LP 1665933: Skip XUL staff client build in make_release.
[Evergreen.git] / build / tools / make_release
2017-04-12 Jason StephensonLP 1665933: Skip XUL staff client build in make_release.
2017-04-12 Dan ScottLP#1680624 Remove bower packaging bits
2016-08-24 Jason StephensonLP 1583608: The make_release script always makes a...
2015-07-28 Mike RylanderLP#1465385: Fix some syntax issues with make_release
2015-01-07 Dan WellsChanges to smooth out make_release
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 make_release -c for building browser client
2014-07-23 Bill EricksonLP#1334693 make_release optional -j <osrf_js_path>
2014-01-16 Bill Ericksonmake_release cleanup and options
2012-11-08 Dan Scottmake_release: add the \set eg_version command to upgrad...
2012-10-03 Dan ScottTeach make_release to set the eg_version var
2012-08-16 Thomas BerezanskyUpdate make_release script for Linux 64 building
2012-06-20 Thomas BerezanskyStop editing README header
2012-06-20 Dan ScottAvoid file extensions on scripts