2014-09-18 Galen CharltonLP#1370630: don't log mod_deflate actions by default
2014-09-18 Remington SteedLP#1361801: Add required fields to serial issuance...
2014-09-18 Jeff GodinLP#1246859: Improve username flow for staged users
2014-09-18 Bill EricksonLP#1356576 repair sip date_format config typo
2014-09-18 Kathy LussierLP1309131 - Fix series link
2014-09-18 Bill EricksonLP#1325720 Repair fund rollover year selector query
2014-09-18 Steven CallenderLP#1292129: Removed deleted call numbers from the searc...
2014-09-18 Jason StephensonLP 1350345: marc_export blows up on bad records.
2014-09-18 Galen CharltonLP#1358916: refuse to retrieve over-large MARC records...
2014-09-18 Jason BoyerLP#1340947: Finish support in oils_ctl.sh for -y and...
2014-09-18 Chris SharpLP#1357364: Explictly create the extension in the ...
2014-09-18 Chris SharpLP#1357364: Allow for sites that may have the intarray...
2014-09-18 Angela Kilsdonk2.7 doc asciidoc fix
2014-09-17 Yamil SuarezDocs: updated root.txt to point to 2.7 release notes
2014-09-17 Angela Kilsdonk2.7 documentation from ESI
2014-09-16 Kathy LussierRelease notes repair to fix PDF build
2014-09-13 Kathy LussierDocumentation: Lost and Paid Status
2014-09-13 Jennifer PringleDocs: EDI admin section updated with new screenshots...
2014-09-13 Josh StomproDocs: Fix filenames to match references in the docs...
2014-09-12 Kate ButlerDocs: Staff generated penalties documentation
2014-09-12 Kate ButlerDocs: Staff initials settings for patron notes
2014-09-12 Yamil SuarezDocs: Documented change to Holds Shelf Expire Report
2014-09-12 Kathy LussierMinor reparis to release notes and merge parts doscs
2014-09-12 Angela KilsdonkBitesize doc change: .xlsx report output
2014-09-12 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 browser unit tests use repo fm_IDL2js.xsl
2014-09-11 SnigdhaDLP#1294269 Docs: Fixed small documentation formatting...
2014-09-11 Ben ShumAcknowledge new contributor in 2.7 release notes
2014-09-11 Ben ShumTranslation updates - newpot
2014-09-11 Ben ShumTranslation updates - po files
2014-09-10 Jason BoyerLP#1241644: Remove xact_finish IS NULL checks from...
2014-09-10 Bill EricksonLP#1081551 Serials batch recv. dupe barcode check
2014-09-10 Kathy Lussierlp1335958 Remove parameters from current checkouts...
2014-09-10 Dan PearlLP#1190508: Rename certain image files to avoid Ad...
2014-09-10 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 grid print CSV repair; all cols repair
2014-09-10 Ben ShumMove new color note to release notes 2.7
2014-09-10 Kathy Lussierlp1261791 Adjustment to background color for mobile...
2014-09-10 Kathy LussierRelease notes entry for new mobile-header-text-color
2014-09-10 Suzanne PaternoLP 1261791 - Mobile Search links for my account screens
2014-09-09 Josh StomproDocs: Fixed small typo in docs/reports/reporter_daemon.txt
2014-09-09 Josh StomproDocs: Updated usage of autogen.sh to not use param 'u'
2014-09-09 Josh StomproDocs: update to 'Address Alerts' feature content
2014-09-05 Kathy LussierRelease notes cleanup
2014-09-04 Remington SteedDocs: Fix filenames to match references in the docs
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 add missing ui-bootstrap dep to Gruntfile
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 Browser client templates/scripts (phase 1)
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 make_release -c for building browser client
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 link opensrf websockets JS scripts
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 browser client apache config additions
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 detect is-staff mode for browser client
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 streaming holds pull list API
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 streaming patron search API
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 PCRUD access for various IDL classes
2014-08-29 Josh StomproDocs: added Address Alert documentation for local admin...
2014-08-28 Dan ScottFix broken prereq installer for debian wheezy
2014-08-28 Terran McCannaLP#1282783: Use patron hold notification defaults for...
2014-08-28 Michele Morganlp949101 Hold Columns for Item Status
2014-08-28 Dan ScottLP#1362210: Install PostgreSQL packages where we can
2014-08-27 Bill EricksonLP#1306675 TPAC maketext default handler
2014-08-27 Elliot VorisLP#1233757 Correct Spelling Error in Checkout Override...
2014-08-27 Jason EtheridgeLP#1010027: tweak patron columns in patron search interface
2014-08-27 Jason EtheridgeLP#1010027: more internal options for xul lists
2014-08-27 Ben ShumLP#1189556: stamping upgrade script for URL_VERIFY...
2014-08-27 Chris SharpLP#1189556: Fix typo in URL_VERIFY permission description
2014-08-27 Thomas BerezanskyLP#1322341: Count part holds on records
2014-08-27 Thomas BerezanskyLP#1277551: Limit simplified pull list to available...
2014-08-27 Ben ShumLP#1314370: Enable dojo all the time in the catalog
2014-08-27 Blake HendersonLP1277556 Fast Item Add no longer opens record after...
2014-08-27 Liam WhalenLP1084269, LP1050043 Expert Search Fixes
2014-08-27 Kathy Lussierlp1182605 Add sort value for holds interfaces
2014-08-27 Victoria Lewislp1182605 Abstracting out common functionality from...
2014-08-27 Kyle TomitaLP1182605 : LC call numbers sort improperly in tabular...
2014-08-26 Dan WellsFix currently harmless but still confusing sigil error
2014-08-26 Dan WellsLP#1078787 Fix serial scoping in TPAC
2014-08-25 Mike RylanderLP#800478: Stamping upgrade script for fund transfer fix
2014-08-25 Bill EricksonLP#800478 repair logic error in acq fund transfer
2014-08-21 Galen CharltonLP#1359934: prevent error opening patron search form
2014-08-19 Yamil SuarezDocs: Removed use of deprecated file suffix for eg_db_c...
2014-08-14 Ben ShumCompile release notes for Evergreen 2.7.0
2014-08-14 Ben ShumPre-2.7 Release notes cleanup
2014-08-14 Ben ShumFixes for create_release_notes.sh
2014-08-12 Bill EricksonLP#1329503 text input repairs
2014-08-12 Bill EricksonLP#1329503 report edit scheduling repairs
2014-08-11 Jason StephensonLP1355319: Add missing Parse::RecDescent perl dependency.
2014-08-08 Kathy LussierRelease note repairs and additions
2014-08-08 Kathy LussierSecondary permission groups release note
2014-08-08 Dan ScottLP#1292705 Fix broken is*() methods in fm_IDL2js.xsl
2014-08-08 Jennifer PringleSecondary Permissions Documentation and Screenshots.
2014-08-08 James FournieAdd multiple permission groups editor to user registrat...
2014-08-08 Thomas BerezanskyUpdate ContentCafe Added Content Module
2014-08-08 Bill EricksonLP#1329503 avoid run now + later combined schedule
2014-08-08 Bill EricksonLP#1329503 propagate 'in list' values for editing
2014-08-08 Bill EricksonLP#1329503 report editing additional repairs
2014-08-08 Bill EricksonLP#1329503 report editing misc. repairs
2014-08-08 Bill EricksonLP#1329503 View/Edit Report Release Notes
2014-08-08 Bill EricksonLP#1329503 View Edit Reports
2014-08-08 Bill EricksonLP#1329503 Reporter report.fleshed.retrieve API
2014-08-08 Bill EricksonLP#1332138 hide doc URL in report editor when no URL...
2014-08-08 Bill EricksonLP#1332138 Report Doc/Hints Release Notes
2014-08-08 Bill EricksonLP#1332138 Report template / field docs repairs
2014-08-08 Mike RylanderLP#1332138 Report template / field documentation