small changes, fixed some typos
[Evergreen.git] / OpenSRF / src / objson / json_parser.c
2006-02-27 ericksonsmall changes, fixed some typos
2005-12-15 ericksonchanged a log line
2005-12-08 ericksonstarted work on xul-based requestor/recipient holds
2005-09-02 ericksonadded some more api wrappers
2005-08-31 ericksonnew json api changes
2005-08-25 ericksonadded basic xpath support to JSON
2005-08-11 ericksonmoved C over to all JSON all the time
2005-08-04 ericksonnow allow S and E in class hints :)
2005-07-15 ericksonobjson now accepts empty array and object values if...
2005-07-15 ericksonremoved all of the old libjson dependencies
2005-07-14 ericksonfixed some a bug in jserver, added some debug lines
2005-07-08 ericksonadded some debugging, safety measures
2005-07-05 ericksonfixed a number of bugs regarding number parsing
2005-07-01 ericksonadded license info and some additional comments
2005-06-19 erickson*** empty log message ***
2005-06-06 ericksonadding early custom json code