2006-07-07 ericksonadded the fieldmapper, autogen stuff to openils_core...
2006-07-07 mikermore in(de)gestion
2006-07-07 mikerfix for mem leak in load_lib()
2006-07-07 ericksonadded untested org tree searching method
2006-07-07 ericksonnow only useing one script to get circ duration, max...
2006-07-07 ericksonadded event for dup tracker objects
2006-07-07 ericksonmaking progress toward a real circ matrix
2006-07-07 ericksonadded collection tracker events
2006-07-07 mikerfixing collections calls
2006-07-07 mikerfixing collections calls
2006-07-07 mikerIngest update
2006-07-07 mikerexperimental port of the C parser (it is slower...)
2006-07-07 mikerclosing in on an ingester
2006-07-06 ericksonadding barcode to returned data
2006-07-06 ericksonadded IDL dance
2006-07-06 ericksonlogging status and returning null if status != 200
2006-07-06 ericksonlogging status
2006-07-06 ericksonlogging status
2006-07-06 pineserror handling in offline management interface
2006-07-06 pinesprompt
2006-07-06 pinesshutdown command.. need prompt
2006-07-06 pinestweak
2006-07-06 pinesclose all tabs button and new tabs have focus by default
2006-07-06 ericksonadded a bunch of docs
2006-07-06 ericksonreturning only the tree and not an array with the tree...
2006-07-06 ericksonadded IDL fetching
2006-07-06 ericksonchanged login type to opac
2006-07-06 pinesclean up
2006-07-06 mikerfixing collection-finder method
2006-07-06 ericksonadded some more comments
2006-07-06 mikerremoving location from collections stuff
2006-07-06 mikerfixing to match new logging method names
2006-07-06 mikeradding client-side stream push method; working on the...
2006-07-05 ericksonforcing server side cache on search
2006-07-05 ericksonadded hack method to force cstoreeditor to regenerate...
2006-07-05 ericksonchanged some log func names to be more generic
2006-07-05 ericksonadded cache flag .. does not cache by default, made...
2006-07-05 ericksonhandling scriptbuilder events - fixed some precat handl...
2006-07-05 ericksonfixed bug in xml.update regarding existing record ids
2006-07-05 ericksonordering by name in org tree
2006-07-05 ericksonre-organizing, testing, adding functions, adding group...
2006-07-05 mikernew non-saving worm stuff
2006-07-05 mikertypo ... and new field
2006-07-05 mikercomplex FM objects use arrays, and deep arrays were...
2006-07-05 ericksonrolling back children insertion because it already...
2006-07-05 ericksonadded group tree children
2006-07-04 mikerfixing unapi link in the <head>
2006-07-04 mikeradded ISBN based retrieval via supercat/unapi
2006-07-04 mikerminor fixups to make unapi fully compliant
2006-07-04 mikerminor edits -- syncing with cvs
2006-07-03 mikerfixing unapi stuff
2006-07-03 ericksonupdated to use new scriptrunner layout
2006-07-03 ericksonadded fieldmapper IDL import
2006-07-03 ericksonpreventing apache error log filling with IDs on memcach...
2006-07-03 ericksonpreventing warnings with return-1 and commented out...
2006-07-03 ericksonupdated to work with new scriptrunner layout
2006-07-03 mikerupdating unapi and feeds
2006-07-02 mikerminor fixups for unapi v1
2006-07-02 mikerdb agnostic field weighting, take 1
2006-07-01 mikerupdating the JS script runner, and the worm to match
2006-06-30 ericksonpatched some logic bugs
2006-06-30 mikerfull OpenSRF support for JS
2006-06-30 ericksonlimiting range of returned result to remove nulls
2006-06-30 ericksonadded billings and payments as virtual fields to grocer...
2006-06-30 ericksonadded some more method call output, testing, etc.
2006-06-30 ericksonfixed a key name
2006-06-30 ericksonupdated xact retrieval to do a ranged retrieval by...
2006-06-30 ericksonupdated the method that determines if a transaction...
2006-06-30 ericksonupdated, refactored some, added grocery retrievals
2006-06-30 mikerimproving fingerprinter -- taking language into account...
2006-06-30 ericksonadded scrollbars to copy details print popup
2006-06-30 ericksonfetching group tree from cstore now
2006-06-30 ericksonadded money activity method
2006-06-30 ericksonmoved billings and payments into the fields set for...
2006-06-30 mikeradding groups to au
2006-06-30 mikerlet the ML flesh the user
2006-06-30 mikerfix for new fieldmapper code in client apps
2006-06-29 ericksonadded search limit sanity check
2006-06-29 ericksoncommented out some dump calls
2006-06-29 mikerremoving some unneeded (and scare) rels
2006-06-29 mikermaking xmlrpc hashy
2006-06-29 ericksonadded truth test and using for holdability check
2006-06-29 ericksonadded method to put into and remove from collections ..
2006-06-29 ericksonremoved debug warning
2006-06-29 ericksonremoved runtime print statement .. interfering with...
2006-06-29 phasefxasync patron search
2006-06-29 ericksonmoved some select methods to editor
2006-06-29 ericksonretrieve_all now makes sure the item key is defined...
2006-06-29 phasefxshow request together with the result
2006-06-29 phasefxstandings are obsolete
2006-06-29 mikeradding Identity method for finding the pkey
2006-06-29 pinestweaks
2006-06-29 ericksoncleaning up startup logging
2006-06-29 ericksonlimiting the limit var on last page so cache will not...
2006-06-29 ericksonfixed some cache bugs, caching 5k results
2006-06-29 ericksonprevent compiler warning
2006-06-29 ericksonfleshing user via cstore
2006-06-29 ericksonleaving origloc unset so it can be set by later code
2006-06-29 phasefxquick copy buckets from copy browser
2006-06-29 ericksondefault pickup_lib is now set to 'origloc' (the origina...