LP#1738893: Release notes entry for batch edit stat cat fix
[Evergreen.git] / docs / RELEASE_NOTES_3_0.adoc
2018-05-15 Kathy LussierLP#1738893: Release notes entry for batch edit stat...
2018-05-14 Jane SandbergDocs: adding docs contributor to release notes
2018-05-14 Jane SandbergDocs: starting 3.0.8 release notes
2018-04-18 Dan WellsTouch up release notes for 3.0.7
2018-04-17 Jane SandbergDocs: starting release notes for 3.0.7
2018-03-28 Galen Charltonrelease notes for Evergreen 3.0.6
2018-03-22 Jane SandbergDocs: adding several bug fixes to 3.0.5
2018-03-21 Kathy LussierLP#1756572: Update to point release notes to include...
2018-03-20 Jane SandbergDocs: adding 3.0.5 release notes
2018-03-07 Jane SandbergDocs: adding contributor to 3.0.4 release notes
2018-02-21 Jane SandbergAdding 3.0.4 release notes
2018-01-17 Jane SandbergAdding acknowledgements to release notes for 3.0.3
2018-01-17 Kathy LussierDocs: Adding upgrade note to 3.03 release notes
2018-01-17 Jane SandbergRelease notes for 3.0.3
2017-11-30 Galen Charlton3.0.2 release notes
2017-11-09 Jane SandbergDocs: incorporating offline circ docs
2017-10-18 Kathy LussierDocs: 3.0.1 Release notes
2017-10-05 Kathy LussierDocs: remove electronic resources heading
2017-10-05 Kathy LussierDocs: ebook api release note entry and doc changes
2017-10-03 Galen Charltoncorrect the acknowledgement of Consortium of Ohio Libraries
2017-10-02 Galen Charltonminor updates to release notes
2017-09-29 Jane SandbergMerge branch 'master' of git.evergreen-ils.org:Evergreen
2017-09-28 abneimanUpdate RELEASE_NOTES_3_0.adoc
2017-09-27 Jane SandbergDocs: adding release note entry for docs re-org
2017-09-27 Jane SandbergDocs: replacing OPAC with Public catalog
2017-09-27 Jane SandbergDocs: streamlining release notes for user buckets;...
2017-09-27 Kathy LussierDocs: Adding more acknowledgements for web client contr...
2017-09-27 Kathy LussierDocs: Web client release notes and acknowledgements
2017-09-21 Kathy LussierDocs: Add an entry for web staff client offline circ
2017-09-21 Kathy LussierMore release note edits for 3.0
2017-09-20 Galen Charltonadd acknowledgments dervied from Git history
2017-09-20 Galen Charltonmove significant upgrade considerations to one section...
2017-09-07 Dan WellsFix thinko in 3.0 release notes
2017-09-07 Dan WellsSlightly rename release notes to follow existing convention