Protect URI reingest from failure due to malformed XML
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2011-06-20 Dan ScottProtect URI reingest from failure due to malformed XML
2011-06-17 Thomas BerezanskyGrace period is an interval. Convert to seconds.
2011-06-17 Thomas Berezanskylp#788763 - final upgrade script
2011-06-17 Thomas Berezanskylp#788763 - fix updating copy status, locations, and...
2011-06-16 Bill EricksonRepaired exchange rate PO activation bug
2011-06-16 Thomas BerezanskyCheck if in staff client when placing holds
2011-06-16 Mike RylanderMove the user/dbs/lp797304_lp797307 upgrade script...
2011-06-16 Mike RylanderMerging branch user/dbs/lp797304_lp797307
2011-06-15 Jason Etheridgelp797321: Disable the Apply Payment button during payme...
2011-06-14 Dan WellsTweak new single close button for minimum space
2011-06-14 Dan WellsTweak new single close button for minimum space
2011-06-14 Dan ScottResolve Squeeze installation problems with PostgreSQL 9.0
2011-06-13 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyTrivial aesthetic change: only one "close window" butto...
2011-06-13 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-06-13 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyFix a serial batch receive problem reported by Sally...
2011-06-13 Dan WellsSerial note perms and edit support
2011-06-13 Dan ScottSet a more generous AC timeout value
2011-06-13 Dan WellsSupport for required fields in Serial Control editors
2011-06-13 Jason Etheridgeclearer label for not charging last patron when marking...
2011-06-13 Galen Charltonupdated favicon to match staff client logo
2011-06-13 Mike RylanderTypo, we need commas
2011-06-13 Mike RylanderThinko fix -- split upgrade script, forgot to inc the...
2011-06-13 Mike RylanderMerge branch 'master' of
2011-06-13 Mike RylanderBring in-db unAPI opac visibility info up to date with...
2011-06-13 Jason EtheridgeMerge branch 'master' of
2011-06-13 Jason Etheridgechange accesskeys for menu entries related to Conjoined...
2011-06-13 Dan ScottRemove all references to Cookie(s).js and Cookies.js
2011-06-13 Dan ScottUse the new status.opac_visible attribute in search...
2011-06-13 Dan ScottAdd opac_visible attribute to copy and serial unit...
2011-06-13 Dan ScottMake copy status visibility match default config.copy_s...
2011-06-13 Dan ScottPlug the many OPAC visibility holes in search result...
2011-06-13 Dan ScottPrevent uninit var warnings in
2011-06-13 Thomas BerezanskyUpdater apparently reads extensionVersion
2011-06-11 Dan ScottMerge branch 'master' of
2011-06-11 Dan ScottCorrect base schema for superseded/deprecated functions
2011-06-11 Dan ScottUpdate upgrade files that had conflicting numbers
2011-06-11 Dan ScottMerge branch 'master' of
2011-06-10 Jason Etheridgeadd the patron opt-in settings
2011-06-10 Jason Etheridgepatch from James Fournie re: https://bugs.launchpad...
2011-06-10 Jason EtheridgeSigned-off-by: Jason Etheridge <>
2011-06-10 Thomas BerezanskyReplace instance of location.href
2011-06-10 Thomas BerezanskyCorrect error in call number owning library change
2011-06-10 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-06-10 Thomas BerezanskyMark invalid home ous as such in patron editor
2011-06-10 Jason Etheridgemissing string for MFHD deletion
2011-06-09 Jason Etheridgesyntax error
2011-06-09 Jason Etheridgepin a version number
2011-06-09 Bill EricksonUnwrapped upgrade script for transit checkin interval...
2011-06-09 Bill EricksonTransit minimum checkin interval setting
2011-06-08 Bill EricksonExtend hold shelf expire date beyond closed dates
2011-06-07 Jason Etheridgehonor ui.unified_volume_copy_editor setting with Add...
2011-06-07 Jason Etheridgemake unified vol/copy editor honor required stat cats
2011-06-07 Dan ScottAdd i18n support for "Retrieving title..." tab name
2011-06-07 Jason EtheridgeIntegration of unified vol/copy editor and fast add
2011-06-07 Dan ScottUse native unnest() db function instead of explode_array()
2011-06-07 Lebbeous Fogle-WeekleyPrevent future dates of birth in patron editor
2011-06-07 Dan WellsFix false MFHD editing cues (LP #791974)
2011-06-06 Dan WellsTweak MFHD scoping
2011-06-06 Dan ScottMerge branch 'master' of
2011-06-06 Dan ScottLP 791546: advanced search ISBN/ISSN in .staff mode
2011-06-06 Jason Etheridgefix View Holds by preventing an empty IN list with...
2011-06-06 Jason Etheridgefor the Circulate as Type column in xul lists, display...
2011-06-06 Jason EtheridgeFix Circulate as Type in the item editor.
2011-06-06 Jason EtheridgeAllow util.functional.convert_object_list_to_hash to...
2011-06-03 Bill EricksonPO activation date display improvement
2011-06-03 Jason Etheridgetweak function name
2011-06-03 Dan ScottRefactor the "show copy notes button" functionality
2011-06-03 Jason Etheridgefix the Copy Notes button in the unified vol/copy editor
2011-06-03 Dan WellsClean up a few stock perm mistakes, part 2
2011-06-03 Dan WellsClean up a few stock perm mistakes
2011-06-03 Dan WellsFixed and extended upgrade file 0542 (stock permissions)
2011-06-03 Bill EricksonWrapped upgrade script
2011-06-03 Thomas BerezanskyUpgrade script, needs wrapping.
2011-06-03 Thomas BerezanskySip Statcats - Actor/Asset Statcats via SIP2
2011-06-02 Mike RylanderMerge ... transit_abort_perms from git.evergreen-ils...
2011-06-02 Bill EricksonPermission to allow transit abort on lost/missing
2011-06-02 Mike RylanderMerge branch 'master' of
2011-06-01 Dan ScottWhitespace cleanup in aisle 3 (O:A:Reporter)
2011-06-01 Michael PetersLP#740466 add order by name method to to...
2011-06-01 Bill EricksonCollections exemption user setting
2011-06-01 Dan WellsSerial holdings display consistency fix
2011-06-01 Dan WellsMissing db upgrade number bump
2011-06-01 Dan WellsRemove specific admin perms, reorganize seed file
2011-06-01 Dan WellsChange a few permission levels and assignments
2011-06-01 Jason EtheridgePush the grp perm mappings into the seed data
2011-06-01 Jason Etheridgewrong group ids for system admin and global admin
2011-06-01 Jason Etheridgeput CREATE_PURCHASE_REQUEST into Users, not Staff
2011-06-01 Jason Etheridgemap these perms to stock perm groups
2011-06-01 Jason Etheridgeadded other permissions missing in rel_2_1
2011-06-01 Jason Etheridgesome recent cataloging permissions, but I'm unsure...
2011-06-01 Dan ScottMake database schema patch dependencies work more better
2011-06-01 Dan ScottMake patch-checking function able to raise a notice
2011-05-31 Dan ScottMerge branch 'master' of
2011-05-31 Bill EricksonRepaired typo on schema and upgrade SQL
2011-05-31 Dan ScottMerge branch 'master' of
2011-05-31 Michael PetersLP#739444 Incrementing opac.dtd copyright date
2011-05-27 Dan ScottFix rendering of MFHD records when ownership is out...
2011-05-27 Jason Etheridgeindicate what date format to use for offline patron...
2011-05-27 Thomas BerezanskyFix Hold Capture checkin mode
2011-05-26 Mike RylanderPatch suggested by Jason Boyer for LP#788601