2005-03-29 mikerupdated Storage server
2005-03-29 mikerupdated import scripts (PINES specific, but a good...
2005-03-29 mikermoving the worm into storage
2005-03-29 ericksonmoved the mods code to the new Utils/ModsParser package
2005-03-29 ericksonmods utility functions used accross applications
2005-03-29 ericksonmoved out much of the code to the sub classes
2005-03-29 ericksonbreaking out searches specific to staff client web...
2005-03-28 ericksonwe now check the contents of the returned data to see...
2005-03-28 ericksonuseful stuff. the beginnings of a set of exceptions...
2005-03-28 ericksonnow pointing to spacely
2005-03-25 ericksonmodules used for the opac
2005-03-25 ericksonmoved RemoteRequest over here since it's useful for...
2005-03-25 ericksonscript to build fieldmapper.js file for using fieldmapp...
2005-03-25 ericksonsome basic html templates for use in wrappers. these...
2005-03-25 ericksonEvergreen images. These will be sym-linked in by...
2005-03-25 ericksonbasic duration/renewal script
2005-03-21 phasefxWe had casting removed for the cat demo. We need to...
2005-03-18 ericksoncontinuing
2005-03-18 ericksonadding xsl files
2005-03-18 ericksoncommit ;)
2005-03-18 mikeradding deposit_amount
2005-03-18 ericksonraised command line buffer to accomodate large chunks
2005-03-18 phasefxSome bugfixes from Bill
2005-03-18 ericksonchanged buf size, not sure how it got shrunk
2005-03-18 ericksonrefactored sorting
2005-03-18 ericksontrucking along
2005-03-18 mikerbug fixes for storage and fieldmapper
2005-03-17 mikersnap (jason..)
2005-03-17 ericksonlib dir is added now
2005-03-17 ericksonreduced login time to 1 hour and login init-complete...
2005-03-17 ericksonadded check to make sure log line didn't kill things
2005-03-17 ericksonremoved sig-int handler for now, annoying.
2005-03-17 ericksonadded some sanity checks to make sure we're not sending
2005-03-17 ericksontruckin, along
2005-03-17 mikernew protofields
2005-03-16 mikerarg! added "children" to the correct class
2005-03-16 mikeradding org_unit stuff
2005-03-16 ericksonadding more search methods
2005-03-16 ericksonmoving forward, added wormizing
2005-03-16 ericksonincluded stack dependency in makefile
2005-03-16 mikerjust adjusting tabbing
2005-03-16 mikerautogenrated search interface
2005-03-16 mikerexternal secondary worming script
2005-03-16 mikerasset schema and asset import script
2005-03-16 mikermoved wormizing code to another script
2005-03-16 mikerasset setup
2005-03-16 mikercode to remove old version of wormed metabib::full_rec
2005-03-16 ericksonadded login functionality to the shell
2005-03-16 ericksonadded an 'introspect' command
2005-03-16 ericksonAddded record_entry metadata search
2005-03-16 ericksonmoved back to non-method_lookup method to test 'origina...
2005-03-16 mikerbootstrap_client now registers a dummy client server_class
2005-03-16 mikerfix for embeded $
2005-03-16 mikerstorage server stuff
2005-03-15 ericksonadded some cleaner code handling to reduce valgrind...
2005-03-15 ericksonfound the (i believe) the remaining leaks in the transp...
2005-03-15 ericksonadded a warn line for debugging purposes
2005-03-15 ericksonadded regex to clean up TCN search
2005-03-15 ericksonadded TCN search for cat
2005-03-15 ericksonfixed some logic errors, change recived from user search
2005-03-15 ericksonfixed an exception
2005-03-15 ericksonadded help line
2005-03-15 phasefxNeed to revisit this stuff
2005-03-15 ericksonjust keeping up to date
2005-03-15 ericksongoing directly to storage instead of method lookup.
2005-03-15 ericksonfully bypassing persist if persist isn't true
2005-03-15 ericksonmemory leak cleaning, more to come.
2005-03-15 mikerworm work
2005-03-15 ericksongeneric search interface
2005-03-15 ericksonfixing so jason can search
2005-03-15 mikerdisconnect on magic subrequest, and record message...
2005-03-14 mikerfieldmapper update
2005-03-14 mikereet leevs
2005-03-14 ericksonmoved some universal methods to AppUtils, Cat and...
2005-03-14 ericksonfixed up some syntax errors
2005-03-14 mikerstart of the wormizer
2005-03-14 ericksonfixed wormize to use MARCXML instead of nodesets
2005-03-14 ericksonadded ctrl-c handler to exit the currently running...
2005-03-14 ericksonfixed makefile to remove the .so file
2005-03-14 mikernot escaping "/" characters
2005-03-13 ericksonincorporated math bench into srfsh. see help for details
2005-03-13 ericksonadded escaping for internal " characters
2005-03-13 ericksoncleaned up a lot of unnecessary cat code, rearranged...
2005-03-12 ericksonadded handling for new marcxml format
2005-03-12 ericksonadded == to number
2005-03-12 ericksonfound leaked xml string
2005-03-12 mikerworking regex!
2005-03-11 mikerfixing xml quoting issues
2005-03-11 ericksonremoved duplicate api_level methods
2005-03-11 mikeradding full marc21 record support
2005-03-11 ericksonadded some sanity checks
2005-03-11 mikeradding clear_{field} magic method.... again
2005-03-11 mikeradding clear_{field} magic method
2005-03-11 mikerfat fingers make for silly bugs...
2005-03-11 ericksonfixed request timing issue since we're using 'less...
2005-03-11 ericksonturned on pretty print by default
2005-03-11 ericksonadded newlines after commas in pretty_print
2005-03-11 ericksonpiping to 'less' for long data
2005-03-11 ericksonfound likely candidate for router crash. on remove_ser...
2005-03-11 mikerautomatic generation of most "Publish" methods