2018-07-19 Jason BoyerLP1782631: Stop Styling Grocery Bills as Overdues
2018-07-18 Mike RylanderLP#1773417: Use CN owning lib when adding copies
2018-07-18 Dan WellsLP#1773417 Revamp item and call number tranfers
2018-07-18 Dan WellsLP#1773417 Improve empty volume handling
2018-07-18 Dan WellsLP#1773417 Relabel "Add Volumes" button
2018-07-18 Dan WellsLP#1715697 Refactor empty volume adding
2018-07-18 Mike RylanderLP#1737812: Simplify holdings tranfser options
2018-07-18 Mike RylanderLP#1715697: Ability to add empty volumes
2018-07-18 Mike RylanderLP#1715697 & 1738242 & 1753005: Holdings Filtering...
2018-07-16 Mike RylanderLP#1710401: Z39.50 should notice overlay target change
2018-07-13 Mike RylanderFix quote nesting issue in TAP test
2018-07-12 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script
2018-07-12 Jason BoyerLP1773452: Repeating copy alerts
2018-07-12 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script
2018-07-11 Jason StephensonLP 1478712: Fix acq.fund_rollover_funds_by_org_tree...
2018-07-11 Dan WellsLP#1749795 Close circ on adjustment when rebilled
2018-07-11 Bill EricksonLP#1751368 Items-out checkin of deleted copies
2018-07-11 a. bellenirLP#1669856 and LP#1776557: right clicks on egGrid
2018-07-11 Garry CollumLP#1730003 Courier code doesn't display in transit...
2018-07-11 Mike RylanderLP#1736269: Mark Missing Pieces is non-functional
2018-07-11 Galen CharltonLP#1745462: avoid trying to validate empty fields
2018-07-11 Galen CharltonLP#1745462: guard against scanning entire authority...
2018-07-11 Bill EricksonLP#1537228 Precat subsequent checkin shows route alert
2018-07-11 Galen CharltonLP#1746566: Enable 500, 1K, and all rows in more patron...
2018-07-11 Cesar VelezLP#1746566: Enable 500, 1K, and ALL-the-Rows in patron...
2018-07-11 Galen CharltonLP#1745207: tie together copy_tag() and site() search...
2018-07-11 Cesar VelezLP1742782 - fix display of cbox label in list of remova...
2018-07-11 Jeff DavisLP#1738499: barcode completion for copy buckets
2018-07-11 Michele MorganLP#1692116 - Action trigger validator fix for paid...
2018-07-11 Jason Etheridgelp1739286 default search box in Z39.50
2018-07-11 Jason BoyerLP1736243: SMS Carrier Editing in Patron Editor
2018-07-06 Jane SandbergDocs: fixing physical characteristics wizard representa...
2018-07-06 Jane SandbergDocs: adding indexterms to physical characteristics...
2018-07-06 Jane SandbergDocs: configuring fixed field dropdown menus
2018-07-06 Jane SandbergDocs: removing broken link
2018-07-06 Jason BoyerLP1779392: Stop sending broken queries
2018-07-05 Jason StephensonLP 1772993: Ability to blank Age Hold Protection in...
2018-06-29 Dan WellsForward-port 3.1.3 upgrade script
2018-06-29 Dan WellsForward port 3.0.9 upgrade script
2018-06-28 Jane SandbergDocs: Adding 3.1.3 release notes
2018-06-28 Jane SandbergDocs: Adding 3.0.9 release notes
2018-06-28 Kathy LussierLP#1635386: Restore to xul colors and remove colors...
2018-06-28 Dan WellsLP#1635386 Clarify and simplify row highlighting code
2018-06-28 Kathy LussierLP#1635386: Improve contrast for colors used in Bills...
2018-06-28 Kyle Huckinslp1635386 Items Column & Styles for Bill Item Status
2018-06-27 Mike RylanderLP#1773832: Empty deleted records can be surfaced in...
2018-06-27 Jason StephensonLP 1758160: Bump version in upgrade_log.
2018-06-27 blakeLP1758160_Deleting_patrons_can_exceed_staff_client_timeouts
2018-06-20 Jane SandbergDocs: documenting --items option of marc_export
2018-06-20 Jane SandbergDocs: improving index terms for MARC import/export...
2018-06-20 Jeanette Lundgrenadded fields for hold notification preference to display
2018-06-20 Jane SandbergDocs: fixing broken reference in cat manual
2018-06-20 Jane SandbergDocs: adding info about item status screen
2018-06-19 Jane SandbergLP1772444: Updating list of variables in bill template...
2018-06-19 Jason BoyerLP1772444: Add Patron Names to Bill Receipts
2018-06-14 Bill EricksonLP#1774427 Parse DoB dates as whole dates
2018-06-14 Remington SteedDocs: Minor corrections to "Borrowing items" section
2018-06-13 Galen CharltonLP#1740535: retrieve list of billing types
2018-06-11 Dan PearlLP1739271 - Fix Item Edit when Part Present
2018-06-11 a. bellenirLP1770752: clicking 'update expire date' should flag...
2018-06-08 Geoff SamsLP#16989634 - Changing z-index to 4 to allow active...
2018-06-08 a. bellenirLP1775294: item status should show floating group name
2018-06-08 Michele MorganLP#1745422 - Removed three commented out lines from...
2018-06-08 Cesar VelezLP#1745422 - Add Parts column to Patron holds grids...
2018-06-07 BC Libraries... Docs: Adding information about activating POs
2018-06-07 Jane SandbergDocs: Reorganizing purchase order chapter
2018-06-05 abneimanLP#1773404 Update root.adoc to show 3.1 release notes
2018-06-04 Dan WellsForward port 3.1.2 upgrade script
2018-06-04 Dan WellsForward port 3.0.8 upgrade script
2018-05-31 Remington SteedDocs: Add bullet number images removed in 2.10
2018-05-25 Kathy LussierDocs: Release notes entry for lp1732975
2018-05-25 Kyle Huckinslp1732975 Parts Column Not Populated
2018-05-25 Kathy LussierDocs: Add release note for bug 1707063 to 3.0 notes
2018-05-25 Kathy LussierDocs: Add release note for bug 1707063
2018-05-25 Mike RylanderLP#1707063: Naive ng-class test for last-column-modified
2018-05-25 Kathy LussierDocs: Add release notes entry for lp1766379
2018-05-25 Jeff DavisLP#1766379: add spaces between terms in author link...
2018-05-25 Jane SandbergDocs: adding to 3.1.2 release notes
2018-05-25 Jane SandbergDocs: correcting description of a bugfix
2018-05-25 Jane SandbergDocs: adding to 3.0.8 release notes
2018-05-25 Jason BoyerLP1750887: Copy Objects when Saving Copy Templates
2018-05-25 Bill EricksonLP#1771422 Reset transiting hold copy status fix
2018-05-25 Lynn FloydLP#1750630: use proper quoting to un-break Transit...
2018-05-25 Bill EricksonLP#1528909: Patron search clickable barcodes
2018-05-25 Bill EricksonLP#1721148: In-house use shows copy status
2018-05-25 Jeanette LundgrenLp#1760859: Add Missing Images to Tranist and Hold...
2018-05-25 Cesar VelezLP#1759352: improve webstaff fix checkout specific...
2018-05-25 Jason StephensonLP#1751126: Make print holds shelf list aware of clear...
2018-05-25 Galen CharltonLP#1772417: (follow-up) improve I18N of the bucket...
2018-05-25 Jane SandbergLP1772417: Adding the bucket ID to the user bucket...
2018-05-25 Jeff DavisLP#1752753: Guard against invalid timezone
2018-05-25 Mike RylanderMoving upgrade script into place
2018-05-25 Mike RylanderStamping upgrade script
2018-05-25 Jeff DavisLP#1768992: Add missing copy alert permissions
2018-05-25 Bill EricksonLP#1693035 Login timeout honors workstation org
2018-05-25 Cesar VelezLP#1746815: Fix sticky hold url param
2018-05-25 Jason BoyerLP1772017: Correctly Extract Cast from Records
2018-05-25 Jane SandbergDocs: Adding to 3.1.2 release notes
2018-05-25 Jane SandbergDocs: adding to 3.0.8 release notes
2018-05-25 Mike RylanderLP#1753005: Avoid copy alert error for call numbers...