2005-05-18 ericksonsquashing bugs
2005-05-18 mikerignoring wide chars in cache keys
2005-05-18 mikerfixing foreign keys for stat_cat tables
2005-05-17 ericksonshort circuit retrieval when no records are returned
2005-05-17 ericksonperiodic update
2005-05-17 ericksonretrieve.required now fleshes the surveys returned
2005-05-17 ericksonmade normalize a little smarter.
2005-05-16 ericksonfixed error calculating the default search location
2005-05-16 mikerreadjusting ranking...
2005-05-16 mikerremoving useless chars from search
2005-05-16 mikeradding sort to unranked searches
2005-05-16 ericksonmore style updates
2005-05-16 ericksondemo, coming fast
2005-05-16 ericksonopac pile of template updates
2005-05-16 ericksonopac pile of js updates, slowing adding tweeks
2005-05-16 ericksoncreating text nodes differently now for proper escaping...
2005-05-13 mikeradding rank bump for search string word order
2005-05-13 mikerfixing cache paging
2005-05-13 mikerstripping combining chars for searching
2005-05-13 mikerpoint at the right database
2005-05-13 ericksonnow using the max persist time in the config file
2005-05-13 ericksonfixed
2005-05-13 ericksononward and upward
2005-05-13 ericksonopac updates
2005-05-13 ericksonstyle updates
2005-05-12 mikerlimiting patron search to 1000 hits
2005-05-12 mikerminor bug fixes
2005-05-12 mikerper jason: snap!
2005-05-12 ericksonbig pilostuff
2005-05-12 ericksonadded 'edition' to the mods objects
2005-05-11 mikeradded stat_cat_entries and survey_responses to Fieldmap...
2005-05-11 ericksondev port
2005-05-11 ericksonadded a commit callback for short circuiting the survey...
2005-05-11 ericksonprogress_bar.css
2005-05-11 ericksonsurvey.css
2005-05-11 ericksonjavascript bundler
2005-05-11 ericksonupdate
2005-05-11 ericksontemplate for generating the javascript files in bulk
2005-05-11 ericksonbody_header.ttk
2005-05-11 mikerfixups
2005-05-11 ericksonHTML span
2005-05-11 ericksontemplate accessible opensrf session class
2005-05-11 ericksonremoved gateway from the 'all' target since it required...
2005-05-10 ericksontuning, added serials
2005-05-10 mikeradded UNION version of ranged select for asset stat_cats
2005-05-10 ericksonadded series and serials to virtual record
2005-05-10 ericksonadded login session param for authentication
2005-05-10 ericksonadded an 'import' method to search (for us) oclc.
2005-05-10 ericksonupdate
2005-05-10 ericksonmodified string regex to allow ".. the .."
2005-05-10 mikeradded series stuff and updated hint for actor::stat_cat*
2005-05-10 ericksoninspecting Big G for XUL vars/login session
2005-05-09 ericksonadded broad search exception
2005-05-09 ericksonadd handling for the 'ex' object type.
2005-05-09 ericksonadded filtering of big searches and user level exceptions
2005-05-09 ericksonadded 'ex' to the web fieldmapper
2005-05-09 ericksontemplate for (temporarily?) housing the exception strings
2005-05-09 ericksonUser level exceptions. the exception messages are...
2005-05-09 mikerhandling limit and offset in the uncached version of...
2005-05-09 ericksonadded exception class
2005-05-09 mikerarg... one last field name adjustment
2005-05-09 mikerfield name adjustments
2005-05-09 ericksonLet the onslaught continue...
2005-05-09 mikerremoving unused fields andd adding paged caching
2005-05-06 mikersafe-ifying for bill
2005-05-06 mikerfixing NOT queries
2005-05-06 mikernew, more better script over yonder in Evergreen
2005-05-06 mikerarg! cdbi is getting complex... need to restructure
2005-05-06 mikerCDBI hates me... collecting stat_cat_entries by hand
2005-05-06 mikerduplicate hint
2005-05-06 ericksonmore stuff
2005-05-06 ericksonlogic
2005-05-06 ericksonNULL!
2005-05-06 ericksonchecking for object
2005-05-06 ericksonlogic
2005-05-06 ericksonmore fixin
2005-05-06 phasefxsyntax
2005-05-06 ericksonadding patch code to fix wonky array/objects
2005-05-06 ericksonaaahhhh, demo
2005-05-06 ericksondone with test
2005-05-06 ericksontesting
2005-05-05 ericksonadded methods for user/copy map retrieval and creation
2005-05-05 ericksonstat cat retrieval and creation working
2005-05-05 ericksonfixes here and there
2005-05-05 ericksonmoved around the next/prev links
2005-05-04 ericksonslimmed down debugging
2005-05-04 ericksonearly statcat code. needs much fixin
2005-05-04 ericksonadded global opac random surveys
2005-05-04 ericksonadded random global surveys
2005-05-04 mikeradded action.survey_response.response_group_id
2005-05-04 ericksonmoved clone to a Fieldmapper function wich subclasses...
2005-05-04 ericksonmoved extraneous comma...
2005-05-04 ericksonadded a clone method.
2005-05-04 mikerranged stat_cat search methods... YAY, I got to write...
2005-05-04 mikeradding user and asset stat_cat stuff
2005-05-04 ericksonupdated to work cleanly with new cookies. removed...
2005-05-04 ericksonfree Cookie library. persists cookies.
2005-05-04 mikerfixed library config; making table headers more readable
2005-05-04 ericksonupdated surveys to grab new random survey
2005-05-04 ericksonfixed error where all were coming up as unordered lists