11 years agoFoundations of Action/Triger-based telephony,
senator [Wed, 26 May 2010 21:26:55 +0000 (21:26 +0000)]
Foundations of Action/Triger-based telephony,
by Joe Atzberger and Lebbeous Fogle-Weekley

Just as described to the open-ils-dev mailing list on May 21, 2010, with a
whitespace/non-semantic-changes patch to follow.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16513 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agohave new patron editor honor global.password_regex
phasefx [Wed, 26 May 2010 20:32:51 +0000 (20:32 +0000)]
have new patron editor honor global.password_regex

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16512 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agothese entities are no longer used
phasefx [Wed, 26 May 2010 20:32:50 +0000 (20:32 +0000)]
these entities are no longer used

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16511 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoCorrecting some diverging drift in the usr_merge function
scottmk [Wed, 26 May 2010 19:03:25 +0000 (19:03 +0000)]
Correcting some diverging drift in the usr_merge function

M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/999.functions.global.sql
M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/002.schema.config.sql
A    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/upgrade/0278.function.usr-merge-drift.sql

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16510 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoAdding a qualifying schema name to keep PG happy
scottmk [Wed, 26 May 2010 18:57:06 +0000 (18:57 +0000)]
Adding a qualifying schema name to keep PG happy

M    upgrade/0277.schema.address_schema_drift.sql

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16509 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoand, of course, the same typo /in/ the file. fixed
miker [Wed, 26 May 2010 18:07:46 +0000 (18:07 +0000)]
and, of course, the same typo /in/ the file. fixed

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16507 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoarg ... typo in filename. moved
miker [Wed, 26 May 2010 18:07:04 +0000 (18:07 +0000)]
arg ... typo in filename. moved

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16506 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoafter nearly 280 schema updates, we had a little drift. this addresses upgrade vs...
miker [Wed, 26 May 2010 15:08:33 +0000 (15:08 +0000)]
after nearly 280 schema updates, we had a little drift. this addresses upgrade vs stock substantive differences

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16505 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoBug fixes in verifyObjectPCRUD():
scottmk [Wed, 26 May 2010 13:27:29 +0000 (13:27 +0000)]
Bug fixes in verifyObjectPCRUD():

1. Don't throw an exception just because a foreign key is null.

2. When looking for local or foreign contexts, always do a lookup of
the current row, even if you already have an image of that row in
hand.  The image you have may not include the foreign key(s) you need.

The latter fix is simple but inefficient.  It should be possible to
avoid the extra lookup most of the time, and maybe all of the time,
for the search, retrieve, and id_list methods.  However that will
involve additional complications, not yet implemented.  Let's make
it correct first, and worry about efficiency later.

M    Open-ILS/src/c-apps/oils_sql.c

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16504 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoAdd actor.usr_password_reset table required for password reset functionality - missed...
dbs [Wed, 26 May 2010 01:35:37 +0000 (01:35 +0000)]
Add actor.usr_password_reset table required for password reset functionality - missed it in 0237.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16503 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agothis doesn't work. I think my environment wasn't pristine when I pushed it
phasefx [Tue, 25 May 2010 21:27:52 +0000 (21:27 +0000)]
this doesn't work.  I think my environment wasn't pristine when I pushed it

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16501 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoremove duplicate line
phasefx [Tue, 25 May 2010 21:21:35 +0000 (21:21 +0000)]
remove duplicate line

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16500 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoPatch from Bill Ott to add missing apostrophe in rdetail.js
erickson [Tue, 25 May 2010 20:51:47 +0000 (20:51 +0000)]
Patch from Bill Ott to add missing apostrophe in rdetail.js

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16497 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoCorrecting an upgrade script.
scottmk [Tue, 25 May 2010 17:53:43 +0000 (17:53 +0000)]
Correcting an upgrade script.

The value column in actor.org_unit_setting should be valid JSON.  In this
revised version the new value is jiggered to make it a string instead of a
number.  This conversion is a bit simplistic and can be defeated by various
kinds of improbable input.

M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/upgrade/0274.data.org-setting-type-est-wait.sql

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16496 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoThe Great For-In Refactoring of ought-nine broke dojo trees built from opensrf object...
miker [Tue, 25 May 2010 16:51:16 +0000 (16:51 +0000)]
The Great For-In Refactoring of ought-nine broke dojo trees built from opensrf objects. this un-refactors that

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16495 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoPlug some memory leaks, and eliminate some unnecessary
scottmk [Tue, 25 May 2010 16:21:56 +0000 (16:21 +0000)]
Plug some memory leaks, and eliminate some unnecessary
memory allocations.

In oils_utils.[ch]:

-- Create a new function, oilsFMGetStringConst(), similar to
oilsFMGetString() except that it doesn't allocate memory; it returns
a const pointer to a string internal to the specified object.

-- Add some comments, tidy up white space.

In oils_sql.c:

-- Replace oilsFMGetString() with oilsFMGetStringConst in a number
of places; partly to reduce memory churn, and partly to plug some
memory leaks where the function call was nested within a
parameter list.

-- Change org_tree_root() so as to return a const pointer to a
static buffer (which was already in use as a cache) instead of
allocating a copy of the string.  This change reduces memory
churn.  In addition the allocated string was leaking anyway, and
now that leak is plugged.

M    Open-ILS/include/openils/oils_utils.h
M    Open-ILS/src/c-apps/oils_sql.c
M    Open-ILS/src/c-apps/oils_utils.c

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16494 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agosupport for calculating estimated hold wait time based on new circ estimated wait...
erickson [Tue, 25 May 2010 13:51:26 +0000 (13:51 +0000)]
support for calculating estimated hold wait time based on new circ estimated wait field

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16493 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoadded support for propagating searchOrg, searchSort, searchSortDir, searchLang, start...
erickson [Tue, 25 May 2010 13:51:25 +0000 (13:51 +0000)]
added support for propagating searchOrg, searchSort, searchSortDir, searchLang, startIndex, and count in openurl mapper

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16492 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoVarious changes to verifyObjectPCRUD():
scottmk [Tue, 25 May 2010 03:24:07 +0000 (03:24 +0000)]
Various changes to verifyObjectPCRUD():

1. Add numerous comments.

2. Check for nullity of local_context before dereferencing it.

3. If the lookup of a foreign row results in an empty result set, set
_param to NULL instead of pointing it to a JSON_NULL.  (Existing code
seems to assume such a policy.  This assumption was false, because
jsonObjectClone() never returns NULL.)

4. Instead of using jsonObjectClone() and then immediately destroying
the original, use jsonObjectExtractIndex() to pull an existing subobject
out of its surroundings.

5. In the loop implementing the "jump" attribute: plug a memory leak by
freeing _fparam before assigning it a new value.

6. In the loop that adds org unit contexts from a foreign row: take the
call to osrfHashGet() out of the loop condition, since its return value
is a loop invariant.


NOTE: This patch does *not* fix a known bug whereby we try to trace
foreign keys that are not present in the available row image.  The result
of the bug is that all id_list calls deny access in pcrud.  The same bug
can affect retrieve and search calls, if the call specifies a SELECT list
that doesn't include all the necessary foreign keys.

A fix for this bug will come later; fixing it now would make it harder to
test the current changes.

M    Open-ILS/src/c-apps/oils_sql.c

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16491 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoadd settings group table, shared between org and usr settings, for labeling groups...
miker [Mon, 24 May 2010 20:08:20 +0000 (20:08 +0000)]
add settings group table, shared between org and usr settings, for labeling groups of settings

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16490 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoSplit old org unit setting type circ.hold_estimate_wait_interval into two:
scottmk [Mon, 24 May 2010 18:52:02 +0000 (18:52 +0000)]
Split old org unit setting type circ.hold_estimate_wait_interval into two:


...with corresponding tweaks to label and description.

Also: change datatype from 'integer' to 'interval'.

For any existing rows in actor.org_unit_setting, pointing to the old
setting type: update them to point to circ.holds.default_estimated_wait_interval.

(Due to a foreign key constraint, the latter update has to happen in the same
transaction as the rename of the old row.)

M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/002.schema.config.sql
A    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/upgrade/0274.data.org-setting-type-est-wait.sql
M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/950.data.seed-values.sql

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16489 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoAdd CVV field to selfcheck credit card payment interface
senator [Mon, 24 May 2010 18:31:41 +0000 (18:31 +0000)]
Add CVV field to selfcheck credit card payment interface

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16488 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoConsistently return fail_part to the client from in-db circ/hold failures
senator [Mon, 24 May 2010 18:25:07 +0000 (18:25 +0000)]
Consistently return fail_part to the client from in-db circ/hold failures

This will allow more specificity in messages explaining circ/hold failures
to the user.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16487 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoSeparate payment form code from the rest of the self check interface
senator [Mon, 24 May 2010 16:04:42 +0000 (16:04 +0000)]
Separate payment form code from the rest of the self check interface

This will facilitate the borrowing of the same code for re-use in the OPAC,
and potentially elsewhere.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16486 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoadd View/Place Orders to opac wrapper in staff client
phasefx [Mon, 24 May 2010 15:52:01 +0000 (15:52 +0000)]
add View/Place Orders to opac wrapper in staff client
remove Show/Create Orders action from OPAC

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16485 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoenable grid paging by default. replaced showPaginator with hidePaginator option
erickson [Fri, 21 May 2010 20:28:34 +0000 (20:28 +0000)]
enable grid paging by default.  replaced showPaginator with hidePaginator option

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16483 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agountil support for added circ mod groups on new matchpoints is finished, exit the...
erickson [Fri, 21 May 2010 19:31:22 +0000 (19:31 +0000)]
until support for added circ mod groups on new matchpoints is finished, exit the func early to prevent JS errors

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16481 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agorepaired inadvertent api drift caused by move from storage to cstore call in user...
erickson [Fri, 21 May 2010 18:23:23 +0000 (18:23 +0000)]
repaired inadvertent api drift caused by move from storage to cstore call in user fines summary.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16480 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoPatch from Jason Stephenson which adds "IF EXISTS" to all DROP SCHEMA statements...
miker [Fri, 21 May 2010 17:01:32 +0000 (17:01 +0000)]
Patch from Jason Stephenson which adds "IF EXISTS" to all DROP SCHEMA statements where it is currently missing in the scripts in Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg directory.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16479 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoForward port of a patch from Dan Wells to fix the bookbag menu not showing up in...
miker [Fri, 21 May 2010 16:53:39 +0000 (16:53 +0000)]
Forward port of a patch from Dan Wells to fix the bookbag menu not showing up in Craftsman.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16478 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoAdd column avg_wait_time to config.circ_modifier.
scottmk [Fri, 21 May 2010 16:32:00 +0000 (16:32 +0000)]
Add column avg_wait_time to config.circ_modifier.

M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/002.schema.config.sql
A    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/upgrade/0273.schema.config-circ-mod-avg-wait.sql
M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/100.circ_matrix.sql
M    Open-ILS/examples/fm_IDL.xml

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16475 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoremove errant tsearch joiners if the normalizers are messy and leave leading/trailing...
miker [Fri, 21 May 2010 15:52:42 +0000 (15:52 +0000)]
remove errant tsearch joiners if the normalizers are messy and leave leading/trailing spaces

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16474 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoadd identifier FTS config (assumed to exist in some places)
miker [Fri, 21 May 2010 15:46:30 +0000 (15:46 +0000)]
add identifier FTS config (assumed to exist in some places)

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16473 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agouse proper JSON, re ' vs "
miker [Fri, 21 May 2010 15:24:39 +0000 (15:24 +0000)]
use proper JSON, re ' vs "

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16472 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agohide the out-of-sync, non-xul dojo menu in the html pages. we don't want it showing...
erickson [Fri, 21 May 2010 15:09:13 +0000 (15:09 +0000)]
hide the out-of-sync, non-xul dojo menu in the html pages.  we don't want it showing up in the self-check UI or any oter public UIs built from templates

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16471 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoSupport IS NULL and IS NOT NULL expressions.
scottmk [Fri, 21 May 2010 14:00:03 +0000 (14:00 +0000)]
Support IS NULL and IS NOT NULL expressions.

M    Open-ILS/include/openils/oils_buildq.h
M    Open-ILS/src/c-apps/oils_storedq.c
M    Open-ILS/src/c-apps/buildSQL.c

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16470 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoFixing a typo in the previous changeset (a missing comma that led to
scottmk [Fri, 21 May 2010 13:04:16 +0000 (13:04 +0000)]
Fixing a typo in the previous changeset (a missing comma that led to
nonsense instead of an obvious error).

M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/002.schema.config.sql
M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/008.schema.query.sql
A    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/upgrade/0270.schema.query-xisnull-correction.sql

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16469 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoallow caller to define the sort field/direction in PL retrieval call. by default...
erickson [Fri, 21 May 2010 13:02:19 +0000 (13:02 +0000)]
allow caller to define the sort field/direction in PL retrieval call.  by default, sort most recently edited PLs to the front

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16468 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoPO virtual lineitem_count field is an int, not a link
erickson [Fri, 21 May 2010 13:02:18 +0000 (13:02 +0000)]
PO virtual lineitem_count field is an int, not a link

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16467 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoCreate database support for IS [NOT] NULL expressions
scottmk [Thu, 20 May 2010 20:35:12 +0000 (20:35 +0000)]
Create database support for IS [NOT] NULL expressions
in stored queries.

M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/002.schema.config.sql
M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/008.schema.query.sql
A    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/upgrade/0269.schema.query-xisnull.sql
M    Open-ILS/examples/fm_IDL.xml

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16466 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoAcq: correct a mistake in r16464
senator [Thu, 20 May 2010 16:01:51 +0000 (16:01 +0000)]
Acq: correct a mistake in r16464

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16465 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoAcq: fix unified search for not-null boolean fields
senator [Thu, 20 May 2010 15:47:55 +0000 (15:47 +0000)]
Acq: fix unified search for not-null boolean fields

The unified search UI produces a checkbox for these fields, but it did not
build a search query from checkboxes correctly.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16464 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoloosen the restrictions on exporting holdings / price data from uploaded records...
erickson [Thu, 20 May 2010 14:10:47 +0000 (14:10 +0000)]
loosen the restrictions on exporting holdings / price data from uploaded records.  It's no longer necessary to set every field in the holdings data just to import.  if no quantity is defined, go ahead and pull the estimed price data (when present) to link it with the lineitem

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16463 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoDon't assume an explicit print strategy has been set here
phasefx [Thu, 20 May 2010 05:21:39 +0000 (05:21 +0000)]
Don't assume an explicit print strategy has been set here

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16462 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years ago* I18N for print admin interface
phasefx [Thu, 20 May 2010 04:55:40 +0000 (04:55 +0000)]
* I18N for print admin interface
* custom/external print strategy (where you dictate an external command and feed it %receipt.txt% and/or %receipt.html%)
* DOS LPT1 Print strategy preserved as a legacy option, but without serving double-duty with the external linux commands
* label printing now honors plain text print strategies, but we're still stuck with system defaults for print dialogs
* @hex attribute for generating control characters when using HTML in templates being rendered with plain text print strategies

  For example, <p hex="0C">Hello World</p> will transform into form feed + Hello World if used with DOS LPT1 Print or with the
  %receipt.txt% macro for the Custom/External Print strategy.  <p>Hello World</p hex="0C"> will yield Hello World + form feed.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16461 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoset persisted settings before generating labels on page load
phasefx [Thu, 20 May 2010 04:54:15 +0000 (04:54 +0000)]
set persisted settings before generating labels on page load

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16460 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agorework these column definitions for pre-cats, since all rows in the list are getting...
phasefx [Thu, 20 May 2010 04:54:11 +0000 (04:54 +0000)]
rework these column definitions for pre-cats, since all rows in the list are getting mvr objects now

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16459 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agochange this id to avoid a collision when patron and circ columns are combined in...
phasefx [Thu, 20 May 2010 04:54:03 +0000 (04:54 +0000)]
change this id to avoid a collision when patron and circ columns are combined in one list (such as with the Check-In interface)

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16458 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agologic error, ensure that the "first_pre" print CSS class only occurs once per batch
phasefx [Thu, 20 May 2010 04:53:56 +0000 (04:53 +0000)]
logic error, ensure that the "first_pre" print CSS class only occurs once per batch

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16457 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoadd magic debug controls to chrome interfaces
phasefx [Thu, 20 May 2010 04:53:50 +0000 (04:53 +0000)]
add magic debug controls to chrome interfaces

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16456 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoImplement new param_list method, which returns a list of
scottmk [Thu, 20 May 2010 01:25:15 +0000 (01:25 +0000)]
Implement new param_list method, which returns a list of
bind variables so that the client can populate them.

M    Open-ILS/include/openils/oils_buildq.h
M    Open-ILS/src/c-apps/oils_qstore.c
M    Open-ILS/src/c-apps/buildSQL.c

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16455 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoImplement open-ils.qstore.bind_param method, which applies actual
scottmk [Wed, 19 May 2010 19:37:05 +0000 (19:37 +0000)]
Implement open-ils.qstore.bind_param method, which applies actual
values to bind variables (overriding default values, if any).

M    Open-ILS/src/c-apps/oils_qstore.c
M    Open-ILS/src/c-apps/buildSQL.c

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16454 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agomake the first_word index normalizer return a not-null value when given an empty...
miker [Wed, 19 May 2010 19:24:48 +0000 (19:24 +0000)]
make the first_word index normalizer return a not-null value when given an empty string; remove naco and date normalizers from all identifier fields

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16453 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoadd ISBN 10/13 index normalizer (requires ISN postgres contrib module); adjust index...
miker [Wed, 19 May 2010 18:54:25 +0000 (18:54 +0000)]
add ISBN 10/13 index normalizer (requires ISN postgres contrib module); adjust index definition xpath so it actually works; generalize indexing trigger function so it does not have to know about search classes before hand

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16452 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoMake sure that all bind variables have been assigned values
scottmk [Wed, 19 May 2010 14:11:29 +0000 (14:11 +0000)]
Make sure that all bind variables have been assigned values
before trying to execute a query.

M    Open-ILS/src/c-apps/oils_execsql.c

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16451 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoAdd partial support for bind variables: load them from the
scottmk [Wed, 19 May 2010 12:46:18 +0000 (12:46 +0000)]
Add partial support for bind variables: load them from the
database, and use default values if available.  There is no
mechanism yet to override the defaults.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16450 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoFix a typo in a previous commit to the acq schema. The upgrade script was
scottmk [Tue, 18 May 2010 20:12:38 +0000 (20:12 +0000)]
Fix a typo in a previous commit to the acq schema.  The upgrade script was
correct, but this upgrade script will fix a database table that was built
from the installation script, which was wrong.

M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/200.schema.acq.sql
M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/002.schema.config.sql
A    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/upgrade/0266.schema.acq-fix-edi-message-check.sql

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16449 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoidentifier search class, including some (I believe) sane default index defs
miker [Tue, 18 May 2010 19:10:07 +0000 (19:10 +0000)]
identifier search class, including some (I believe) sane default index defs

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16448 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoAcq: don't check claim eligibility on pseudo-LIs generated in title search
senator [Tue, 18 May 2010 16:53:33 +0000 (16:53 +0000)]
Acq: don't check claim eligibility on pseudo-LIs generated in title search

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16447 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoAcq: back/next result paging through unified search interfaces
senator [Mon, 17 May 2010 21:33:46 +0000 (21:33 +0000)]
Acq: back/next result paging through unified search interfaces

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16446 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoadded selector column for edi_account; added edi messages page for POs; allow editpan...
erickson [Mon, 17 May 2010 20:50:52 +0000 (20:50 +0000)]
added selector column for edi_account; added edi messages page for POs; allow editpane cancel button to show when in readOnly mode

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16445 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agodon't assume an autofieldwidget cached linked object list contains the linked object...
erickson [Mon, 17 May 2010 19:57:04 +0000 (19:57 +0000)]
don't assume an autofieldwidget cached linked object list contains the linked object in question.  it may have been filtered out of the original list

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16444 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agobetter handling of mingling readOnly and non-readOnly widgets during copy update...
erickson [Mon, 17 May 2010 19:57:03 +0000 (19:57 +0000)]
better handling of mingling readOnly and non-readOnly widgets during copy update in lineitem table

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16443 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoadded support for redelivery of 'retry' edi_messages. added support for filting...
erickson [Mon, 17 May 2010 17:08:26 +0000 (17:08 +0000)]
added support for redelivery of 'retry' edi_messages.   added support for filting on ORDERS message types

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16442 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoTwo changes to acq.edi_message:
scottmk [Mon, 17 May 2010 16:47:32 +0000 (16:47 +0000)]
Two changes to acq.edi_message:

1. New "message_type" column.

2. New valid value for status column: 'retry'.

-- WARNING: because the new column is NOT NULL, this upgrade script must
-- initialize it with something if the table is not empty.  The initial
-- value, 'ORDERS', may not always be appropriate.  Massage as needed.

M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/200.schema.acq.sql
M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/002.schema.config.sql
A    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/upgrade/0264.schema.acq-edi-message-type.sql
M    Open-ILS/examples/fm_IDL.xml

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16441 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoSpotted minor typos while reading up on the new addition.
dbs [Sun, 16 May 2010 21:01:28 +0000 (21:01 +0000)]
Spotted minor typos while reading up on the new addition.

miker++ # looks like a promising direction!

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16440 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoOptional pgmemcache-based caching of permission checks. Significantly speeds permiss...
miker [Sun, 16 May 2010 20:19:09 +0000 (20:19 +0000)]
Optional pgmemcache-based caching of permission checks.  Significantly speeds permission testing for common checks against heavy-use users, such as circulation-related permissions.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16439 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoallow multiple 260 tags in summary view
miker [Sun, 16 May 2010 19:16:42 +0000 (19:16 +0000)]
allow multiple 260 tags in summary view

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16438 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoshow progress indicator in autogrid with next/prev in piclist list page
erickson [Fri, 14 May 2010 16:10:26 +0000 (16:10 +0000)]
show progress indicator in autogrid with next/prev in piclist list page

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16435 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agonodeValue not working to find source def sql in the IDL. at least, not with xulrunne...
erickson [Thu, 13 May 2010 21:31:57 +0000 (21:31 +0000)]
nodeValue not working to find source def sql in the IDL.  at least, not with xulrunner-1.9.  textContent works

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16434 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agorepaired some IDL typos w/ hold/copy ration view
erickson [Thu, 13 May 2010 21:31:56 +0000 (21:31 +0000)]
repaired some IDL typos w/ hold/copy ration view

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16433 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoAcq: the XULTermLoader dijit now returns the first columns of CSV rows
senator [Thu, 13 May 2010 21:07:16 +0000 (21:07 +0000)]
Acq: the XULTermLoader dijit now returns the first columns of CSV rows

Could be improved later to allow more control over what data you get back,
but it works fine for the current uses (reading a file of one-term-per-line
for unified search and reading a CSV file where the first column is of
interest in the Bib record->lineitem interface).

Also added a little support to the LI table/pager for remember what lineitems
are selected even after you move on to the next page.  Nothing really takes
full advantage of this yet, though.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16432 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agofix column name
phasefx [Thu, 13 May 2010 20:19:02 +0000 (20:19 +0000)]
fix column name

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16431 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agofix syntax
phasefx [Thu, 13 May 2010 20:13:08 +0000 (20:13 +0000)]
fix syntax

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16430 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agouse estimed_unit_price directly on the lineitem in JEDI creation. strip protocol...
erickson [Thu, 13 May 2010 19:05:09 +0000 (19:05 +0000)]
use estimed_unit_price directly on the lineitem in JEDI creation.  strip protocol/port info from the edi account host before attempting remote delivery.  more strict check of successfull login for RemoteAccount

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16429 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoteach the overlay functions about data matching REs; add a template-based merge inste...
miker [Thu, 13 May 2010 16:44:14 +0000 (16:44 +0000)]
teach the overlay functions about data matching REs; add a template-based merge instead of requiring a vandelay record, and use that for bib merging; minor logic collapsing

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16428 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agofixed some typos, thinkos in EDI cross-walk
erickson [Thu, 13 May 2010 15:20:36 +0000 (15:20 +0000)]
fixed some typos, thinkos in EDI cross-walk

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16427 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoAcq: two bug fixes
senator [Thu, 13 May 2010 15:02:58 +0000 (15:02 +0000)]
Acq: two bug fixes

1) a bug recently introduced in unified search would try to build the catalog
search query more often than needed (and fail at it)
2) there was a colliding accesskey in staff client acquisitions menu

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16426 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agomoved to generic acqpo.activate hook instead of the format.po.jedi hook
erickson [Thu, 13 May 2010 14:23:14 +0000 (14:23 +0000)]
moved to generic acqpo.activate hook instead of the format.po.jedi hook
added validator to determine of a PO should create JEDI
added JEDI creation reactor.  it behaves like ProcessTemplate, but gives
us something more specific to filter acqpo.activate events on
update PO JEDI reactor to use new hook and reactor
update the edi_pusher to filter out events for PO's that have already
been processed

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16425 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoAcq: import file of bib IDs, get paginated LI table from which make new orders
senator [Wed, 12 May 2010 22:14:49 +0000 (22:14 +0000)]
Acq: import file of bib IDs, get paginated LI table from which make new orders

This is most of the way to being usable, but isn't all there,
as it probably still needs:
1) trivial parsing of the input file so that we can look for a
specific column in a CSV file to treat as a bib ID instead of a whole line,
2) a way to select and act on lineitems not currently displayed on the page

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16424 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoAdd purchase_order column to acq.edi_message.
scottmk [Wed, 12 May 2010 20:44:40 +0000 (20:44 +0000)]
Add purchase_order column to acq.edi_message.

Also: add the CREATE TABLE command for acq.edi_message (including
the new column) to 200.schema.acq.sql, where it was omitted due
to an oversight.

M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/200.schema.acq.sql
M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/002.schema.config.sql
A    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/upgrade/0259.schema.acq-edi-msg-po.sql
M    Open-ILS/examples/fm_IDL.xml

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16423 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoPatch from Galen Charlton: This resolves a performance issue found by EG Indiana...
erickson [Wed, 12 May 2010 19:20:05 +0000 (19:20 +0000)]
Patch from Galen Charlton: This resolves a performance issue found by EG Indiana on large ascecm tables.

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16422 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoput spine label preview into a tab instead of a window. fixes it for xulrunner 1.9.2
phasefx [Wed, 12 May 2010 17:48:35 +0000 (17:48 +0000)]
put spine label preview into a tab instead of a window.  fixes it for xulrunner 1.9.2

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16421 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agohoping to get around new chrome versus remote xul restrictions
phasefx [Wed, 12 May 2010 17:48:34 +0000 (17:48 +0000)]
hoping to get around new chrome versus remote xul restrictions

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16420 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agogo back to using cmd_print code; we'll fix it in browser.js if at all
phasefx [Wed, 12 May 2010 17:48:33 +0000 (17:48 +0000)]
go back to using cmd_print code; we'll fix it in browser.js if at all

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16419 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agodefine obj for this method
phasefx [Wed, 12 May 2010 17:48:32 +0000 (17:48 +0000)]
define obj for this method

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16418 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agocall recv to pull responses off the wire
erickson [Wed, 12 May 2010 02:55:24 +0000 (02:55 +0000)]
call recv to pull responses off the wire

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16417 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoAdd "label" column to query.bind_variable
scottmk [Tue, 11 May 2010 19:53:25 +0000 (19:53 +0000)]
Add "label" column to query.bind_variable

M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/002.schema.config.sql
M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/008.schema.query.sql
A    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/upgrade/0257.schema.query-bind-var-label.sql
M    Open-ILS/examples/fm_IDL.xml

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16416 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agopcrud requires transaction begin/commit for writes...
erickson [Mon, 10 May 2010 22:26:20 +0000 (22:26 +0000)]
pcrud requires transaction begin/commit for writes...

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16415 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoDefine an updatable view query.expr_xbind as those rows in
scottmk [Mon, 10 May 2010 19:48:15 +0000 (19:48 +0000)]
Define an updatable view query.expr_xbind as those rows in
query.expression where type = 'xbind'.

M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/002.schema.config.sql
M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/008.schema.query.sql
A    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/upgrade/0256.schema.query-bind-expr-view.sql
M    Open-ILS/examples/fm_IDL.xml

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16414 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoAdd to query.expression: foreign key bind_variable pointing
scottmk [Mon, 10 May 2010 18:42:52 +0000 (18:42 +0000)]
Add to query.expression: foreign key bind_variable pointing
to query.bind_variable.  Also: allow the expression type 'xbind'.

M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/002.schema.config.sql
M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/008.schema.query.sql
A    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/upgrade/0255.query-expr-bind.sql
M    Open-ILS/examples/fm_IDL.xml

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16413 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoAdd table query.bind_variable.
scottmk [Mon, 10 May 2010 14:52:05 +0000 (14:52 +0000)]
Add table query.bind_variable.

M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/002.schema.config.sql
M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/008.schema.query.sql
A    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/upgrade/0254.schema.query-bind-variable.sql
M    Open-ILS/examples/fm_IDL.xml

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16409 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoRevise the updatable views for the various types of query.expression:
scottmk [Sat, 8 May 2010 20:17:42 +0000 (20:17 +0000)]
Revise the updatable views for the various types of query.expression:

1. Rename query.expr_string to query.expr_xstr, for consistency.

2. Add a "negate" column to each view, except for query.expr_xnum
and query.expr_xstr.

3. Add a "left_operand" column to query.expr_xin, correcting an
earlier oversignt.

M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/002.schema.config.sql
M    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/008.schema.query.sql
A    Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/upgrade/0253.schema.query_expr_view.sql
M    Open-ILS/examples/fm_IDL.xml

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16408 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoremoved unused utility function that was calling a (likely) deprecated view
erickson [Fri, 7 May 2010 19:31:08 +0000 (19:31 +0000)]
removed unused utility function that was calling a (likely) deprecated view

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16407 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agouse direct circ search instead of what-may-be-one-day-deprecated open-ils.cstore...
erickson [Fri, 7 May 2010 19:04:56 +0000 (19:04 +0000)]
use direct circ search instead of what-may-be-one-day-deprecated open-ils.cstore.direct.action.open_circulation.search view API call in circ fetching utility function

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16406 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agopatch from James Fournie to repair some faulty assumptions in the previous legacy...
erickson [Fri, 7 May 2010 18:53:45 +0000 (18:53 +0000)]
patch from James Fournie to repair some faulty assumptions in the previous legacy script SIP fix;  additionally, I added legacy_script_support override option to oils_sip.xml.exmple to allow use of in-db circ-mod configs even if the circ code is still using circ scritps

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16404 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoAcq: bugfixes, improvements to lineitem + bib search
senator [Fri, 7 May 2010 15:27:22 +0000 (15:27 +0000)]
Acq: bugfixes, improvements to lineitem + bib search

identify bib-results with a book icon to distinguish them from li
results; git rid of an alert() when canceling from a file upload dialog;
fix a sneaky bug that removed other match-type options once the user selecte
the "term from a file" option

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16403 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agorough cut at reporting extension for a purchase alert list (based on holds to copy...
phasefx [Thu, 6 May 2010 22:14:06 +0000 (22:14 +0000)]
rough cut at reporting extension for a purchase alert list (based on holds to copy ratio).  mulling over the notion of using action.hold_copy_map for counting copies...  exceptions abound however we do it as far as accuracy goes

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16402 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoWrap interface results from "find originating purchase order" in browser
senator [Thu, 6 May 2010 19:52:20 +0000 (19:52 +0000)]
Wrap interface results from "find originating purchase order" in browser

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16401 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4

11 years agoadd explicit nesting parens in SQL; protect against empty class specifiers (throw...
miker [Thu, 6 May 2010 19:49:25 +0000 (19:49 +0000)]
add explicit nesting parens in SQL; protect against empty class specifiers (throw them away)

git-svn-id: svn://svn.open-ils.org/ILS/trunk@16400 dcc99617-32d9-48b4-a31d-7c20da2025e4