typo in identifier setting
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2008-04-18 mikertypo in identifier setting
2008-04-18 mikeradding Identifier to fieldmapper classes
2008-04-18 mikerload fmall.js via dojo in fieldmapper.Fieldmapper
2008-04-18 mikerput the translation widget into the status grid
2008-04-18 mikerrefactoring the translation widget some more -- happier...
2008-04-18 mikerdojo-ify fmall.js
2008-04-17 mikermove locale parsing out to a separate javascript file...
2008-04-17 mikerlocale parsing based on URL knowledge (because apache...
2008-04-17 mikeruse the class hint for the fully qualified field name...
2008-04-17 mikerpull in my own requirements
2008-04-17 mikerin-db translation Digit widget
2008-04-16 mikerarg! typo
2008-04-16 dbsAnd so it is done. OpenSRF.js has been renamed to DojoS...
2008-04-16 mikerdefault error handler typo
2008-04-16 mikerbackend i18n dojo wrapper
2008-04-15 mikergetting perl fieldmapper class name from idl
2008-04-15 mikerfixing fielder with no fields
2008-04-15 mikerdefault to pulling all fields from field_safe classes
2008-04-15 mikerupdating dewey extractor
2008-04-15 dbsmarc_view i18n
2008-04-15 mikerdojo.require OpenSRF, since we use it herein. it will...
2008-04-15 dbsMove inline calls into my_init(); messagecatalog isn...
2008-04-15 dbsTypo
2008-04-15 dbsi18n for the MARC editor
2008-04-14 ericksonchecking to make sure the potential event is actually...
2008-04-14 ericksonadded a synchronous option to user session fetching
2008-04-14 ericksonrolling back segregation by branch.. if that kind of...
2008-04-14 mikermoving seed data out of the schema files
2008-04-14 ericksonorg_unit_list and org_id_list now return sub-lists...
2008-04-14 ericksonfixed method name typo
2008-04-14 ericksonadded versions of work perm org fetcher to return flat...
2008-04-14 mikeradd new permacrud permissions to the base set
2008-04-14 ericksonadded a parallel method for perm_org_set which returns...
2008-04-14 mikereditor returns an array
2008-04-14 ericksonaugmented the org descendants retrieval method to take...
2008-04-14 mikerlogging and simpler method call
2008-04-14 mikerbetter name for the method
2008-04-14 mikeradding open-ils.fielder app
2008-04-14 mikeradd support for async calls via an async kwarg
2008-04-14 ericksonadded function to get the highest org list for a given...
2008-04-14 dbsFix problems introduced during i18n-ization
2008-04-13 dbsClean up the problems I introduced during i18n-ization
2008-04-13 dbsdbi_get_result_long is deprecated; using dbi_get_result...
2008-04-13 dbsAt various points in opac_utils.js, there are calls...
2008-04-13 ericksonuser and auth session management class
2008-04-13 ericksonadded initial Event handling code
2008-04-13 ericksonadded prereqs for credit card processing
2008-04-13 ericksoninitial credit card and paypal processing code. this...
2008-04-12 phasefxoy, extraneous quotation mark
2008-04-12 phasefxdifferentiate entities for editing items and editing...
2008-04-12 mikerPatch from Scott McKellar to use new osrfHash iterator...
2008-04-11 ericksonputting OpenSRF.js into the dojo dir so dojo can find it
2008-04-11 dbsweb/js/opensrf directory has to exist before we can...
2008-04-11 mikerPatch from Scott McKellar:
2008-04-11 dbspython-dev is required to build OpenSRF python packages
2008-04-11 mikermerging dojo-ified fieldmapper from the dojo-admin...
2008-04-11 mikermerging admin interface from the dojo-admin branch
2008-04-11 mikercopyright header
2008-04-11 mikeradding permacrud app to the example config
2008-04-10 dbsSyntax errors in copy_editor.js
2008-04-10 dbsMake our i18n messagecatalog strings work (need global...
2008-04-10 dbsInitial stab at marcedit i18n
2008-04-10 dbsi18n for copy_summary
2008-04-10 dbsProbably need to define our message catalogs
2008-04-10 dbsi18n for copy_notes.xul
2008-04-10 phasefxprotect against empty list items
2008-04-09 dbsi18n for the strings in the copy_editor.xul
2008-04-09 dbsFinish i18n for the easy part of copy_editor.js
2008-04-08 dbs25% of the way through i18n of copy_editor.js
2008-04-08 dbsFinish the copy_buckets i18n.
2008-04-08 dbsMissing formatting flag for a common error message.
2008-04-08 dbsi18n for copy_buckets.js and copy_buckets.xul
2008-04-08 dbsBring copy_browser.xul to the i18n party
2008-04-08 dbsBack on that i18n horse
2008-04-08 dbsWhen you hit an error, you want to see the entire error...
2008-04-07 mikeradding cross-check perms to "ccs"
2008-04-07 ericksonreturning home org in AQ field for patron info requests...
2008-04-07 ericksonrepaired close tag
2008-04-07 mikerset some sequences after insertion
2008-04-07 phasefxprevent the viewing of foreign non-cats from polluting...
2008-04-07 mikeradd "first word" support -- use for callnumber prefix
2008-04-07 mikeradding "first5" function to trim zip codes
2008-04-07 mikerdisplay consolidated copy counts on the result page...
2008-04-05 mikerdisplay the lasso name when appropriate
2008-04-04 mikercopy counts come back, but must be interpreted differently
2008-04-04 mikercopy counts come back, but must be interpreted differently
2008-04-04 mikertrying to move towards lassos
2008-04-04 mikerbegin exposing lassos in the OPAC
2008-04-04 mikeradding bib_level filter to the advanced search
2008-04-04 mikeradding bib_level mapping table
2008-04-04 phasefxForward-port a disallow for editing pickup lib for...
2008-04-04 ericksonpatch from Brandon to avoid showing opac-invisible...
2008-04-04 mikeruse the fieldmapper objects ...
2008-04-04 mikeradding lasso data support for use by the OPAC
2008-04-04 phasefxmore i18n, prevent hold activation date from being...
2008-04-04 mikeradding base-line copy counting for lasso groups
2008-04-04 mikeradding lasso support to copy count calls
2008-04-04 mikeradding bib_level filter support
2008-04-04 phasefxprevent duplicate rows in patron holds interface
2008-04-04 dbsTrivial - ensure "Done" gets placed on its own line.