C&P error in internal instructions; might as well make'em right
[Evergreen.git] / build / i18n / Makefile
2008-04-03 dbsC&P error in internal instructions; might as well make...
2008-01-21 dbsTeach i18n Makefile about multiple property file locations.
2008-01-17 dbsMove POT files into en-US subdirectory (clutter BAD).
2007-12-15 dbsAdd a PROJECT parameter for variable locale support.
2007-12-12 dbsMake unit tests less fragile.
2007-12-11 dbsAdd fieldmapper IDL -> POT support to i18n Makefile
2007-12-04 dbsAvoid mouse-grabbing weirdness by calling script with...
2007-12-04 dbsEnable translation of seed values stored in database.
2007-11-20 dbsUse pot2po to generate updated PO files (per asmodai...
2007-11-20 dbsAdd current POT (PO template) files for translators.
2007-11-18 dbsExtend the translation framework to use a Makefile.