test
2011-10-04 Mike RylanderCorrect Located URI visiblity
2011-10-04 Dan ScottTPAC: No need for a 26px padding on the header bottom
2011-10-04 Dan ScottTPAC: Replace dashboard images with CSS
2011-10-04 Bill EricksonTpac: expand facet display fix