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2005-12-06 ericksonadded a "restartforce" option to force the code to...
2005-11-01 ericksonadded the <language> block to the opensrf app config...
2005-10-24 ericksonforcing user opensrf to start the system
2005-10-24 ericksonnot allowing the code to be run as root
2005-10-10 ericksonvarious tweaks
2005-10-05 ericksonslight C api change, method options are now passed...
2005-10-04 ericksonadded atomic method cabilities
2005-09-15 ericksonmade C auth server
2005-09-06 ericksonchanged router binary to opensrf_router to prevent...
2005-09-02 ericksonYoung C server code added
2005-08-22 ericksonmoved router, gateways to a single config file opensrf_...
2005-08-17 ericksonfixed a problem in utils where I was using a va_list...
2005-08-16 ericksonpatched up to work with new jserver
2005-08-05 ericksonmuch work toward the dtd-on-the-fly architecture for...
2005-08-03 ericksonsome code cleanup, some unfinished projects, etc.
2005-07-27 ericksonchecking in... see diffs
2005-07-27 ericksonfixed bug in opensrf_all
2005-07-26 ericksonmore install goodness, fixed random jserver bug
2005-07-15 ericksoncleaned up a little
2005-03-07 ericksonadded longer sleep time
2005-03-07 mikeradded profiling mode
2005-02-16 ericksonadded command line passing of bootstrap config file
2005-02-08 ericksonchanged ILS to SRF
2005-02-04 phasefxInitial revision