2006-08-25 mikerimport fixups
2006-08-24 mikerimport tweaks
2006-08-24 mikerminor fixups
2006-08-24 ericksonsetting payment_type field on payment objects
2006-08-24 ericksonfinished fixing perm name
2006-08-24 ericksonadded selector access sanity check
2006-08-24 ericksonadded sanity check for when the table has been altered
2006-08-24 ericksonrepaired perm name
2006-08-24 ericksonv1
2006-08-24 ericksonadded "Cash Reports" entry
2006-08-24 pines*** empty log message ***
2006-08-24 pinesbetter error handling with network calls
2006-08-24 ericksonstripping $ in money blobs to be safe
2006-08-24 ericksonlogic error on bool test
2006-08-24 ericksonremoved loading of slimtree since it is not used and...
2006-08-24 ericksonadded some logging
2006-08-24 mikeruse search_where, because CDBI is not as cool as cstore :P
2006-08-24 ericksonimplemented fee_amount method
2006-08-23 ericksonfixed boolean test
2006-08-23 ericksonadd sortable class by default, added some class configs
2006-08-23 ericksonadded deleted check to barcode fetches
2006-08-23 ericksonadded some cash report methods
2006-08-23 pinesmissed a "typeof"
2006-08-23 ericksonmaking sure var is defined
2006-08-23 mikerupdating the profile map
2006-08-22 pinescreate date and edit date for item lists
2006-08-22 mikerfixing the length of the Ctry fixed field
2006-08-22 mikerorder_by update
2006-08-22 ericksonre-creating script-runner object on renew
2006-08-22 ericksonadded first round "no metarecords" flag to opac
2006-08-22 ericksonfixed bug in cache key generation for searches
2006-08-22 pinesfixed the No Bucket quick add bug
2006-08-22 pinesdue dates in various item lists
2006-08-21 ericksonadded escape for 0x1 char
2006-08-21 ericksonadded barcode version of fleshed2
2006-08-21 ericksonmore aggressive uniquness measures just to be sure
2006-08-21 mikeradding default PINES rules to install sql
2006-08-21 mikeradding initial closed date support to the targeter
2006-08-21 ericksonadding latest circ for checked out copies in copy_tree...
2006-08-21 ericksonfixed order_by clause
2006-08-21 ericksonadded latest circ to flesh copy call and displaying...
2006-08-21 ericksonfixed comparison bug
2006-08-21 mikerkeyfile generator
2006-08-21 mikeradding "vr_format" param to multiclass searches --...
2006-08-21 mikermoving conifg/constant hashes into their own files
2006-08-21 mikeradding vr_format to rec_descriptor
2006-08-20 ericksonadded hold type constants
2006-08-20 ericksoncalling hold targeter at runtime for copy-level holds
2006-08-20 mikersyntax error
2006-08-20 mikerfixing odd characters
2006-08-20 mikeradded 007 data and videorecordingFormat() function
2006-08-20 pinesshow in catalog for holds needed to understand the...
2006-08-20 pinesput .hold access safely inside a test for .hold existen...
2006-08-20 ericksonfixed date format
2006-08-20 ericksonpreventing runs on sat and sun
2006-08-20 ericksonclearing tmp buffer before use
2006-08-20 ericksonadded authtoken to login success message for easier...
2006-08-20 ericksontruncate messages more to prevent syslog overflow errors
2006-08-20 ericksonauth header happy in xul now
2006-08-19 ericksonalways try the cookie first
2006-08-19 ericksondisabling xul header for now until xul is happy
2006-08-19 ericksonsending authtoken in request header and logging to...
2006-08-19 ericksonprint more info on bootstrap failure
2006-08-19 ericksonupdated log output to be more srfsh-ish
2006-08-19 ericksonfixed log line
2006-08-19 pinesholds handled with damaged/missing
2006-08-19 ericksonfixed escape ordering bug
2006-08-19 ericksonreseting holds on mark missing/damaged
2006-08-18 ericksonpreventing event alert on record fetcher
2006-08-18 ericksonforcing transaction on void update and looking for...
2006-08-18 ericksonremoved some old code
2006-08-18 ericksonadded sanity check
2006-08-18 ericksonremoving open transits for a copy when it is deleted
2006-08-18 ericksonadded sanity check for holds that point to non-existent...
2006-08-18 pinesmore events
2006-08-18 ericksonadded super-simple prototype for generic object fetcher...
2006-08-18 pinestest print
2006-08-18 ericksonwrite to a different for now for testing
2006-08-18 pinesform feed after each spine label, and persist settings
2006-08-18 ericksonadding version 1 overdue notice generator
2006-08-18 mikerI hate date parsing ...
2006-08-18 mikerfixing select clause bug
2006-08-18 pinesget refresh working again from bill_history so void...
2006-08-18 mikeradding email and phone to ou
2006-08-18 mikeradding phone and email to aou
2006-08-18 pinesVoided total for bill receipts.. can't completely test...
2006-08-18 mikerupdating user importer
2006-08-17 ericksonmoved worm calls to ingest
2006-08-17 ericksonfixed bug in group display
2006-08-17 pinesprint tweaks
2006-08-17 mikerfixing minor MR mapping bug
2006-08-17 mikerfixing minor MR mapping bug
2006-08-17 mikerfixing minor MR mapping bug
2006-08-17 mikerremoving some useless logging
2006-08-17 mikerprotecting against insert/update race condition
2006-08-17 mikeradding full ingest method
2006-08-17 ericksononly grabbing locations and statuses for the given...
2006-08-17 pinestweaks
2006-08-17 pinesthis wreaked havoc on xmlhttprequest
2006-08-17 ericksonfixed typo and added commented out debug line