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2006-03-09 mikercorrecting atom author elements
2006-03-08 phasefxreturn just the workstation id on successful registration
2006-03-08 mikerusing shortname for org unit specificity in opensearch
2006-03-08 mikeradding a generic org_unit search
2006-03-08 mikeradding opac bookbag output type
2006-03-08 mikeroops... forgot to check in marcxml feed support
2006-03-07 phasefxtoward workstation id
2006-03-07 mikeradding opensearch description generator and org targeti...
2006-03-06 ericksonwhite space :) added some log lines
2006-03-06 ericksonstarted work on the notes interface in the opac.
2006-03-06 ericksonadded notes to fm core for rdetail notes
2006-03-06 mikeradding id_list varient to the storage search API
2006-03-06 mikeradding biblio.record_note FM class
2006-03-06 mikerrefactoring to generic "feeds"; adding opensearch target
2006-03-06 mikerreal bug fix for wonky metarecord count
2006-03-06 mikerpossible bug fix for wonky metarecord count
2006-03-06 ericksonadded retrieval methods for title, call_number, and...
2006-03-06 mikeradding pub field to notes tables
2006-03-06 ericksonwhite space
2006-03-06 ericksonadded call number browser entry point from advanced...
2006-03-06 mikeradding atom format support and bookbag feeds (atom...
2006-03-06 mikeradding an ISO timestamp builder
2006-03-05 mikerrefactoring unAPI span building
2006-03-05 mikeradded "server_name" property to CGI objects (for buildi...
2006-03-05 mikermissing comma...
2006-03-05 mikeradding support for atom entries -- opensearch 1.1 here...
2006-03-04 mikeradding unAPI links (JS generated :( ) to the OPAC
2006-03-04 mikermoving to tag: URIs
2006-03-03 ericksonnow using workstation as the org for auth session timeo...
2006-03-03 erickson added "CALL" to the param debugging line for ease...
2006-03-03 ericksonmoved stderr line to a log line
2006-03-03 ericksonauth now takes a workstation id as an optional 5th...
2006-03-03 ericksonOpen-ILS/src/c-apps/oils_auth.c
2006-03-03 mikeradding workstation stuff to the au FM hash
2006-03-03 mikeradding workstation to the FM hash
2006-03-03 phasefxprevent a flesh user request (for creator and editor...
2006-03-03 ericksondid some debugging.. made buildOPACLink safer WRT array...
2006-03-03 ericksonadded 'dbg' url param to turn on debugging, in particul...
2006-03-03 erickson(re) patched up the cgi code to handle lists of params
2006-03-03 ericksonadded pub date sorting to rresult page and made a way...
2006-03-03 ericksonadded method to insert items at the first NULL slot...
2006-03-03 ericksonadded abortAllRequests which does just that.
2006-03-02 ericksonpulling in new cookie handler. will remove older cooki...
2006-03-02 ericksonadded method to allow creation of list with a starting...
2006-03-02 ericksonnot launching timer on timeout==0
2006-03-02 ericksonfixed depth calculations bug
2006-03-02 ericksonusing new cookie js file
2006-03-02 phasefxforgot this symlink
2006-03-01 mikerfix div-by-0 in ranking
2006-03-01 ericksonsome cleaning
2006-03-01 ericksonadded utility macro
2006-03-01 ericksonadded osrf_big_list to the makefiles
2006-03-01 ericksontrimming ie responses again for speed
2006-03-01 ericksonadded sorting interface to the advanced "refined"
2006-03-01 ericksonadded an abort() method for remoterequests (which works...
2006-03-01 ericksonadded some utility methods, cleaned up the search code...
2006-03-01 ericksonsimplified clean target
2006-03-01 ericksonmoved the Judy implementation to osrf_big_list and...
2006-02-28 ericksonno allowing sort direction on relevance sorts
2006-02-28 ericksondebugging the sort order stuff, changed some terminolog...
2006-02-28 mikerfix div-by-0 in ranking
2006-02-28 mikerfix div-by-0 in ranking
2006-02-28 mikerpushed ranking to all currently used methods
2006-02-28 mikerfixing rank breakage
2006-02-28 mikerfixing rank breakage
2006-02-28 mikermaking relevance a simple percentage
2006-02-27 ericksonmoving class searches over to new search method
2006-02-27 ericksonadded generic metabib/biblio search method which will...
2006-02-27 mikermoving over to the new gateway xml format
2006-02-27 mikeradding xml format support to the gateway
2006-02-27 mikermore support for introspection paging
2006-02-27 mikermoving this over to opensrf
2006-02-27 mikerfixing sort on record search
2006-02-27 mikerfixing staff method
2006-02-27 ericksonfixed regex
2006-02-27 ericksonchanged fleshed container method to return non-pub...
2006-02-27 ericksonadded PID for phasefx
2006-02-27 mikerfixing single class sortable search
2006-02-27 mikerfixing single class sortable search
2006-02-27 mikeradding ou and sort support to z-style searches
2006-02-27 ericksonremoved some more field requirements and fixed a bug...
2006-02-27 ericksonremoved some of the restrictions on required fields
2006-02-27 ericksonadded Cookies.js to the xml files
2006-02-27 phasefxswitch to new patron editor
2006-02-27 phasefxdon't need a network retrieve, we already have the...
2006-02-27 phasefxlooks like I was worried about name collisions, and...
2006-02-27 ericksonremoved the older Cookie.js code.
2006-02-27 ericksonforcing array-ness on non-existant params
2006-02-27 ericksonsmall changes, fixed some typos
2006-02-27 ericksonformat fix
2006-02-27 ericksonfixing typos.., small tweaks, re-enabled the timeout...
2006-02-27 ericksonsmall tweaks. fixed bug in card creation
2006-02-27 ericksonfixed bug where the ptr** was freed prior to the ptr*
2006-02-26 mikerfixing OPAC copy count display bug
2006-02-25 ericksonupdated apachemods makefile to use the apachetools...
2006-02-25 ericksonremoved mod_ils_gateway targets
2006-02-25 mikeradded function implementation name
2006-02-25 mikeradded type_mat col to rec_descriptor
2006-02-25 mikertrying to get JS fingerprinting and e4x going
2006-02-25 ericksonosrf_json_gateway is tested and working. removing this...