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2006-03-20 ericksonstarted working on the callnumber/copy details pane...
2006-03-20 ericksonadded mod_xmlent to the build process
2006-03-20 mikerspecializing ranking algo
2006-03-20 phasefxnew way of handling entities for remote xul
2006-03-20 ericksonunified opac dtd file
2006-03-20 ericksonnow printing bad XML data to the log file. my feeling...
2006-03-20 mikerdropping the client side xslt
2006-03-20 ericksondestroying parser on parse error
2006-03-20 ericksonadding entity replacer to cvs
2006-03-17 erickson checking for deleted on call_number searches
2006-03-17 phasefxJSON is making these numbers, which don't have .split()
2006-03-17 mikergrabbing only the subjects that are used in the indexes
2006-03-17 mikeradding "deleted" functionality to CNs
2006-03-17 ericksonusing image instead of timer for now..
2006-03-17 ericksonuseful progress bar
2006-03-17 mikeradding delete protection to copy and bib records
2006-03-17 ericksonchecking for deleted == false on copy searches
2006-03-17 ericksonformatting errors as JSON strings so they come accross...
2006-03-17 mikermaking copies psuedo-deletable
2006-03-17 phasefxfor now, let's slow things down and flesh one row at...
2006-03-16 ericksonlogging an error if we can't connect to the z server
2006-03-16 ericksontypo
2006-03-16 phasefxindent and disable some menu options
2006-03-16 ericksonnot submitting when no search is done
2006-03-16 ericksonfixed bug in result type switch block
2006-03-16 phasefxfor now.. we still need to move the receipt templates...
2006-03-16 phasefxreceipt printing
2006-03-16 pinesshotgun fix
2006-03-16 pinescosmetic, and display the version
2006-03-16 phasefxput better dimensions on the summary table
2006-03-16 ericksonfixed bug which wouldn't allow the user alert to be...
2006-03-16 pinesdefault to demo for now
2006-03-16 pineswe changed RemoteRequest.. local chrome needs XML_HTTP_...
2006-03-16 phasefxclear the cache at startup
2006-03-16 ericksonnot inserting bogus bookbag
2006-03-16 ericksonadded to cvs
2006-03-16 phasefxthe date command for the build stamp was being invoked...
2006-03-16 phasefxcheckin sfx
2006-03-15 ericksonwriting cookies as "" instead of calling .remove
2006-03-15 ericksonfixed url mis-type
2006-03-15 ericksondefault to location.host for server
2006-03-15 ericksonremove uncommented line.
2006-03-15 ericksonturned <b.. /> into <b..> </b> for internet explorer.
2006-03-15 pinesuse the xhtml files instead of xml
2006-03-15 mikerfixing error reported by Bill
2006-03-15 phasefxrenaming .xml files to .xhtml
2006-03-15 phasefxquick way to get this working in xulrunner
2006-03-15 pinestrying to disable popup blocking.. but that might not...
2006-03-15 mikerusing try-catch and some methods instead of properties...
2006-03-14 pinesold survey wizard with the local remote-requesting...
2006-03-14 phasefxbetter, because we're not storing the hostname in const...
2006-03-14 mikerbeginings of the fingerprinting script
2006-03-14 phasefxre-introducing sound effects. Need to put them everywh...
2006-03-13 phasefxsome print fixes. Need to shove defaults into org_sett...
2006-03-13 ericksonmoved osrf_hash code to osrf_big_hash as the Judy big...
2006-03-13 ericksonadded much control over holds during placement and...
2006-03-13 phasefxtest for session timeout
2006-03-13 ericksonadded ability to set / unset email hold notifications...
2006-03-13 ericksonchanged " : " back to " " since it was causing problems...
2006-03-13 pinescheck for upgrade instructions
2006-03-13 ericksonforcing larger table width
2006-03-13 ericksonadded method to create and retrieve hold notifications
2006-03-13 ericksonadded toc and physical_description to MVR
2006-03-13 mikerupdating money.bnm_desk_payment.cash_drawer (fkey to...
2006-03-13 phasefxa bug now. display.js is set to be revamped to contain...
2006-03-12 pinesworkstation name in titlebar
2006-03-12 pinesbrowser wrapper for pull list and public opac
2006-03-12 phasefxbrowser wrapper without xulG
2006-03-10 pineshold pull list
2006-03-10 ericksonCreated holds list interface and method to pull the...
2006-03-10 erickson move medium to regular
2006-03-10 ericksonmore style changes
2006-03-10 ericksonfont scaling does nothing if the font size is regular
2006-03-10 ericksonadded ability to log to mozilla console with debug
2006-03-10 phasefxdelay the gathering of my_orgs till after the session...
2006-03-10 phasefxws_ou instead of home_ou
2006-03-10 mikeradding pull list method for bill
2006-03-10 mikerfixed sig building (I hope)
2006-03-10 pinesversion detection
2006-03-10 mikermarking made up media types as such
2006-03-10 ericksonmade copyright a little purdier
2006-03-10 ericksonchanged copyright to 2006
2006-03-10 pinespublic opac
2006-03-10 phasefxstore the workstation shortname on the filesystem
2006-03-10 mikeradding proper mods v3 support
2006-03-10 ericksonstyle updates on the copyright block
2006-03-10 pinesa little polish
2006-03-10 ericksoncleaned fines display some. persisting font size via...
2006-03-10 ericksonstyle cleanups
2006-03-10 mikerfixing the method stuff in OSDs
2006-03-09 mikerfixing the name stuff in OSDs
2006-03-09 ericksonfixed some footer formatting. added some helpful links.
2006-03-09 ericksonadded first draft bookbag warning on first new bb
2006-03-09 mikerfixing the name stuff in OSDs
2006-03-09 ericksonusers now require permission to create containers ...
2006-03-09 mikerosd fixed
2006-03-09 mikeradding client side xslt for rendering in IE
2006-03-09 mikeradding client side xslt for rendering in IE
2006-03-09 mikerstill trying to make IE happy
2006-03-09 phasefxworkstation registration